Review of: Disney on Ice,Toy Story 3 at the Pepsi Center, Denver

Howdy Partner … have you heard the buzz? The Toys are Back in Town! Disney On Ice presents Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story 3! Check out my previous post about Toy Story 3, Disney on Ice in Denver.

Last night, opening night, we got the chance to attend and we had “lift off!” What fun! And if you did not get a chance to attend or have not gotten tickets yet, fret not. Toy Story 3 is playing at the Pepsi Center December 8-11. Check out the show times and prices and try to attend. I posted some pics of the show here and make sure you check out the review of the venue as well below so you are forewarned about the Pepsi Center parking.

The Show: The show itself with intermission was approximately 2 hours long- not bad considering most kids were melting down by intermission anyway. The initial aspects of the performance did not really follow the movie, ‘Toy Story 3’ but the 2nd half completely did. Of course, the story was changed to condense it for performance on ice. But it was good. It kept my 4 year old’s attention for sure.

The characters really do come to life and the performances on the ice were remarkable. The show opened with the Army troops performing and the second half started with the Barbies performing. It was musical, and skating, and acrobatics and I loved how Lotso, the giant pink bear, looked on ice- he was larger than life. My daughter had a blast and took a lot of photos with the camera she got as part of our media goodies from Feld Entertainment.

The venue: I have written previously about the Denver Coliseum and I love, love that venue. The parking is free there, and the venue is just the right size. The Pepsi Center is a lot bigger and after last night’s parking “situation”, I despise this venue now but I have to say I was here for the Josh Groban Concert and I did not park on site but on a lot off-site that I could walk to and it was a much better experience.

But, with kids, and the cold weather, I felt obligated to park closer. So I paid $10 to park in the A-lot at the Pepsi Center which was a short walk from the Grand Entrance. There was no valet parking which is just a bad policy decision considering people traveled in with little ones and it was quite cold when the show let out. Handicapped and special needs parking is available but space is limited. What pissed me off the most about the parking situation is that if I am paying for it, I expect better control and guiding than what happened. There were cars everywhere in the A lot between A1 and A6 and it was, in simple terms, a complete Cluster F! I was trapped between cars on the left, right, front and behind. I was in the parking lot for 30 minutes before it was cleared and I could exit onto Speer to head home. The trip home only took 16 minutes.

That is unacceptable to me especially where kids are involved. Not everyone had the same experience but, for me, if there is another event at Pepsi Center, I will either choose to not attend or park off-site and walk it in (in good weather). If the weather is expected to be poor and valet is not offered, I will most likely skip it. So my suggestion is that it be held at a different venue altogether but I understand Disney on Ice is attended well but the Princess Classics On Ice was held at the Coliseum last year and I gotta say, my review was a lot different of that venue and show.

Overall, I thought the show was good and a lot of thought went into it and all the different sets, costumes, and talent. I think I liked Disney on Ice Princess Classics better than this one but then again, I have two young daughters.

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