For Valentine’s Day 2012 – Make your own Valentines

Heart Messages & Cards

Making Valentines can be fun albeit time consuming.  I have seen so many neat ideas on pinterest and I got inspired by other friends of mine who make their own cute Valentines.  So, we decided to sit down and make a few ourselves for my eldest daughter’s class.  She loves to write, loves to stick things together, and cut with scissors.  Lucky for me, I had my entire scrapbooking kit still from when I used to do Creative Memories Scrapbooks and photo books so, I just dug in, pulled out three sheets of construction-like, acid-free paper, my cutters (yes, we have all sorts of shapes) including hearts, double-sided tape, and straight edge cutters, photo pens, and we got cracking.  It helped that between Thursday and this morning we had over 2 feet of snow… it was time to keep those little hands buys. So, this is how you do it:

(1) Find a base color for the card, we chose yellow, and we did 3 x 3 cards so we cut the paper with a straight edge cutter,  and one    8 1/2 x 11 paper can make about 12 cards so you will probably need two sheets of yellow or whatever color you use as your base card color but pick one you can write on and that can be read.

(2) Next, get a heart puncher which has two heart sizes- one big, one small.  You can do all sorts of sizes of hearts but the one you write your message in should be the biggest.







(3) You can put the hearts together – two, three or more, write candy-like messages on them, tape the hearts on the card; write the rest of your Valentine’s card.  Last, tape something sweet on it – lollipop, sweet tarts, or if you are anti-candy person, try a granola bar, fruit roll up, etc.  The sky is the limit.  I even considered combining this idea with the one a friend of mine had from pinterest- crayon valentines.  That was adorable. So many possibilities and it is always fun to have a personal touch for V-day both for adults and kids.

Samples that my daughter copied

For fun, we even got creative with the HEART MESSAGES- we made one that said “TWEET ME”, and another one that was spread out over two hearts that said “LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK”.  Of course, thankfully my kid is under 5 and still not on twitter or facebook but, very cute and even candy hearts have these messages on them nowadays.  What fun! I thank my crafty blogging friends and pinterest for inspiring me and of course, mother nature accommodated us by sending over 17 inches of snow and making all this possible.  Happy V-day craft making!

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