Perfect Moment Monday- Memorializing Milestone Moments

Memorial Day weekends are generally busy, fun-filled weekends with us with one theme:  Family.  There wasn’t just one perfect moment this past week and weekend, but rather, a list.  Isn’t it great when you have too many to count?  And more importantly, isn’t it great when you can “memorialize” them to remember forever.  Here are my perfect moments for Memorial Day week 2011:


My husband and I got married on Memorial Day weekend, Sunday, the 29th of May and so we celebrate our anniversary each year on this special weekend.  This year went to Cinema Grill, watched a movie, and ate some snacks together.  We had a good time even on the drive there and back to just get caught up.  It’s hard to believe it has been six years.


Our first daughter’s due date was on our anniversary but she arrived 5 days early- probably because she wanted her own special day instead of arriving on ours.  In any case, she was born on my brother’s birthday.  This past week, she had three birthdays– one at her school with princess cupcakes, one with family at her favorite burger joint, and of course, her gymnastics party with her classmates.  What a fun time for my little princess who turned four!  I can’t believe that time if flying by and soon, she will start school!  In any case, it was great to celebrate all these moments.


Having family in town is always an adventure but of course, family is family.  The girls love having extra people in the house to forum shop with 🙂  and play with.  We always have family in town around this time because of Memorial Day weekend, and all the events and it’s fun.  Because of family in town, we have had opportunities to have date nights as well and that is priceless especially considering it was our anniversary month.

Memorial Day weekend is always busy for us but how can we forget these perfect moments — especially when we can put them in a posting lke this and “memorialize” them?


6 thoughts on “Perfect Moment Monday- Memorializing Milestone Moments

  1. Wow – what a big weekend it is for you, and so great it’s all focused on being appreciative, something that all the family can do together. Congratulations!

  2. Happy Birthday to the busy girl!!

    And Happy Anniversary to you….thank goodness gas prices were not what they are now 6 years ago so that you guys could get together. Remember that conversation?

    The only time we get date nights now….is when family is in town. Which is never. But maybe in July. 🙂

    1. I do remember that conversation- — and yes 8 years ago when we first dating, I am so glad the gas prices were not bad… haaaa… I know what you mean, and while we have a good babysitter we rarely go out without the kiddos. Also, we are away from them so much as it is, it just feels wrong to be away on the weekends too.

  3. What an eventful week! Happy anniversary to you two — what movie did you see? And happy birthday to your sweet daughter. I hope she was sufficiently spoiled by your visitors.

    And I’m thinking of you today, thanking you for your service to our country.

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