Source Code- a movie review

courtesy of imdb, Source Code

For our anniversary this year, my hubby and I wanted to try out Cinema Grill in Aurora and watch a movie and we chose Source Code.  My review on Cinema Grill is here and you should definitely check it out as well.  With Jake Gyllenhaal tarring, for me, this was a must watch.  It is a suspense thriller and only 100 minutes long.  I liked the concept of the movie although it may have been done before in other forms.  It’s a good movie that keeps you guessing and leaves you guessing as you leave the theater too.  The overall theme is about making every second count, and of course, the concept of not having regret.  Jake Gyllenhaal is a soldier, a helicopter pilot and it was fitting to see this movie on Memorial Day weekend but all in all, I think it is a great suspense thriller to watch and keeps you guessing the whole time.  I would definitely recommend Source Code but it does leave you guessing even at the end.  I am even wondering if there will be a part II.

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