Josh Groban in Concert- Simply “Adorbs”

copyright Josh Groban Straight to You Tour 2011

We had a great time seeing Josh Groban for the first time ever when he came through Denver this year.  Josh Groban’s “Straight to You Tour” came to the Denver Pepsi Center on August 12, 2011, and while our seats appeared better on paper and at a Pepsi map than in real life, that was okay because Josh moved around a lot so we got up close and personal.

Yes, we are now on a first name basis not because he said we were but because after being in a 2-hour concert with this man, you definitely feel like you know him personally.  He is personable, funny, runs around the stadium meeting fans and talking with them as if he were just the guy next door, and yes, of course, his singing and talent keeps us all engaged the entire time.  I have to say, it was a great concert!  Josh is a genuine rock star- one that you can appreciate the voice and music of, while at the same time just downright liking him.  He plays several different instruments as well and his music and voice are breathtaking.  And, you should know that “adorbs” was a word he used while he was referring to someone he called on stage.  I loved that word, had never heard it before, and had to use it in the title of this blog.  Of course, all rights to that word belong to Josh- ha!

I did not get good pictures but when he came into the center round, he was quite close and we were able to get a good glimpse of his running shoes too- yes, folks!  He wears big, white running shoes with his black jeans and blazer – that was a first for me too! No dress shoes and casual as can be– this Colorado girl loves casual so Josh was right up my alley!  Let me tell you, there is nothing pretentious or stuck up about this guy and how he performs or behaves at a concert.  It was just great talent, and class the entire time. The backdrop, which Josh joked about a little and how it cost him a fortune, was quite neat and the special effects are quite cool. The themes change from song to song and it is well done.  Gone are the days when a singer would just come out and play a piano or guitar without all the special effects and visuals and I gotta say, I do not mind it.  It was not distracting or all-consuming but I think, enhanced his performance.  If you can catch Josh Groban on his Straight to You Tour near a city near you do so- it is a great concert and amazing performance!

Now, to the venue- Pepsi Center is a good venue.  Of course, parking can be a nightmare and if you park off-site anywhere, you should be wearing your tennis shoes too! No matter how close off-site you park, you will walk a ways to get in and once you are in, there is the usual walking around as well.  The concessions were plentiful and plenty of options and the prices are about what you’d expect.  I liked the Pepsi Center concessions options and did not mind the walk but be prepared to pay anywhere from $10-15 for downtown close-up parking.  Inside the stadium, the seat are fine and are geared more towards sporting events not concerts.  If the person next to you is jamming, well, get ready to jam and move too because the entire row will shake so join in on the fun and definitely dress in layers.  It is hot inside the pepsi center and of course, with a performer like Josh, it can only get hotter (ha) …. Josh Groban, please come back to Denver – you put on an amazing show!

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