My first born’s 4th Birthday!

It’s hard to believe that four years ago today at 8am MST (the time I am writing this), I was still in labor and a new nurse had taken over the shift and this nurse was dern good. I was admitted to the hospital at midnight. I was a first-time wimp and felt the first tinge of pain and begged to be taken in. Haaa… I was braver the 2nd time around. Anyway, admitted at midnight on May 23, and at 4:11pm on May 24, our first little bundle of joy arrived. She looked right at me and we connected… but it was a scary first few seconds. She was stuck and the cord was wrapped around her little neck. When she came out she was a little purplish but the doctor was amazing- Westside Women’s Care delivered both my kids and did a fabulous job! No C-Section, no epidural- all natural but yes, painful.

In any case, there she was, our little cone-head baby that we had to take home in 48 hours. Wow! I can still remember quite vividly how much our lives changed. For the better? Sure. But there were many nights we lay awake when we wondered if that was true. Our first one was very tiny, only 4lbs 11oz. when we took her home but stronger than even her mamma and more determined than anything. She had trouble nursing at first and this was hard on everyone in the house. After all, the commercials and TV shows/movies all tell you- they will nurse well and you will be a “perfect” family. It took a month but I didn’t give up and neither did my little bundle of joy. And 11 months later, she was still nursing. I feel blessed. I feel thankful for everything in my life – most of all, I thank God daily for bringing this soul to our lives – what fun adventures await us as we move onto bigger milestones! I can’t wait!

As a recap (since 2007 was a little ways away), I wanted to share two of the postings I wrote in November of 2007 (some 6 months after she was born). I can’t believe how much more I am writing now and since those postings, in 2007 how much more my life changed- for the better.

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