New Oikos Greek Yogurt– Dannon-Licious!*

*I wrote this post while participating in a blog tour conducted by Clever Girls on behalf of Dannon. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program but my opinions are my own. For more information and recipe ideas, visit or I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.*

I love yogurt of all kinds – whether it is yogurt from the store, homemade yogurt (my mom makes the best home-made yogurt ever) and of course, the renewed craze of frozen yogurt.   So, when I had the opportunity to try out new Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt, of course, I was thrilled! For a year or so now, I have fallen in love with non-fat Greek yogurt and specifically, Chobani brand.  The protein content is high so I was buying it by the bulk and mad about it and didn’t expect anything to beat it at taste test.  Of course, I was excited to learn that Dannon Oikos o% Fat Berry Flavors beat Chobani 2-1 in taste tests.  So, I took the taste test challenge myself and was very impressed.  Greek Yogurt has a thick texture which turn some people off but I absolutely love it and the protein is just perfect for me.  Also, I am a vegetarian so I need more protein in my diet to make-up for the lack of meat, poultry, etc., and I have to say, I love, love, love Dannon’s new OIKOS yogurt.  Your grocer’s dairy section will carry plenty of flavors in both the traditional and the fruit on the bottom version.  I tried the key lime (Traditional), Strawberry (Traditional and Fruit on the Bottom) & Blueberry (fruit on the bottom), and I have to say, even the Traditional Vanilla tasted very good.  Out of all of these my favorite was Strawberry Fruit on the Bottom- there is just something about mixing in the fruit yourself and getting the right amount in each bite and if you plan to add granola or other toppings, you can really have fun with the Fruit on the Bottom flavors.

And I am excited because I get the protein I need as well without all that fat and extra empty calories.  Dannon® Oikos® Plain and Fruit on the Bottom contains 0% fat, while the Dannon® Oikos® traditional blended varieties contains about 3% fat. Both are an excellent source of protein, twice that of most regular lowfat yogurts.  As a working mom, these are convenient too- I can pack them in my lunch with ease and do the same for my kids and their lunch boxes.  The protein is great for kids too and with this yogurt, it is tasty too which is important to them!  Don’t forget to try Dannon Oikos and taste for yourself!

Important Disclaimer:  In addition to my general disclaimer, here is specific information to this posting: I have partnered with Dannon to help promote the Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt Series.  I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program, which includes writing about the promotion and product.  However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments. 


6 thoughts on “New Oikos Greek Yogurt– Dannon-Licious!*

  1. Need to boycott the yogurts that contain carmine or gelatin. No excuse that yogurt should not be vegetarian much less contains bugs. Start demanding that our healthy foods remaijn healthy!

        1. Duh – vegetarian has two options or rather, several options but vegetarians generally take in dairy; vegans do not. Also, there is another type of vegetarian that will not eat eggs. Anyway, yogurt is great for vegetarians unless they are vegan and then you are right.

  2. Bad news — Oikos is NOT vegetarian. It contains carmine, which comes from beetles. I just learned this. Also, many other yogurts are use gelatin, including beef gelatin. I wrote to Oikos about its kashrut (it’s approved by a rabbi who holds a non-mainstream view on gelatin, so I don’t view it as kosher), and I got a response that makes me cringe as a vegetarian:

    The following products contain kosher gelatin or carmine and/or have been certified as K Kosher certified by Rabbi David Sheinkopf, Boca Raton, FL:

    Activia Dairy Drink
    Activia Dessert
    Activia Fiber
    Activia Light
    Activia Parfait
    Activia Selects French
    Activia Selects French Fruit Bites on the Bottom
    Activia Selects Greek
    Activia Selects Parfait
    DanActive Light
    Danimals Coolision
    Danimals Crush Cup
    Danimals Double Crush Cup
    Danimals Smoothie
    Dannon Oikos 0%
    Dannon Oikos Traditional
    Danonino Drink
    Fruit on the Bottom
    Light & Fit
    Light & Fit Carb & Sugar Control

    The gelatin used in our products provides the proper consistency and texture for the blended style yogurts. It is certified K Kosher because it is derived from the pure, inedible collagen of beef hide. It is considered Parve (neither meat nor dairy) because it has no status as food in Jewish Law. Rabbi Sheinkopf wrote this information in a book entitled, “Gelatin in Jewish Law”.

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