Got Dairy? A review of Royal Crest

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While I have only had three deliveries as of the date of this post, I have to say, I really, really enjoy receiving fresh milk delivered straight to my door!  I am not sure why we did not do this sooner.  It is strange that during both my pregnancies and during nursing, I did not do this.  First, I should point out I am not a snob.  There’s nothing wrong about store bought milk and Second, it is a cheaper option and easier to obtain if you get it at the store.  But, for me, after I tasted fresh milk – skim, whole, and chocolate from Royal Crest and did a side-by-side taste comparison, there was just no going back.  Sadly, I am hooked to overpriced fresh milk, from the dairy to my front door.  The good news: It is hormone-free, and better for us.  It tastes good as well as it does not sit in plastic or cardboard for days before arriving at the store, where it may sit for longer before it sells.  It arrives fresh, and is guaranteed for two weeks.   Because it tastes better,  I am drinking more of it.  I may gain weight … yikers!  

For me, the convenience is very attractive as well which is why I wish I had done it sooner.   While in the infant stage, it would have been very useful to have home milk delivery.  Both my kiddos were breast milk fed until almost a year old but even then, it would have been nice to have fresh, hormone-free milk for me when they first started drinking whole milk.   So far, my review of Royal Crest is positive.  I have not tried Longmont Dairy so I cannot speak to them but Royal Crest charges $0.75 per week (not to exceed $3.00 per month) for delivery whether you skip or not.  You get charged monthly on your credit card or can set up an automatic withdrawal from checking.  You can always get billed as well.  Their prices on the milk are a little bit more than Longmont I think but Longmont Dairy does have a minimum per week which you should be able to meet.  Longmont charges $1.00 per week for delivery but appears to deliver milk in glass bottles.  Longmont’s menu is more limited but they have Strawberry milk. Both Dairies often a free 1/2 gallon of milk to try out before you start delivery as well.

You can see a full menu at Royal Crest’s website but their milk prices are not posted.   You can call and ask as well but expect the gallons to be in the $5.00 range- not all of them, and then half gallons roughly $3.00+.   I have tried some of the other items too.  I love their chocolate milk and their eggs are larger than the average LARGE eggs in stores and a reasonable price.  I have had their bread but that is because I did not feel like going to the store for a loaf of bread.  The bread is Sara Lee or Rudi’s (which is yummy).   Additionaly, they sell cheese, butter, yogurt, juice, lemonade, and other products.  Their OJ, in my opinion is not as good as Tropicana or Florida’s natural because it is from concentrate, but in a pinch, you can always order a quart before you make it out to the store.  I am hoping to try the cheese and butter in the future and will let you know what I think.  The way to order is to have a recurring order which comes unless you change it.  The website is good but be careful when you make changes.  It could delete other items as you add more.  So, always double check what you order and for what date especially if you are like us, and receiving two deliveries per week.  You can get one or two deliveries but if you do two, the price is the same $0.75 per week total and you have to make sure you get a GALLON (two 1/2 gallons are fine) each time the delivery comes.  So, that ends being a minimum anyway.  Otherwise, if you do once a week, there is no minimum and you can skip weeks as well.  Also, if their website is down, just use the order card and leave it in your dairy box- it overrides your entire on-line order but oftentimes, more reliable.  Well… maybe? 

Please leave us your thoughts and comments on either or both of these home dairy deliveries and your experiences with them: Royal Crest and/or Longmont Dairy.


14 thoughts on “Got Dairy? A review of Royal Crest

  1. We just signed up again with Royal Crest since organic milk at King Soopers is now more than the cost of Royal Crest. We just learned they don’t have minimum orders anymore and we can skip a week or several if we need to. They have always had great service and we love the eggnog this time of year.

    1. We loved them for that reason- we are with Longmont now because it is cheaper, but they only come once a week and then I have to order 3 bottles minimum which stinks but our bill is cheaper. I do not think glass gives it a better taste but all the dairy milk is good. You are doing a great thing for your family.

  2. We opted to go with Royal Crest because you can get milk by the gallon instead of half gallon, and they have a 1.5% that is cheaper by the gallon (we are paying $3.89/gal) than doing half gallons @ Longmont. I think both places have great product…you can’t go wrong with fresh milk!…and I think both places have great customer service. But I think for us, the fact that we would save $10 a month on milk (which is a luxury anyway), was the clincher. We start delivery next week.

    1. we used to get royal crest we switched to longmont dairy for one it tasted better in the glass bottles and also they are cheaper I saved 35.00 on my milk bill we get 12 half gallons a week cheaper than royal crest. at longmont dairy they give you 5 cents off a half gallon at 2.85 when you get 20 or more. also we like longmont dairy you can pay the bill online and view everything you got from week to week

  3. We have Longmont Dairy deliver milk to our home and we are so in love with their products and customer service. Originally we started with just whole milk, but now we get eggs, yougurt and cheese from them. They really seem to be a great local company and I love the glass bottles b/c its good for the environment and the milk just tastes better out of a glass bottle! They seem to be cheaper than Royal Crest. Our selling point was the milk comes from their own cows and not a co-op like Royal Crest.

  4. Love Royal Crest. We’ve had delivery for close to a year and I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner. I LOVE not having to shlep a gallon of milk from the supermarket – much easier on my back. Plus, their skim milk is so good it even converted my husband, who was a diehard skim hater. Our only issue is that I have to change the order a lot because we don’t always go through all the eggs or OJ quickly enough.

    1. How is Longmont? We will need to compare notes… I love Royal Crest’s customer service but I did not know Longmont came to our area as well. May need to compare :_)

    2. Hello,

      I’m a new Sales Rep. for Diamond D Dairy out of Longmont, Colorado. Please look up our web-site at and call us. Tell them “Van” sent you and you would like to try or Milk or Drinkable Yogurt. (Beware-You Will Love It!!)

      Thanks for giving us a try!!

  5. We used them for years and loved them. I am not a milk drinker, but we got the whole for Claire. I loved that we didn’t have to have a minimum order, because there is NO WAY we’d drink that much milk a week!

    Sadly, they switched drivers on us, and our new driver was TERRIBLE. After many, many, MANY issues that went unresolved, we ended up canceling our service. By that time, I was taking Claire to school four days a week anyway, so it was just as convenient to run to the store to get milk.

    Now, keep in mind, when I say the issues were unresolved, I should clarify. The Management at Royal Crest was awesome, and they bent over backwards to try to fix the driver’s mistakes (broken eggs, wrong items delivered…EVERY WEEK). But, it got to be more of a hassle than it was worth, for both of us. Why they opted to make special trips out every week rather than get rid of the problem, I’ll never know.

    Sorry for the long comment. I hope it works out for you! They were a great company, but I can only handle so much incompetence.

    1. Hey JoAnn – thanks for the comment. Yes, fortunately we are okay for now and the only glitch has been computer error but let’s hope for the best. That would be frustrating to deal with despite their awesome customer service and yes, I have to agree with you there- they have amazing customer service.

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