Mother’s Day! History of Honoring … Mother

*this is just one mom’s take on the history and creation of Mother’s Day… this is not a true story of course (see disclaimer), but it’s my story and I’m sticking to it!  Of course, if you are a true history buff like I am, you can read the verified history and creation of Mother’s Day here and interesting tid bit I learned from the wikipedia posting, Mother’s Day honoring Mother Earth/Goddess and Moms in Hinduism pre-dates Western Civilization by a a few centuries.

Today is another Mother’s Day!  It is my 4th mother’s day – my first mother’s day as a mom was exactly 4 years ago and I was in my last two weeks of my pregnancy then so I was not quite sure what I was “in” for just yet.  Four years later, I appreciate my own mom more than ever not just because I have kids of my own but because I experience that daily struggle with balancing home and family versus work, life, and outside activities, and am not quite sure I still appreciate all she did for us. 

I am blessed with an amazing husband who takes care of the kids quite well – sure, the house may go to hell in a hand basket while I am out of town on a business trip or away for a few hours, but he is a great dad to our daughters and yes, he has changed many, many diapers.  I would argue, he probably feeds them better than I do – well, sometimes. 

I always hear the stories of guys in my dad’s and grandfather’s generation though – from friends, from my friends’ mothers, and from my own mom as well.  Generally speaking, most of the men then were the sole bread earners and worked outside the home, and our moms and grandmas were stay at home (again, for the most part- not speaking for everyone).  I remember my mom’s stories of how she did not go out much, they did not get babysitters for us, and basically her life revolved around us and our schedules.  I am convinced that Mother’s Day was invented in our grandparents’ and further commercialized in our parents’ generation to honor moms because otherwise, I do not think men would.  I know this sounds bad but I think it was created by a mother and wife who felt unappreciated or at the least, under-appreciated.  Some say it is a commercially trumped-up day so that card makers could do more business.  Well, whether it was an under appreciated mom and/or wife OR a creator at Hallmark, they were onto something: Create a day for mothers to get the respect they should receive daily, not just on one day.  It’s possible the woman who invented it worked for that very same card company?  Hmmm….yes, I think Mother’s Day was created by a woman for women- to help our husbands and kids recognize us and what we do, even for just one day.  In reality, Mother’s Day is rooted in religious beliefs too – ancient civilizations paid homage to Mother Earth and in Eastern religions and philosophy, mothers were recognized because of the form of mother goddess and from her, came life.  Whatever, it’s roots and whoever its creator, Mother’s Day is an important time to celebrate our earth, our belief in a higher being, and of course- our moms who gave us life, and our moms who sacrificed a lot to raise us.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms, wives, and women who make a difference in the lives of so many.  It’s not just a celebration of motherhood and all that brings, but rather… womanhood!   Enjoy this day and hopefully, you get the rest, relaxation, and recognition you deserve.

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