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Pure Nails in Lakewood Colorado- a hidden gem

I recently learned from co-workers of a hidden gem of a nail salon in Lakewood near my work. The owner is Liza and she used to work at OPI Nails and many of the beauticians 20110624-094416.jpg that came with her came are from OPI Nails as well. They are true professionals, easy to get along with, and are great at what they do! The prices are comparable to other salons with the best deal being a manicure and pedicure for $30. Otherwise, if you just do a spa pedicure, there are places that will probably do it for $19-$20 but the equipment and space may not be as nice as this place. There is a TV, a spa-like atmosphere, true spa massage chairs, and elegance to make you want to throw a party there for your best girlfriends.

Pure Nails is conveniently located close to 6th Avenue off of 8th Avenue and Simms Blvd.  It’s right behind the gas station across the street from 7-Eleven.  Tucked away, this is a gem of a place with gem of employees.  Their services include the typical nail services + waxing and facials.   Ladies, if you live or work in Lakewood, give Pure Nails a try- you will not be disappointed. Tell them Get Clued In sent you and in August (which is their one anniversary) be sure to be look out for discounts and specials.  Enjoy and sit back, relax, and enjoy your pedicure/manicure or other service.


Lucile’s – The Big Easy In Denver

Lucille's Restaurant Denver, CO

I discovered a little piece of my hometown, New Orleans, right here in the city I now call home.  Lucile’s is a quaint diner with a beautiful outdoor patio in a residential area.  This particular location, on the corner of Logan and Alameda, is a gem and a cajun taste of my hometown, New Orleans.  The inside decor transforms you back to the Big Easy- you feel like you are in the Crescent City, enjoying a meal.  The decor is beautiful, the music perfect, and the atmosphere is very inviting.

The menu offers breakfast all day and of course, beignets.  They are not as good as Cafe Du Monde mainly because they are not oily and sopped with powdered- they are quite fluffy and good though and healthier than Cafe Du Monde.  I also tried their grits and cafe au lait and oh boy!  YUMMY!  Their menu is extensive and they have five locations to choose from. Find the closest one to you!

As our server indicated, even though their menu is Southern and Cajun-inspired (which is generally not vegetarian-friendly, gluten and dairy-free), because of their locations are in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Littleton, and Longmont, Lucile’s will substitute and provide vegetarian options when they can.  They also offer gluten-free choices.  Just ask your server!  I can’t wait to return for their breakfast entrees and I can tell it will be good.  Yum!  I had spicy cheesy grits.  I can’t wait to try their breakfast menu and then go back again for Cajun lunch dishes.  I saw the biscuits that went with the breakfast entrees and they were the size of a big piece of Quiche-  they were huge! Lucile’s– a place I can go to when I miss the taste of home.



Book Review- ‘The Help’ by Kathryn Stockett

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I recently finished a book I initally had a hard time starting but once I did, I really got into it. Six months ago, I was finishing the Stieg Larsson trilogy (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series) and it was tough to go from that genre to this book but I tell you, I am glad I read The Help. This is a book that really gets you thinking about how the South and really the country, just 40-50 years ago, was segregated.  “Separate but equal” really was just a punchline for the dirty truth- DISCRIMINATION.  It’s hard to believe the decade before I was born in this country, we treated people differently simply for the color of their skin and of course, fear of differences.  Sure, it’s controversial, sure, it raises some criticism but it is a good book.  It is well-written, and written from the perspective of three separate female characters.  If you can keep who is the narrator at any given time, this book just flies by and before you know it, the book is done, leaving you wanting to know more.  What happens to everyone?  Is there is a sequel?  I was left wanting more and that to me, is a sign of a great book.

This book is set in Jackson, Mississippi, in the early 60s.  It covers the time of President Kennedy and his assassination.  Martin Luther King, Jr., is starting his nonviolence movement for desegregation and equality for Blacks in America.  It is a great story about the times from the point of view of the help- the cooks, the maids, and the women who were nannies, often for white families.  Whether historically accurate or not, it really does get you thinking about how different times were back then.  When I place myself as a character in the book, I do not think in my wildest imagination, as I fast forward 40+ years, that we would have an African-American President of the United States.  That is a truly historic event in American history and this fictional book absolutely confirms it.  Of course, I always read everything with a purpose and this book definitely has purpose.  The movie is set to release this August and I would definitely recommend this quick read before you head out to see the movie.  The Help by Kathryn Stockett, a book that makes you think, a book that makes you appreciate where we are today as a country despite our continued differences.


Financial Friday- Insurance: What’s the Right Amount?

*This was posted last Friday at Denver Parent and now re-posted here.

I know, I know!  It’s Financial Friday and It’s supposed to be about “finances” not liability and getting sued but sadly, if you have drivers in your home, whether under or over 25 years of age, the type of auto insurance and the amounts you carry can affect your overall financial health in the long run.   Of course, we all hope and pray it does not happen and we do our best to be good, safe drivers but hoping, praying, and driving well yourself does not prevent some other reckless driver, in a split second,  to possibly take away what you have worked a lifetime to built- your nest egg, your savings, and other liquid assets.

