New School, New Start & Learning how to pack lunches

Tiny Prints makes Back to School easy

Since about 6 months old, each of our daughters has attended home care, day care, or school of some sort. I am a working mom of two little girls and of course, with that comes the delicate balance of many things and back to school carries a different meaning for us. Everyday is school even in the summer so I suppose we view back to school with milestones and of course, increased traffic on the roadways (sigh). This year marks such a milestone for my eldest- she is starting Pre-K! Recently, a reputable day care opened up near our home so, we are uprooting my eldest from the daycare/school she has known for 2 years, and bringing her closer to home. Of course, next fall she will really hit a huge milestone of attending Kindergarten so, this outta give her the adjustment she needs.

20110815-091017.jpg But, this year, it is an even bigger adjustment for my husband and I as we pack lunches for both kiddos. So, our adventure begins…and will officially kick off on Monday, August 22.  Wish us luck! For two years, my kiddos have attended a day care that serves all meals and snacks and we got a little spoiled even though it probably was not the best thing for them to have some of the food they were eating. In any case, it was easy. Now, we are buying lunch/bento boxes, thermos, lunch sacks to put all that stuff in, and personalized labels to make sure it all comes home daily. I hope it is not as exhausting as it feels right now, and yes, we are doing test runs the week before school starts, but I am excited to know I will be able to see what they eat and don’t eat daily. In a way, this is a good lesson for us since the older one starts real school next year and the little one is not too far behind. Yes, change is in the air this back to school year, and not just for the kiddos- new teachers, curriculum, new school, new equipment, and toys and of course, different lunch methods. But I think kids adapt to change easily- it is the parents who will need a little hand holding. We are excited and anxious as our kiddos make new beginnings and certainly, milestones and all, will make this back to school year the most memorable… well, at least until next year.

Back to school woes? Check out Tiny Prints at and see all the neat things they offer from gift tags, cards, teacher’s notes, allergy notes (essential if your kids are eating lunch or snacks at school) and my favorite–labels.  I have already purchased some and I have a feeling, I will need plenty more.

*Note: this is a sponsored post and written as part of Global Influence’s back to school campaign sponsored by  Please read Get Clued In’s disclaimer here and please note that the writer is not responsible for content at Tiny Prints or the quality of products therein.
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