Hunger Games- a movie review

After months, I finally was able to see the movie and I am so excited to report, I liked it.  Loved it!  I wrote about the entire Hunger Games trilogy here and I really enjoyed the books.  They were an easy read and kept me hooked.  Now, finally, after having seen the movie, I am very glad I had read all the books before doing so.  There were many scenes during the movie that I thought, “wait… that shouldn’t be ’til Book 2 or Book 3 even.”  So, I am actually happy I know what is coming next and what the premise of the book is.  While the movie did a good job of giving you background, premise, and filling you in on many gaps that otherwise would have existed, I honestly think that if I had watched it without reading the book, I would have been appalled more than I was and frankly, a bit confused.

It was tough to see some of the scenes because when I read, I could imagine it the way I wanted to but seeing it portrayed on the big screen brought a harsh reality to what I had read- Panem really treated their Districts and its residents like crap!  Seeing it all come to life on the big screen hit it home with me.  I will not spoil it for you but there are some major differences in the book and movie and of course, to fit it all into 2.5 hours, they had to make some cuts and as always, nothing compares to reading the book.  But, overall, the movie is a well-done adaptation with a few glimpses and more foreshadowing of what is to come in movies #2 and #3 than the book did.  Read my book review, read the books, and then head out to see Hunger Games, or get it on DVD (which is where it is headed in a couple of weeks).   Happy Hunger Games! And remember, the odds are really never in your favor.


9 thoughts on “Hunger Games- a movie review

  1. I still haven’t read the books, or watched the movie. I definitely want to read the series, before seeing the movie tough. People have mixed feelings about the books..but I think people need to remember that it is fiction. All in good fun!
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    1. Yep— it is all fiction but I think it is nauseating at times- the concept. I think that is the point really. I find it ironic that in a generation where we watch all this crappy reality TV, that some people find these fictional books or the movie hard to take. Just odd to me. But yeah it’s a good read and a quick read. I’d definitely recommend them.
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    1. You crack me up Lori. I wish I were all clued in ha ha

      I recommend reading the entire series first and depends on the kid. I saw young kids in there even an 8 year old. I cannot judge if he was ready for all that violence and adult concepts but I would not let my kids watch it even at 8-9. Again it all depends on the kid and what he or she is used too and what level. And of course parents get to decide 😉

      1. It’s disturbing. And u know your kid. An 8 year old? That was a bit too young. Ah well – no judgment here. It’s up to the parents I think. And u are not a wimp. I watch movies where kids get abducted or killed and I can’t sleep for days . Ugh

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