Perfect Moment Monday*- Sunday Night Fever

*This post was from last weekend but it got a bit nuts with sick kiddos and no sleep so I am posting this week with an update from sicko week, April 2011. 

I know I know… all my perfect moments revolve around my children- almost all of them anyway.  I wrote about my twinklin’ little stars as a perfect moment monday a few weeks ago and last night, despite another wave of illness which is hitting our home, I found another perfect moment amid the sleepless nights and feverish kisses. 

I have little ones and one that just started day care in October of 2010 so, it is common for her to pick up all sorts of things and share them with the rest of us. Yah! Sharing is Caring after all. The latest bug hit our household yesterday, Sunday, in the afternoon. It has made for an exhausting few days and I am sure will make for an even more exhausting week ahead.  I am not looking forward to it but this moment made it all better.

My daughter had a dose of Ibuprofen and it must have kicked in after I put her to sleep in her room.  The little one is quite independent and plays alone and hangs out in her room before bed, often singing to herself.  This time it was not just “twinkle, twinkle little star”, it was an entire litany of songs which made me giggle and smile as I lay on the futon outside her door.  She started with “Happy Birthday…” to her of course, “ring around the rosy”, “itsy bitsy spider” and everything in between.  At one point, I heard her saying, “more-more- one more…. hit it!”  It was so cute, despite my fatigue, I did not want to sleep.  I wanted to listen and record because memories like this are made in heaven and even though she was ill, and a long week would follow, what a perfect moment!

As a follow-up since a week has gone by since I wrote this:  This past week, I was home with my little one 1/2 day Monday, all of Tuesday and Wednesday and while I was still working (the work never ends), I have to say, there were even more perfect moments.   When she woke up in the mornings and from nap, I would be there and cuddle with her and hold her.  She would sweetly crinkle her nose and say “mommy.”  She was so happy to have me and of course, kids are generally needy when they are not feeling well anyway, which is fine with me.  I would hold her in my arms and she would fall asleep with her head on my lap or in my arms.  It is hard when your little ones are sick but because she had a fever and was unable to go to daycare, I got the gift of time with her while I still worked from home.  I was reminded how much children need us at this stage in their lives, and these moments were, despite all the yuckiness of illness…. perfect!

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