Hacienda Colorado- Mexican food with a twist!

I had heard great things about Hacienda Colorado from a friend of mine and the opportunity presented itself this weekend for us to finally go to the Westminster location. I just have one word to say regarding the food and the flavors- WOW!  The waiter informed us that all their items are made fresh, right there on site, and all their flavors were their own.  He was right.  The tortillas are made right there and you can view them being made.  It’s fun for the kids.   Let me say, these tortillas are like nothing I have ever head- they are so thin, so flavorful, and yet… it’s a tortilla!  From the start, our chips and salsa were quite yummy.  This salsa with 1 pepper rating (pictured) is very good and not so spicy that kids cannot eat it.  It is perfect!  Hacienda has a lot of different sauces- some vegetarian, others are not.  Look for the number of the peppers.  The more the peppers, the spicier the salsa.  All of the food was fabulous from the refried beans, the charro beans, black beans, guacamole, to the fajitas, quesadillas, and enchilada platter, all their food is remarkably flavorful and each item made with care.  I have to say, when the tastes linger for hours after the dining experience is over, you know this is place you want to return to!

Any negatives?  Well, for us, this was our first time there and the service, frankly, with two kids was very slow- too slow!  You can read my other reviews on Mexican restaurants like Jack N Grill and Three Margaritas (Westminster) on YELP which boasted very quick and friendly service.  Then, you will understand why I prefer faster, more efficient service.  It is hard enough to eat with two toddlers and then, if the service is long and not good, it is even harder.  We were there for Sunday lunch and it took 90 minutes from start to finish and frankly, for people with kids, that is too long.  If we wanted a long, quiet siesta with our meals (without kids of course), then I can see it taking so long and being all romantic but alas, I am an American with kids who have a short attention span and yes, sadly, I want our service to be fast, efficient, and friendly.  In the past three months, we have eaten at about 5-6 other places and the service has been a lot better than we got at this location.  So, while we loved, loved the food, we are hoping Hacienda Colorado in Westminster improves the speed of its service especially for those of us with kids who want quicker and more efficient service.

I highly recommend Hacienda Colorado for the flavorful food, the different salsas, and the amazing tortillas.  As to leftovers we had, there was not a drop of anything wasted- it was all finished to the last bean.

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