Zumanity at New York New York Casino, Las Vegas

photo courtesy and copyright of Cirque du Soleil, New York New York, Zumanity Promotions

This is a review of the Cirque du Soleil show, Zumanity, in Las Vegas.  It plays at New York New York, and I have to say… wow!  This show is not for the faint of heart and if you are modest and conservative especially sexually, well, this is NOT the show for you although maybe you need to pull the stick out and go if you know what I mean 🙂

In any case, this show combines the elegance, class, and talent of that which defines Cirque du Soleil along with the flair and panache that is… Vegas- nudity and sensuality.  It is the perfect show for a couple to see in Vegas because it encompasses (in a way) all the other shows but with grace, elegance and amazing talent.  It has the usual Cirque style with pomp, acrobatics, and props that will leave you wondering, “how did they do that?”

The men and women performers are amazing and the costumes and music simply fabulous.  I have to say, I did not know what to expect and only 1 hour before the show did I realize there would be nudity and topless women performing acrobatics but aside from feeling their physical pain performing nude, I have to say, I was awestruck at the performances and the humor as well.  There are comedy skits in between the talent.  Like a circus for adults, this one left no stone unturned.  There was humor, seriousness, sensuality, water acrobatics, and tons of fun!  My husband and I really enjoyed the show and he was amazed at the talent as well.  Other than seeing a cheap naked show in Vegas or Holly Madison, this is a show that is worth seeing.

Tickets are reasonable ahead of time at New York New York’s website and if you go during the week, specials abound!  If you go on the weekends, hit one of the same day HALF PRICE Tickets booths (they are everyone) including one across from New York New York near the M&M store.  You can get cheap balcony seats for as low as $52.  If you buy ahead, you can even get a front row seat on a couch.  Be warned though:  If you sit on the front couches or in the lower orchestra seating, you will be part of the show so do not sit there if you cannot handle attention or possibly being on stage.  This show is not for the faint of heart or the prudish.  But if you keep an open mind you will not be disappointed.   Escape reality, and enjoy Zumanity!

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