Disney’s Phineas and Ferb- The Best Live Tour; catch it in a venue near you!

Agent P gets his orders and his mission

I posted a few weeks back about Disney’s Phineas and Ferb, the Best Live Tour, in Denver, Colorado and despite a snowy weekend, we still got to see it on Saturday, February 4.   For those who have read my review on the Wells Fargo Theatre (from when we saw Mickey’s Magic Show) there and the Pepsi Center (from my parking nightmare) know how much I dislike downtown Denver venues and this trip was no exception because it took forever to find the parking garage and the signs do not help AT ALL.  We circled several times to find it and then finally did, and as we entered saw a small (itty bitty) sign off of Champa to enter.  So warning: if you come from Speer, make sure you turn before STOUT- GPS will always tell you Stout.  The elevators at Wells Fargo theater were not all operational which made coming and going difficult but not as bad as last time we went there for the Magic Show.  The weather was nicer and so, people parked elsewhere and walked in  which was good news for us and made the lines at the pay stalls and elevators a little shorter.

Beach Party -dance number

Venue and parking woes aside, we enjoyed the show.  Phineas, Ferb, sister Candace, Perry, and the whole gang were there including the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz.  It was fun to see it live and the effects were fun.  You can see some of the pictures we took at the show.  There was even a Bollywood number in honor of their Indian friend, Baljeet, granted it was a little stereotypical and as an Indian-American, I found it a bit odd  but it is true to the show so who am I create race-tensions based on a kids’ cartoon? Ha! Plus I love Bollywood music!

The Bollywood Number for Baljeet

All in all, it was a fun live show and the music had my daughter dancing in the aisle!  We are a music-oriented family and really enjoyed the songs.  My daughter loved the soundtrack which was played during the intermission.  The live show is very short so all attention spans can be entertained but even with an intermission, the show is only 80 mins.

The prices for the tickets seemed more reasonable than the usual Disney prices for Princess, and “On-Ice” shows, and the Wells Fargo Theater is a cozy, small venue perfect for an event like this.  There really is no bad seat in the house.  However, right before the show, Denver got a lot of snow and some fans who had to change show tickets were charged a $5 fee to change to the Saturday 7pm show and I know and heard that this was disappointing to fans who had already spent a lot on tickets.  So, perhaps Feld Entertainment can address those issues since this snow storm was apparently the biggest storm like this in February since 1912!  So, while main streets and highways were clear, most folks had a tough time commuting out of their driveways and neighborhoods.  We did not dig out until almost 11am Saturday and got over 21 inches where we lived and felt lucky we were able to see the show the next day.  In any case, if you can, catch this cute show and if you are fans, definitely do not miss it!




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