Fall in Colorado – there’s nothing quite like it!

photo 5I posted about Fall before– it is my favorite season of all, but not until I moved to Colorado.  I grew up outside of New Orleans, and while I love my hometown, seasons tend to blend, and you roll from one to another without really noticing.  I have lived many places – the mid-west, Europe, and states in the Southern U.S., but Colorado has very distinct seasons, and the most noticeable, for me, is Fall.  The great thing is you don’t have to venture far to notice all the beautiful colors, and changes.  You can experience beautiful Fall in your own back or front yard, down the street, or just around the corner.  My favorite thing about Fall is just driving, and observing that in front of me, noticing the beautiful foliage, often reflecting off the lake which is only a stone’s throw away from my home.

photo 2There’s nothing quite like Fall in Colorado.  The morning frost starts to linger a bit longer, and when you walk outside in the early morning, you can see your breath.  It’s crisp, you feel it, but it’s a dry cold, and my body welcomes the wondrous chill of Fall in the air.  When I am outside, I can literally smell that Fall is here from all that is before me- the leaves, the grassy burnt aroma of foliage turning beautiful shades of amber, burnt orange, vivid yellow, while some remain green.  Soon, the first snow storm will arrive and all the leaves will blanket the grass beneath the tree, leaving bare branches.

photo 3

Fall represents so much to me, and always has.  The changing of the leaves and the weather is just the superficial change.  It helps me prepare for what is to come.  For me, since arriving to Colorado in 2002, Fall has generally correlated with major life changes. Like the leaves turning different colors as they mature in the Fall, my life has changed in some major way, always in the Fall.   October and November, like the harvest, has brought bountiful change to my life- most wondrous of change.  So beautiful and varied the colors of the leaves, so many milestones reflected in each turning shade.  From career milestones and promotions, pregnancy, job offers and job changes, major elections, to dating and a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime marriage proposal, Fall in Colorado paints a beautiful history in vivid, bright, and beautiful colors for me- for us.

photo 1Now, with our children, we have new milestones, all just as beautiful, vivid colors and different shades and shapes of leaves.  Fall in Colorado- there’s nothing quite like it!


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