Get Clued In’s Top 10 posts for 2011 & A Year In Review

Get Clued In turned a year old in December of 2011.  Last October (2010) a friend of mine “outed” me so to speak and I entered a public forum of blogging and as a result, have met some pretty amazing bloggers, women, moms, dads, etc., and also had equally amazing opportunities.  It has been an amazing adventure so far doing what I love to do for fun:  writing.

So, I only felt it right to do a Get Clued In’s Top 10 posts of 2011.  After all, I have never done it before, and it is time for doing new things with this blog.  A year ago, I got a new name and went from Clueless in Colorado to Get Clued In.   In 2010, I turned the focus of this blog to consumer reviews, such as restaurant, products, books, and movie reviews.  This has been fun but for 2012, my resolution is to also intermingle more of the blogging I once cherished- personal opinions, thoughts, philosophy, and just plain fun family blogging.  Happy 2012 and hope you enjoy what I consider to be Get Clued In’s most fun posts (meaning, forget the traffic, forget the comments), I just plain enjoyed myself writing these in 2011:

10.  The King’s Speech- My Academy Award Pick – I loved this movie and it is hard to believe it won the Academy Award almost 9 months ago.  It feels like it has been longer since I saw this low budget, very well-made movie that taught me more about the monarchy than I ever knew.  And a few short months later, we got to see a royal wedding as well.  History – I love it!   After politics, I absolutely adore history so it is no wonder this post made my Top 10.  If I had written about the Royal Wedding, that would have made my list too.  History- I adore it!

9.  A Hindu, A Catholic & A Palm Cross– While it may not get a lot of hits, this was a fun piece for me to write.  Or shall I say a fun “peace” for me to write.  Okay, all joking aside, Easter enlightened me a bit this year and I enjoyed writing about it.

8.  Financial Friday- Special Day Tax Day Edition– whether you knew it or not, I had the privilege and still do (although I have slacked in the latter part of this year) of writing for  I was writing Financial Fridays when I could and this was one of my favorite pieces (third in the series) that I wrote for them and then re-posted here at Get Clued In.  In any case, check out all in the series if you can.  They were fun to write, I learned a lot, and hope I shared some good tips too.

7.  Social Media: Friend or Foe?  Being new to this whole blogging publicly thing, and feeling pressures from work, family, and writing, I wrote this piece after I encountered some sense and sensitivities I was unfamiliar with prior to entering this public world.  In any case, I got some comments and overall I really enjoyed writing this piece.  Balance is key!

6.  Top 30 Baby Must Haves for New Parents–  This posting not only took me weeks to write and a lot of thought but has gotten as many hits if not more as this posting: Les Mills’ Body Pump.  A lot of my friends were having babies this past year and so I decided to nip all the questions in the bud and put them into this concise article of what helped me and what didn’t.  Then, when friends asked, I referred them here.  The hits have been endless and the comments were very helpful.  I hope new parents can still use this guide of sorts in 2012 to help them navigate the often overwhelming maze of gadgets and gizmos out there and they are coming out with new things almost daily.

5.  The Help- A movie review & book review revisited –Other than the movie review I discussed above in number 10, two other books/movies profoundly impacted me and my way of thinking in 2011.  No. 5 belongs to The Help– not only was the book moving and touching but the movie reinforced what I felt reading the book.  And if you think cliques and “inner circles” are gone as the 60s, think again.  It may not be wholly race-based but discrimination and exclusivity still is present and this book and movie were eye-opening.

4.  The Adjustment Bureau- a Movie Review-   No. 4 belongs to Adjustment Bureau because it has impacted my spiritual life quite a bit and of course, I look at my life and the events and sometimes when things fit or work out perfectly, I flash back to this movie.  Could it be accurate? While it did not do well at the box office nor win a lot of awards, this movie has impacted how I view God, the concept of a “plan”,  and spirituality.  And I have to say, despite its simple concept, this movie has moved me like perhaps no movie has.

3. Gender Gap– What working dads are not talking about at work – perhaps tied at 3rd are the two more recent articles I wrote regarding gender gap here at home and abroad in India.  Gender Gap– Troubling Statistics from the Motherland  I wrote these two articles and they reminded me of how I used to write.  I used to write about issues, philosophy, and things I saw that perhaps I would like changed.  I wrote these from the perspective of working moms in the U.S. and also from my travels abroad but the common theme is: women and women’s changing roles and their rights.  Women’s studies is near and dear to my heart and I truly love writing about these topics.  Hope you will enjoy these articles and find some time to comment.

2. Get Fit in 2011 – I wrote this article for the Mile High Mamas as January kicked off with new gym memberships, new resolutions, and new goals.  I did pretty good fitness-wise but slacked right before our big trip abroad in October.  Ah well… here’s to a fresh start in 2012.  Just change the year, and go for it, everyone!

1.  Two Years and Growing- Perfect Moment Monday — I really enjoyed writing Perfect Moments for my friend’s truly amazing blog at Write Mind, Open Heart.  In fact, it was tough to find just one to make this Top 10 list but I’d have to say my daughter’s birthdays were quite fun.  Memorializing Milestone Moments (My daughter’s 4th birthday) Both these posts top my list of the Perfect Moments and I am so thankful to Lori, an amazing blogger, writer, mom of two, and friend for making this possible.

Happy New Year to all … Here’s to even more fun in 2012!

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