My recent minor fender bender got me researching and got my husband and I talking.  I was not at fault and this was a very minor fender bender, but still something like this does get you to be more careful, and gets you thinking about the “what ifs.”  While we have young toddlers in our household present day, we started talking about what we need to do as they become of driving age.  Even if your kids are not driving your car, they can drive a friend’s car and be exposed to the same risks.  If a dependent in your household (not emancipated), and one that is under your insurance or not, gets involved in a car accident, you (yes, you) can be held personally liable for anything over your liability coverage amounts.  So, it’s not only important to know what type of coverage you need, but how much you need and these needs can change over time.  In auto insurance, here are the different types of coverages and your company may offer varying amounts of coverage for different prices.  The more coverage you get, the more you will pay, but peace of mind may be worth it.

1.  Bodily Injury Liability Coverage protects you from damage you may cause in an accident.  It consists of bodily injury liability and property damage liability.  Bodily Injury Liability pays for losses if you are at fault in an accident, and are legally responsible for others’ injuries. Medical expenses fall under this type of coverage and this is the coverage that is key when you are deciding how much coverage is right.  I have seen policies offerred up to $1 million/per person, per accident.  You may think $1 million seems extreme but if you have four passengers in the other car, and there are medical conditions or injuries, you do not want a situation where you become responsible for medical expenses that exceed your coverage limit.  So, for example, if you injure four people in an auto accident, and each person has $75,000 in medical costs and your coverage is limited to $100,000 per person, $300,000 per accident, you coverage limit would be adequate but the same scenario and if the medical costs exceed $300,000 for that accident, you may be sued for the remaining amount.  When you are sued personally, keep in mind, it exposes you and your assets to risk if you cannot pay a court judgment against you.

2. Property Damage Liability– This is different than bodily liability in that it helps protect you from bills that can include-structural damage to homes, structures, and repair/replacement for vehicle or other objects.  This is where everything else falls that affects “property” but not a “person.”  A good rule of thumb here is to consider how much it would cost to repair multiple vehicles, a fence, a home, or structures if the accident is severe.  Generally, speaking, most accidents do not see property damage exceed bodily injury and damage.  It is generally the medical payments and personal liability which needs to be at higher amounts but still keep in mind that if you hit another vehicle and you are at fault, if the other car is a total loss at $40,000, and you only have $25,000 coverage, then you could personally be liable and sued for the remaining $15,000.

Keeping the above in mind, it is a good idea to assess and re-assess coverage limits as your life situation changes over time.  When kids are young, you want to have enough coverage to cover any potential accidents and yourself.  But as kids start driving, you may need to increase your liability in the Bodily Injury Liability coverage.  As cost of living changes, cost of medical increases, the different coverages offerred may change as well so call your insurance company.

Next week, I will cover what you need to do in the meantime — we do not plan accidents and we certainly do not expect to get into one but if we do, it is too late to shuffle your money around at the last minute.  So, it is good to plan for liability, lawsuits, and invest in a way that cuts down your liquid assets on hand as well.  In the next article, I will also address bankruptcy.


‘Straight No Chaser’ coming to Denver- October 2011 and I’m Going!

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Sure, when I first heard of this singing group, I thought…”hmmm… I do not think I can drink a shot straight. I would need soda, juice or need to chase that shot down.” Yes, I am weak. Anyway, my first experience with them was when I was able to watch Straight No Chaser’s Christmas DVD. Immediately, I was very impressed with this a cappella singing group. Sure, they are all great to look at it too so no complaints here, but they are so much more than that.

My second experience with this band was when I heard they were returning to Denver on October 20, 2011. I heard about it and tweeted how I wanted to see them and asking my friends if they wanted to join. Randy Stine (on twitter: @RandyStine) immediately wrote me back, “see you in Denver in October!” I was impressed. It is so rare that an artist, group, actor, etc., finds time to write their fans or fans in the making. It was humbling and made me realize how genuinely awesome these guys are – to the core! I was impressed all over again and now, I finally have my tickets- Mezzanine at Denver Buell Theater and I am so excited! Not just because this amazingly simple singing group can carry a tune like no one’s business but because it will be a fun girls’ night out and this mommy will definitely enjoy herself!

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I have to say, I do not get out very often. My kids are young and I am always either working, or being a mommy. I get to go to maybe 1 or 2 concerts every other year or sometimes one concert every two to three years, and this year is Josh Groban (he is coming in August and I wrote about it here), and Straight No Chaser on October 20, 2011. If you haven’t already, get your tickets to see this amazingly talented group – did I mention they’re cute and nice too? The tickets are reasonably priced and there is not a bad seat in the house because their voices are truly amazing. And, ladies, come on! They are easy on the eyes as well. Grab a girlfriend, grab your man, grab your daughter or son, and get your tickets to see Straight No Chaser! By the way, moms and dads, I said grab your daughter or son because this is singing group that you can take your kids and teens to see (if they are ready for shows that is). Their act is clean and no cussing or bad comedy routine and I know that is important to a lot of parents. Check out their tour schedule or if you live in Denver, join me and my friends at the Buell on October 20, 2011.

And if you want to follow Straight No Chaser check our their official fan website and other fan pages: On Facebook, click here: and on Twitter, follow them at @sncmusic