Get Clued In’s Year in Review – 2013

Last year’s review was a bit somber, and by comparison, 2013 was relatively good.  This year has been eventful for me personally and professionally.  It has also been a good year for our family as well.  I reached a milestone this year with a milestone birthday, all the while the kids were attaining their own milestones too!  The two themes for Get Clued In in 2013 were: change and travel.  My travel increased significantly due to a new job in California.  I started two new jobs, had new adventures in a new decade of my life, and experienced tremendous personal and professional growth.  Our travel as a family increased too, with the main travel theme, “escape to the Ocean!”  My writing at Get Clued In reflected both themes for the year, but I did find less time to write and it showed!  Compared to 2012, the posts were far and few between.

Here are my top posts for 2013, not necessarily because of traffic to the site, but because I enjoyed writing them and sharing with you:

10.  Are you  “Fred”?  Other than Lincoln on Leadership, and Whale Done, The Fred Factor was one of my favorite management/leadership books to read early on this year.  More than leadership, The Fred Factor addresses how to be a better person in all your relationships in life.  The book encourages everyone to take time to notice and recognize the good around you, and to take time to express it.  We are all surrounded by Fred, and influenced by a Fred daily.  Also, how we view ourselves impacts how we view others, and acknowledging that you are not perfect really makes you a better person.  It was a good read.  Some other posts I wrote on books I read to help me in my new career journey are:  Whale Done!  This book is fabulous because it teaches you how to recognize and be recognized.  I liked the concept of feedback, even in our personal relationships, especially marriage.  It is a great book about affirmations.  While the employed analogy in the book is training whales, it is not much different from relationships with teens, children, spouses, and colleagues.  As I said before, professional and personal growth was definitely a theme for the year, and reading some amazing books played a part in that endeavor.

9.  A New Decade & New Look for Get Clued In!  Part of attaining a milestone in life involves changing the look and feel of something representative of you.  I decided to change the theme, look and feel of Get Clued In, and since I really enjoy this blog, I wanted it to reflect my style and mood.  Voila!

8.  Another post which coincided with the new look and feel of my blog is Fabulous 40- here I come!  I give away my age here, but it is a milestone birthday, and one I will soon not forget.  I was so fortunate to spend the entire month with family and friends, and celebrated with my parents, husband, children, and my closest friends.  Thanks to my husband, we danced the night away, and had a blast!  Funny, I don’t feel older.  As if milestones were part of 2013, hubby and I celebrated a decade of being together, meeting, and getting engaged.  A Decade Ago Today is another milestone post – generally for our family odd years are milestone years.

7.  Milestones & Memories- Memorial Day Weekend 2013–  The children had their own milestones and our daughter graduated Kindergarten, and started first grade.  It’s been a fun year with them, their activities, and seeing our daughter ride a bike without training wheels for the first time.  What a ride indeed!  Oh, and on December 30, my daughter lost her first tooth!  I did not have time to post about it yet, but so begins another beginning.

6.  Our trips this year started Mother’s Day weekend to my hometown of New Orleans.  My post Do you know what it means to Miss New Orleans highlights our trip.  We had a great time and were very lucky to get a nice room overlooking the mighty Mississippi River in downtown.  The post captures some of our fondest moments with pictures!  The food was great, the weather couldn’t have better.  We were also lucky that my in-laws were on the trip with us and had a rare opportunity for a date night too.  Best Mother’s Day ever!  And, we got to spend it with my mom in law this year.  Last year, I got to spend it with my mom – ah, milestones and memories.

5. Modern-Day Dad – another one of my favorite posts is for father’s day.  It was fun to write, and I was able to recapture all the awesome moments between father and daughters.  This post was a tribute to my husband, and I am truly blessed to have an amazing husband who is an amazing modern-day dad to boot!

4.  Traveling was definitely our thing this year, and I go to California once a month at least for one of my new jobs.  I wrote a funny post about Top 12 Clues You’re in California in June after 6 months of experiencing California life, people, crazy laws, and driving there.  Our family trip there this year was also fabulous!  I wrote the post, Disneyland on a Dime? as a follow-up to my post from 2012 DisneyWorld on a Dime.  Disneyland was a lot more manageable for us than world and we really enjoyed it- I think the kids were older and enjoyed it more too.  But, overall the theme of this family trip was, BEACH, BEACH, BEACH!  We had a blast staying right on Corona del Mar Beach, and sharing a home with our family.  Seeing the Pacific Ocean daily was a treat, and feeling the warmth of the sun, sand between my feet, whilst standing knee deep in the water daily can not be beat.  Our July 4th was filled by not one, but five fireworks’ shows all around our rented beach home.

