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I recently was invited to review a children’s book and music as well.  In this posting, I do a review and promotion of the storybook with music CD by The Secret Mountain titled Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important.  It’s a cute little story which made me want to use a Southern accent when I read it.  Maybe ’cause I’m from New Orleans, or maybe just because the language and names of the animals inspire it or perhaps the folk/bluegrass music CD that accompanies the book.  In any case, it’s a truly fun book for kids and adults too.  You can also play the story for them on the CD and then, after the storybook there are several songs that are both cute, funny, and fitting performed by Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet who make up Trout Fishing in America, a band duo that makes family music fun. They are four-time grammy nominated as well and described by the Los Angeles Times as “Some of the most lyrically creative, musically sophisticated, vocally muscular music-makers in the family music business.” Their tunes are spunky and catchy which have led to accolades from both Billboard and USA Today. Check out the band’s website and all their other music as well.  To preview the book, Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important, check out Secret Mountain’s website and all the other cute, educational books they carry as well.  The illustrator for this book, Stéphane Jorisch is a four-time winner of the Governor General’s Literature Award in Children’s Literature Illustration, the Ruth-Schwartz Children’s Book Award and the Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator’s Award.  The publisher of the book, the Secret Mountain, has earned a NAPPA Gold Award and is a Gold Medalist in the Moonbeam Awards.

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The premise of the storybook is as follows: Chicken Joe, the cat who sleeps in the hen house, is happily dreaming about rock and roll. A rooster’s raucous crow wakes him up way too early. Everyone on the farm knows today is a special day, but in his sleepy morning haze, Chicken Joe can’t remember just what it is. Even Joe’s best friend, a city dog named Miss Kitty, won’t tell him. Find out why this is Chicken Joe’s big day!  The most interesting thing about the book is how the characters are named such that you would think when hearing their names that they are a certain animal but in reality, they turn out to be something else.  It is a great lesson for kids too – not to rush to judgment or judge just by names alone and to dig deeper.  The illustrations are amazing and the musical accompaniment just brings the story to life.

Currently, the book with CD retails on Trout Fishing in America for $16.95 and on the Secret Mountain website for $22.95 but you can get a copy of this storybook-CD set for FREE!  Don’t forget to enter the giveaway here (see below) and good luck.  I have a feeling your kid(s) will laugh and enjoy it and the music that comes along with it.

GIVEAWAY: To enter the giveaway (U.S. residents only please) to win your own copy of the book-music CD that retails for up to $22.95, do the following:

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Thanks for everyone who entered… the plug in “And the Winner Is” Chose: I confirmed this and she was notified and has responded.   Thanks again for all who entered and if you did not win, fret not.  Please check out the websites linked above for your very own copy of this and other great books by The Secret Mountain.



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Disclaimer:  In addition to this, please also see Get Clued In’s disclaimer which applies to this entire blog.  I was compensated with a copy of the book and CD accompanying it.  Get Clued In is in no way responsible for sales and transactions by the Secret Mountain or Trout Fishing.  Giveaway rules must be complied with to be eligible to win and contest winner must be a U.S. resident and/or shipped to a U.S. address.

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