Where do you get your K-cups & my warning about Keurig.com

***Readers, please leave your comments to help all us addicts out- where do you get your K-cups and what type of deals can you get?***

For a few weeks now I have had trouble with the Keurig website. They have a website and there are member prices along with points you can earn and later redeem for rewards but today, I had it with their website and lack of customer service and empathy so I found a few other sources to get my much-needed supply of K-cups.  Frankly, most of these sites are cheaper and better than keurig.com.  Sorry, Keurig but you cost me about two to three hours of my valuable time and frankly, your website stinks so I moved on. 

Interestingly enough, I called customer service on last Friday and even Tuesday afternoon and explained all the frustrations and all they offerred to do was re-enter my order (consisting of over 10 items) and placing it for me. Not good enough, Keurig. I would like free coffee or bonus points if you want my business again. For all you Keurig.com users out there beware of this: for about 5-6 times now, my cart goes completely empty. All the items I add in when I go in to purchase, are gone. Even the customer service can help you add them back in but then when I go to purchase the same items they added, they are poof! Magically gone! Keurig has a horrible website and if a shopping cart cannot be saved and re-accessed just a few hours or days later for purchase, I said, “forgettaboutit!” I had over $96 worth of K-cups in my cart but if Keurig does not want my business because their website cannot handle it, then I say… let me give it to other vendors who are responsible enough to maintain a website that does save my order and can allow me to complete it. Here are a list of the other websites I like or stores that I use but this list is not all-exclusive. You can google K-cups or “where do I buy K-cups” and you will get a whole host of others.


Bed, Bath and Beyond is a great place to go in-person, use your 20% off coupons or $5 off of $15+ and get boxes of your favorites. But, their selection is limited so keep that in mind. They will apply those coupons (in the store) to on-line orders and have amazing customer service.  This is by far the best place to get the Cafe Escapes, Chai Latte, Hot Chocolates, and Cafe Mochas (yum).  And with the coupons, these can be as little as $8.00!

Target is another great place but their selection is seasonal and often limited as well but if you have the Target card, it is hard to beat their everyday 5% off, and if you get pharmacy rewards, you can get 10% off total on one shopping day.

Other stores like Sears, JCPenney, etc., also carry K-cups but again, it depends on what you are looking for – flavor-wise.


My new recent favorite as a result of Keurig.com’s incompetency and lack of customer service is: Big Cat Coffees at https://www.bigcatcoffees.com/ This place rocks!  You get a 10% discount on your first purchase, free shipping of $45 and get this- for picky people like me, you can do a mix and match box of 5 different flavors for $14.95. What a great deal! And best of all – their website appears to work. Make sure you get a log-in ID and save your variety boxes under neat names so you can later re-order if you want.  The other boxes are approximately $12+ but again depends on what you get.  The best feature of this website to me is the “PURR-FECT” Box that you can make picking your flavors and combining teas and coffees into one “PURR-FECT” box.

Coffee Whiz appears to be another vendor on-line where you get bulk discount. Some boxes (of 24) are as cheap as $11.95 if you buy 4 or more and FedEx shipping is free on $60 or more or a flat $6.95 on all others which is a great deal. Only thing with this site is that they have boxes so you should really like what you are ordering before you do so.
If you look and compare to Amazon, you will quickly see that this website is a great deal if you know what you want and get boxes of it- so share with others and go crazy but try to reach $60 so you score free shipping too. If you are more of the variety or “I just want to try it out” kind like me, Big Cat Coffees is probably a better choice for you.

Great Coffees is another place to get a good deal but not as good as the places mentioned above. You have to buy boxes again and they come with 24 and you can get them as cheap as $11.99 but you have to buy 10 or more boxes! And… to get free shipping, you have to buy 6 boxes or more.

Amazon.com also has good prices especially if you really like a flavor- then you can get a 4-pack of the flavor you love and save a lot! But do you really want that much coffee? Well, maybe you do.  Amazon.com will have free shipping on some of them but not all private vendors offer that and the same boxes I looked at at the websites above can run you an extra $3-$4 per box. So, keep that in mind but there are good deals on Amazon as well.

***Readers, please leave your comments to help all us addicts out- where do you get your K-cups and what type of deals can you get?***

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