Truly the Greatest Show on Earth- Ringling’s “Fully Charged” Electrifies Denver

Now through Oct 9 - click to get tickets

We were so excited to attend our first circus as a family.  We are so lucky to be part of a family called the Feld Family Activators and I have to say of all the shows I have attended so far, this just was truly ‘The Greatest Show’ we have seen.  The hype lives up to its promise- The Denver Coliseum was ‘Fully Charged’ on opening night and will continue to be through October 9.  See my post here and get your tickets as soon as possible.  Even on opening night which was a school night, it appeared sold out.  There re multiple shows and even afternoon shows on the weekends.  The Denver Coliseum though is a perfect venue and boasts free parking as well.  Perfect venue for the perfect family show.

Included with your admission 1.5 hours before show time

Your ticket includes three events in one- there is an open animal tour which begins 1.5 hours before show time and then, 1 hour before show time is a real treat.  It’s a full-access pre-show right there on the coliseum floor so you can take your kids and see all the action right up front.

watching the zebras

And, the show will start one hour later and last over 2 hours with an intermission!  Talk about getting your money’s worth and keeping your kids over stimulated.  Even after I got home, I was definitely ‘fully charged.’  I think the kiddos were too though- oh no!

Kids were able to dance along - full access pre-show


The pre-show, full-access show on the floor was a treat – the kids and the older kids too can ride on circus props, put on costumes, take pictures with clowns, and even dance with the amazing dancers.  There are amazing tricks performed right before you and you can get autographs, and pictures to your heart’s contend.  Since our kids are younger, the animal tour which is on coliseum grounds (so they can run around), and the pre-show were a lot for them and perfect.  The littlest one loved all that action more than the circus itself which fails to keep the attention of a lot of 2 year-olds. But, my 4 year-old, hubby and me were completely enthralled and did not want to move during the main show either.

Fully Charged show

The show itself also has something for everyone and talk about talented- wow!  The dancers, comedians, clowns, tight rope artists, and animal trainers are amazingly talented. And, at the Animal Open House and Tour, we even got a chance to meet the veterinarian.  I have to say that was awesome… considering all the rumors out there regarding care and treatment of circus animals, we were thrilled to ask questions, to see the care in process, and get educated on what Ringling and others are doing to help animals instead of harm them.  It’s an open book and in this time and age, we were thrilled to learn so much more about their care for the tigers, horses, zebras, and the endangered  elephant.

tightrope act- amazing talent

All in all, I have to say, this is a must-see for families!  If you choose to spend money on one show this year, make it this circus and enjoy this ‘greatest show’ and definitely use the discounts available.  There are tickets available directly from ticketmaster, and discounts available from other outlets as well.  Coupons were sent out as well to businesses and homes so check, and remember kids can get in for $10 with adult admission.  Definitely not a show to miss – check out Ringling bros. ‘Fully Charged’ before it leaves Denver or a city near you.


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