Straight No Chaser charms Denver – Ooohhh, Ahhh Cappella!!

I was lucky enough to be able to see, hear, and even meet ‘Straight No Chaser’ (SNC) a 10-member (all male) A Cappella singing group in Denver on Thursday October 20, and they were fabulous.  It was a good show with one intermission and was roughly 2-hours of singing, dancing, and antics.  The singing group is super talented, of course, the fact that they are all very good looking doesn’t hurt either, and the entire show is PG so kids are welcome.  And, yes, they let you videotape, photograph, and encourage you to share with your friends.  Their website is a great place to share comments, photos, and stories.  

Ryan & Randy

My previous post on SNC was written a few months back when I did not know much about them but had only seen a DVD with their music well, now, I am here to say, I am a true fan!  The show was amazing and they performed two encores, one being their popular ’12 days of Christmas’ which is so hilarious and well-sung too.  I have been to three concerts now this year, and I was most

impressed with how they sit down at a table afterwards to meet each fan- not a single one turned away.  Exhausted, and beat, they still rustle up energy and enthusiasm to meet with their fans after the show, to autograph, to say hello, shake hands, and simply be their fabulous selves- down to earth and friendly. Did I mention they will follow you on twitter and write you back too?  Yes, that is the type of talent you are dealing with here – make no mistake, the fame has not gone to their heads and they are still the college guys from Indiana University who are ready to respond to you, answer your questions, and just be themselves.

The show is great and if you can catch them at a venue near you, I definitely would.  Don got a lot of attention at the Buell theater in Denver because he is from Littleton.  I was very impressed with the diversity of this group too and their backgrounds.  You can check out their bios at: and get to know each of the members.

Pic with Rome, Mike, and Seggie

Amazing time with my amazing friends and my new ones too!





LEAD: Michael; L to R: Randy, Don, Ryan, Walter, Tyler, Jerome, Dave, Seggie, and Charlie

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