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I was invited to review Nero(c)’s new Kwik Media.* This software, which you can download for free allows you to not just create products such as albums, but makes organizing, sharing, and storing photos, videos, and other media easier; and you can organize them in a manner which permits easy sharing and access on a mobile device as well.

As far as making albums, the software took a little perusing, and playing with because I am so used to using Shutterfly and Snapfish but unlike these services, Nero Kwik Media requires you to download software onto your computer or laptop. I thought this would mean I could work off-line which would make my life easier but that was not the case. Once you disconnect from Wifi or internet access, you cannot finish your album off-line. But because it is on your computer, it makes transferring photos a lot faster – that is a definite plus.

First, figure out where your pictures are and load them into the bar below the “album” and then everything after that is just drag and drop. From the cover and size of the album to the pages, the choices are plentiful and you can create your own layouts or pick from set layouts (which only go to up to 4 photos) but you can still add additional photos. Of course there are advantages to online services in that you can access from anywhere not just your home PC or Mac. Another thing that was difficult was that the templates for photos were limited to up to 4 photos- I wish they had more selections to make collages and up to 7-8 photos like other services have but there is a fix for this. You can still create collages, and move the pictures around and get this- in addition to picking different backgrounds for each page, you can also do borders for your pictures, and throw in clip art appropriate to your theme or if your theme differs page to page, then so be it! You can choose “create your own” and the sky is the limit! But, in order to make all the photos fit, you have to first re-size and then move them into position. So there is an extra step there that otherwise would not exist if there was a template for the photos already built-in.

Logo is copyright of Kwik Media

Ordering is easy and if you run into some technical issues, tech support is available by phone (limited hours) and through E-mail. Note of caution: If you use the templates for the photos, then you must fill in each one with a photo or you will get errors. I did not try out the storing, sharing, mobile photo options, and other features available with this software but I did find creating an album relatively easy and I am a picky one- I like my own layouts, own picture layout templates, and well in sum, just know what I want but it takes me longer than 15 minutes to do an album because I like to customize it my way instead of just letting the software take over.

This is the album I made- the cover and front page photo

I have to say, the finished product looks really nice- you can choose what kind of cover you want. For me, I chose the 11.5 x 8 album w/ a red fabric color- gorgeous. There are other options available and colors as well! I am glad I got the opportunity to review this product because I make albums at least three times a year and while I have given some suggestions for improving the software a bit, I love seeing my photos come to life! Give Nero Kwik Media a try – the download is free and after that, you pay for your creations.

*Disclosure: This post is part of a SocialMoms product evaluation, for which I’ve been selected. One free photo book was made available to me for review purposes. I’ve also been compensated for my time with a PayPal payment. The opinions expressed in this post are mine and don’t necessarily reflect the opinions of SocialMoms or Nero. Further, please read Get Clued In’s general disclaimer which apply to all posts. Get Clued In does not warrant the software, its warranty or functionality nor does Get Clued In warrant the quality of products created with said software.

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