Southwest Rocks! A tale of a 24-hour trip

This is a true story – a story which has it’s basis in being a busy working mom of two little kids who as you can expect, throw curve balls at their parents every now and then. I got such a curve ball on Friday before my weekend trip to New Orleans to attend my 20-year high school reunion. The curve ball was a horrible illness – massive stomach pains which kept us all up the entire night. At about 430am, I gave up and decided I would not make my 0600 flight out of Denver. I was right. I finally slept for close to 3 hours but not quite when I thought the kiddos might be better. So, I called Southwest Airlines and explained and the very nice customer service lady told me to head to the airport. She said they try to accommodate everyone.

Off I went fully expecting to return home but Southwest treated me like a person and throughout made me feel okay. They did not give me a hard time, charge me extra, or put me through heck.  The great ticket agent at the gate, Lynn, is her name and she is Denver-based even confirmed me and I boarded in the A group and if you fly southwest, you know exactly how cool it is to board with the A group. I was completely taken back. No need to explain, to cry or fight or threaten to write customer service. I was completely flabergasted probably because before Southwest, I was not treated like a human with worth and dignity. Before Southwest, there was anxiety, stress and sheer panic- and let’s not forget anger. In any case, thank you Southwest- here is a shout out to you for making this mom’s life easier and a little stress-free.

I know I have mentioned before that Denver International Airport (DIA) is an easy airport and again that was prove true on this trip too.  They are consistent for sure and honestly, based on my travel experiences, I think DIA is the best airport in the world and I have never had issues in security either.  My approximately 28 hour to New Orleans and back was great and I am really happy with the service I received both on Southwest and of course, at DIA.  All I can say is to the other airlines and to other airports, daily life is stressful enough, and it clearly costs nothing to be nice to people so why not … just do it?

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