Dragons— Greatest Show on Earth Comes to Denver!

Pre-show dancing with the clowns

We received the opportunity to attend this year’s circus at the Denver Coliseum themed Dragons and it was a good show.  I have to say, last year’s show (which I wrote about here) kept the girls more entertained because they had an opportunity to burn off a lot of steam before the show – we got there early enough last year because of the animal open house, a box lunch by Feld Inc., and then just enough time for the pre-show fun.


This year, we barely made it for the pre-show fun and then had only 10 minutes before the pre-show fun ended.  In any case, the girls danced a bit and then wanted to dance some more- so they danced in their chairs.  As usual, the most captivating part for my kiddos was not the dare-devil acts but the animals, and the clowns. They loved the tigers, lions, horses, elephants, and … did I mention, clowns?

We had a great time and the girls were squirmy enough that we had to leave at intermission not to mention it was past our Kindergartener’s bedtime- she reminded us several times that she needed to go to sleep. 

In any case, the first act was almost 1 hour and 15 minutes!  The acrobatics, the clowns, the animals, and the amazing feats of all the performers kept us engaged and on our toes.  There were a few scary moments with the Lions and Tigers… well, not for us but for the trainer.  There was also an acrobat act with two women who hung from their hair – not kidding.  The show gets it name for the theme- Dragons and the Kung Fu trained artists were incredible!  They even jumped through fire blindfolded.  Whew!  That was scary.  The guys balancing motorcycles and turning them around on a thin tight rope… whew!  That was death defying.   The Show is in Denver, at the Coliseum from September 27 through October 7.  Go to the link and follow the instructions for discount tickets!  Enter TFFA at checkout for $4 off*

*some restrictions apply

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