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Source Code- a movie review

courtesy of imdb, Source Code

For our anniversary this year, my hubby and I wanted to try out Cinema Grill in Aurora and watch a movie and we chose Source Code.  My review on Cinema Grill is here and you should definitely check it out as well.  With Jake Gyllenhaal tarring, for me, this was a must watch.  It is a suspense thriller and only 100 minutes long.  I liked the concept of the movie although it may have been done before in other forms.  It’s a good movie that keeps you guessing and leaves you guessing as you leave the theater too.  The overall theme is about making every second count, and of course, the concept of not having regret.  Jake Gyllenhaal is a soldier, a helicopter pilot and it was fitting to see this movie on Memorial Day weekend but all in all, I think it is a great suspense thriller to watch and keeps you guessing the whole time.  I would definitely recommend Source Code but it does leave you guessing even at the end.  I am even wondering if there will be a part II.


Cinema Grill – Aurora, Colorado

We finally visited the Cinema Grill in Aurora.  It’s a little far for us but it was a unique experience.  We saw the movie Source Code and you can check out my movie review here but this posting is a review of the Cinema Grill which is a discount movie theater with the flare of eats and treats.  Sure, there is the usual movie fare of popcorn and soda but at Cinema Grill, you can actually eat a full meal including some fancy dishes while you watch a movie.  The movies are cheaper, and are $2.50 for matiness (shows before 5pm) and $3.50 after 5pm.  What a deal!  The seats are comfortable and you can either sit at a table or at a counter/bar-type seat, and enjoy your meal while you watch the show.  For parents who have kids with the sitter, there is the extra added benefit of having a meal and a movie without paying extra to the babysitter or being away from the kids for too long.  If you do the traditional dinner out and a movie, sometimes you are looking at 4-5 hours away from the kids but if you combine the two, well, then, even with the commute to and from this place, you are looking at 3-4 hours tops!

Those are the pros of this type of setting.  The cons are you can’t have a conversation over a meal like you would want on a date especially when you are married and normally do not get to talk.  The other disadvantage is that you can’t see your food because by the time the food arrives, the movie has started.  So people were using their cell phones or flashlights (from the theater) to look at the menu or see what they were eating.  My advice to alleviate these cons:  Order food you do not have to really see to put together or figure out if it has the right ingredients.  Fajitas are probably not a good idea.  Keep it simple!  My husband ordered the chicken sandwich and did not feel good the next day so keep in mind that you cannot check if your meat is cooked properly either.  

With that in mind, we plan to return and possibly even do a kids’ party sometime but again, keep the food choices simple and you should be fine.


Perfect Moment Monday- Memorializing Milestone Moments

Memorial Day weekends are generally busy, fun-filled weekends with us with one theme:  Family.  There wasn’t just one perfect moment this past week and weekend, but rather, a list.  Isn’t it great when you have too many to count?  And more importantly, isn’t it great when you can “memorialize” them to remember forever.  Here are my perfect moments for Memorial Day week 2011:


My husband and I got married on Memorial Day weekend, Sunday, the 29th of May and so we celebrate our anniversary each year on this special weekend.  This year went to Cinema Grill, watched a movie, and ate some snacks together.  We had a good time even on the drive there and back to just get caught up.  It’s hard to believe it has been six years.


Our first daughter’s due date was on our anniversary but she arrived 5 days early- probably because she wanted her own special day instead of arriving on ours.  In any case, she was born on my brother’s birthday.  This past week, she had three birthdays– one at her school with princess cupcakes, one with family at her favorite burger joint, and of course, her gymnastics party with her classmates.  What a fun time for my little princess who turned four!  I can’t believe that time if flying by and soon, she will start school!  In any case, it was great to celebrate all these moments.


Having family in town is always an adventure but of course, family is family.  The girls love having extra people in the house to forum shop with 🙂  and play with.  We always have family in town around this time because of Memorial Day weekend, and all the events and it’s fun.  Because of family in town, we have had opportunities to have date nights as well and that is priceless especially considering it was our anniversary month.

Memorial Day weekend is always busy for us but how can we forget these perfect moments — especially when we can put them in a posting lke this and “memorialize” them?


Cakes by Karen – a review

I saw a Groupon for $20 worth of cakes and other yummies from Cakes by Karen last month and I wanted to try that place out since there is a location so close to work so I purchased it.  My daughter’s birthday was coming up so I went ahead and ordered a princess cupcake pull-apart cake.  Well, at least I think that was what I ordered.  When I picked up what I thought would be a pull-apart cupcake cake, it was just 20 cupcakes but each one beautifully decorated with a screen of the Disney princesses.  We wanted princess theme and these were a hit with the kids in her class. 

Granted, I was always curious to see what the cake would turn out to be and while I did not get that chance this time, I have to say, Cakes by Karen really handled the situation well and did not charge me for the cupcakes.  Additionally, they gave me a credit for next time.  I was impressed with their customer service and even though I think the cupcakes worked out fine if not better, I really wanted to give a shout out (and no, I am not being paid for this review) to this business for their yummy goodies and their customer service.  The cupcakes (we had 10 chocolate, 10 white cake) were yummy and the frosting was good as well.  There were 15 satisfied classmates and a very happy birthday princess involved too.  So, thanks Cakes by Karen, Lakewood location for your customer service and your yummy cupcakes which were just … PERFECT! 

If you haven’t already, stop by the Lakewood (tell Suzanne hello) or one of their other 3 locations, and try their cupcakes or other cakes.  Yummy-licious!


My first born’s 4th Birthday!

It’s hard to believe that four years ago today at 8am MST (the time I am writing this), I was still in labor and a new nurse had taken over the shift and this nurse was dern good. I was admitted to the hospital at midnight. I was a first-time wimp and felt the first tinge of pain and begged to be taken in. Haaa… I was braver the 2nd time around. Anyway, admitted at midnight on May 23, and at 4:11pm on May 24, our first little bundle of joy arrived. She looked right at me and we connected… but it was a scary first few seconds. She was stuck and the cord was wrapped around her little neck. When she came out she was a little purplish but the doctor was amazing- Westside Women’s Care delivered both my kids and did a fabulous job! No C-Section, no epidural- all natural but yes, painful.

In any case, there she was, our little cone-head baby that we had to take home in 48 hours. Wow! I can still remember quite vividly how much our lives changed. For the better? Sure. But there were many nights we lay awake when we wondered if that was true. Our first one was very tiny, only 4lbs 11oz. when we took her home but stronger than even her mamma and more determined than anything. She had trouble nursing at first and this was hard on everyone in the house. After all, the commercials and TV shows/movies all tell you- they will nurse well and you will be a “perfect” family. It took a month but I didn’t give up and neither did my little bundle of joy. And 11 months later, she was still nursing. I feel blessed. I feel thankful for everything in my life – most of all, I thank God daily for bringing this soul to our lives – what fun adventures await us as we move onto bigger milestones! I can’t wait!

As a recap (since 2007 was a little ways away), I wanted to share two of the postings I wrote in November of 2007 (some 6 months after she was born). I can’t believe how much more I am writing now and since those postings, in 2007 how much more my life changed- for the better.