Disney on Ice- 100 Years of Magic; a Review and Discount Code

Click here, enter FFA 100 for Friday night show discount

I posted a giveaway and discount code a few weeks back for Disney on Ice, 100 Years of Magic coming to Denver and last night, the long awaited night was here.  Disney on Ice, 100 years of Magic  is playing at the Denver Coliseum, March 29 to April 1 and it’s a must see if you are a Disney fan or have young kids.  My daughters were mesmerized the entire time just like they were in Disneyworld.  And even the winner of my ticket giveaway, Michael, had this to say on my facebook page and in an email:  “Thanks for the Disney On Ice tickets, my daughter, son, sister, nephew, and I had a wonderful time, seats were great. Best show I have seen in the past 3 years.”  Thanks, Michael, and thanks to Feld Entertainment, Tracy Graf (Marketing for Feld), and others who make this possible for all of us and loyal readers.

Beauty & the Beast (after he becomes the Prince)

The enchanted evening started with a drive to the Denver Coliseum.  One of the easiest commutes into a venue and parking is free and included with your admission at this venue.  Getting in and out the parking lot is easy if you do not follow the crowds.  There are numerous ways in and out of the parking lot which is west of the coliseum.  Best bet is to park closer to I-70 to get out quicker.  For this show, if you go for the Friday, March 30 evening show, you can still get discounted tickets ($4 off) by clicking here and entering your code: FFA100 at checkout.  Don’t miss out on this great deal and go see this spectacular show!

Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald MC most of the night

The show is divided into two acts with a short intermission of about 10-15 minutes.  The opening act is Mickey and Minnie and the Disney characters are your narrators throughout the show.  Act One is perfect for young kids – the princess and little pirates who love Mickey and the gang and characters from Aladdin, Nemo, the Disney Princesses, Beauty & the Beast, Toy Story, and I love that they concluded with a rendition of “It’s a Small World” clock tower and all.  It really brought It’s a Small World to life with ice skating, dancing, and all the costumes and lights.  I thought Act One was the highlight for my kids and was perfect for younger audiences.

At the finale, all the characters come out

Act Two starts with the characters again introducing the next act which included classics like Pinnochio, Mulan, Lion King, and the Incredibles.  The show concludes with every character coming out into the ring and your kids can run up to the front (if you are close enough) to touch their hands/shake their hands or just feel Pumbaa’s fur 🙂  All in all, I thought this was very well done and because there are so many characters and acts, there is something for everyone.

It's a Small World - looks like the real thing!

As I have stated before, in my humble opinion, Denver Coliseum is a perfect venue especially for events like this with kids involved.   It’s is easy to get in and out of, there are no lines in the bathrooms and plenty of places to get snacks and concessions if you would like.  The prices are the usual Disney prices on souvenir items, drinks and food. But, it’s a fun night for the family and the kids are sure to sleep well – well, once you can get them in bed that is.  All in all, I have to say I agree with Michael, this was one of the best shows we have seen in sometime and the girls really were enthralled with it.  Again, thanks to Feld Entertainment for letting my family be part of the Feld Family for a year.  It was great fun!

DISCLAIMER:  My payment throughout the year for doing promotions for Feld Entertainment were admissions to the shows for four of us.

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