King Sooper’s TV Karts for kids


We finally got the chance to try out those neat grocery carts everyone’s been talking about.  I first learned of this from the Mile High Mamas article sometime ago but my neighborhood store does not carry these.  We went to the King Sooper’s on 80th and Sheridan today and they had the TV/video Karts for kids. They were great but not for the videos since our kids have no attention span but rather, for the locking mechanism on the doors. Our little ones were locked in and not jumping out pulling things off the shelves. It was awesome!   

There is no windshield up front which is fine but this means that the kart didn’t provide extra peace since our kids love to scream and talk but we didn’t have the added hassle of them running amok in the store.  Parents control the Kart TV from where they push the cart, and can choose from a few different short feature cartoons (Disney), and they can even see the inside of the cart from the top control panel.  The cart is spacious and easy to maneuver.  You cannot remove these from the store and that is a good thing to me because most people are not responsible nor respectful enough to return them if King Sooper’s did allow them outside.   

Thanks, King Soopers! Please bring these to all your stores especially (once renovated) your store on the corner of 80th and Wadsworth- our neighborhood grocery store.


10 thoughts on “King Sooper’s TV Karts for kids

  1. these things are an abomination. they’ve been all over the midwest since 2006. that locking mechanism is great but what about the front? or even “here… sit in front of your babysitter while mommy/daddy shops” ???

  2. I’ve been wondering about these carts. I must admit you had me at “locking mechanism” though. Maddy is usually pretty good about not getting out but sometimes she thinks she needs to get out of the car every three seconds and other than driving me crazy because she tries to grab whatever she wants and put it in the cart she really slows down the shopping trip too. 🙂

  3. We love these carts!!

    The KS in Belmar has them at the EXIT of the store. Looks like no one has ever used them because they don’t know that they are there. We just noticed them on Saturday.

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