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*Please note: The release party and concert scheduled for today, February 3 is now rescheduled to April 13-FRIDAY – same venue, Denver Puppet theater.  Hope you can make it!

I had opportunity to interview Katherine Dines who lives right here in the mile high city, about her new CD release titled “Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta HITS”.  It releases next Friday, April 13th* at the Denver Puppet Theater and you can be there too with your kids, to hear the amazing concert, get all the special deals, and enjoy some refreshments with the artist as well.  My kids call her the “Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta lady” based on her song and you can check out the meaning of that phrase here.  Katherine is an award-winning songwriter, recording and teaching artist, and is one of the pioneers of the “kindie” music genre.

For Katherine, this is her 11th CD!  That’s right, she released her first one in 1991 and she has been doing kids’ songs ever since! She went to Nashville to be a country rock/pop artist but lucky for us, Ms. Dines who is from Denver returned home 7 years ago and has been doing concerts for children and family in the metro area and throughout the country too!  Katherine loves the genre, even though she was hesitant at first.  Then, she realized nursery songs and lullabies were not very kind to children, and right around this time, in 1991, she discovered something which we are all familiar with -either by going through it ourselves or knowing family and friends.  She was told that she could not have kids of her own, and since right around this time, her publisher suggested lullabies, Katherine thought it was a calling, and here we are!

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Katherine said she felt odd writing kids’ songs when she could not have any of her own but did plenty of research – in libraries, in person, watching friends and families and learning a lot, and seeing what comes naturally to parents and kids.  So, for example, checking out her newest CD which will be released at the Denver Puppet Theater at a very special concert event on Friday, February 3, there are titles like  “The Tickle Bug,” “Goosebumps”, “Are we ever gonna get there?” and “Dad is on Diaper Duty”.   Katherine Dines makes music for children of all ages and she says music helps foster a child’s social and emotional growth in ways other activities can’t match.  She is right.  For example, her fun and imaginative song on her new album HITS, “The Goobaws” has my kids’ imagination running wild.   Katherine writes some songs from the perspective of the kid, some from the perspective of others but all in all, they are very thoughtful songs, and if you have ever listened to country music, to me, each song tells a story and each song is fun to listen to for kids because again, it is fun!  We were lucky to see her at Standley Lake Library by accident some time ago and the kiddos enjoyed her concert a lot and we even bought the Twinkle CD which is quite good.

New CD HITS releasing February 3

If you haven’t yet, check out all of her CDs available through her website, or through amazon or other retailers, and then take a seat at the Denver Puppet Theater on Friday, April 13*, and enjoy her new CD too  OR you can try to win your own new copy of her HITS CD, on the same day she releases it!

GIVEAWAY:   To enter the giveaway (U.S. residents only please) to win your own copy of Katherine Dines’ new HIT HUNK-TA-BUNK-TA CD (not even released yet) do the following:

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