3.  Government Shutdown Catastrophe, or is it?  History was made this past year with an unexpected Government Shutdown, as it is called “the tea-party shutdown.”  But let’s face it, all sides are to blame.  Congress has a job to pass a budget each year and this year was no exception.  The stalemate between the House and Senate resulted in a Government shutdown.  I was affected on both fronts with both jobs.  The lapse in appropriations shut down my full-time office and my part-time gig too.  So, in October, I had more time to write, more time to cook, clean, and get caught up on life in general.  It was the break I needed even though it was a horrible result for our nation.  Turning lemons into lemonade, and enjoying every moment of the shutdown, I volunteered at my daughter’s school, wrote more, and tried out some recipes.  The girls had a chance to enroll in martial arts because I had more time to be present.  For me, the government shutdown was the opportunity I needed to see what life would be like without a job, without either job, and fully committed to home, and the kids.

2. Fall in Colorado- there’s nothing quite like it!  I enjoyed writing this post and taking photographs of the amazing colors that present themselves here in Colorado from September through early November when the first snow falls.  With the first snow, all the beautiful colors are gone, and it turns white and gray.  I absolutely love fall in Colorado, and my post reflects how much.  With all the change I experienced this past year, and all the milestones, this post reflects the themes of the year.

1.  Aloha and Mahalo to our 50th State — Hawaii.  Some vacations never leave you – some destinations change your life path.  My Hawaii work trip turned into a family trip was such a trip.  It was the best vacation ever!  The warmth of Hawaii, its people, the beauty, and the memories will stay with us always.  I posted about all the places we visited on the island of Oahu, and some travel tips.  But, this post is my #1 post for 2013 because frankly, it was not just the best destination ever, it rounds out my theme for 2013- traveling to a beach destination.  Also, on December 30, we had the opportunity to visit Kennedy Space Center, and Cocoa Beach/Cape Canaveral.  The Atlantic is a bit colder this time of year, and certainly it was no Hawaii, but hey, it’s beach!

“Change and travel,” two themes for 2013 really made this year challenging, full of growth and personal change, and traveling this year to some amazing destinations really made our year complete, and adventurous.  I did not have a post on Florida because it will part of 2014, but even as I write this, we are still traveling!  Yes, same theme to round out the Get Clued In’s Year in Review: New Year’s in Orlando!

Happy 2014 to you all, and thanks for taking this amazing journey with me, with us.

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Lovable Labels- NEW Holiday Labels & Giveaway/Discounts & More

photo courtesy of Lovable Labels

photo courtesy of Lovable Labels

Label me, “Happy Holidays…”  ‘Tis the season, and Lovable Labels has a new holiday product line-up you really should check out. I had the opportunity to try out the Holiday Fun Stickies and the Stocking Stuffers.  The kids love them!  The stocking stuffer packs are very cool and include:  6 Sticker Labels, 8 Press N’ Stick Clothing DOTS, 2 Shoe Labels and 1 Mini Metal Tag.  The Holiday Fun Stickies include 16 labels in cute new holiday themed designs.  We chose music, since both girls are really into piano lessons.  They have received their sets a little early and are quite excited to be using them on our vacation!  The Cyber Monday sale at lovable labels is quite extraordinary if you want to order now.

photoI have posted about the amazing products at Lovable Labels before- their toddler toes, and other products are used in our home, and dishwasher and microwave safe labels are great to use on lunch boxes, and containers.  I love Lovable Labels products, and use them daily, otherwise, would not promote them here.  Their products are very well made, and endure.

A little history of this company- it was launched in 2003, started by a mom that found herself in a similar situation all us parents find ourselves in. The daycare or school asks us to label our kids’ jackets, their shoes, their clothes and yet, even so, we still end up getting others kids’ clothes and hats and the other parents end up with our child’s stuff.   Markers are messy and wash off as I have learned, and regular store-bought labels are not waterproof, nor can you iron them on.   I don’t know about you, but I do not have time for embroidery nor am I talented enough to do it.  So, along  came Lovable Labels providing an easy, simple, and cost efficient solution for parents and kids.  More importantly, these labels are very durable and even though they are inside my child’s shoes they stick well, and are not bunching up or tearing.  Lovable Labels are durable- waterproof, dishwasher, microwave, washer and dryer safe; and safe to external factors like sunscreen, temperature and sun.  Lovable labels solves the problem of misplaced, misidentified clothing, shoes, and belongings including books. They are also a great value for the amount of great quality labels you get.   Check out all their great products at:  Lovable Labels – “don’t lose it- label it!”  And remember to enter the giveaway below, or use the coupon code below to get a special discount.

GIVEAWAY: Lovable Labels has generously supplied Get Clued In with their NEW! Stocking Stuffers and NEW! Holiday Fun Stickies! That’s two products for a combined price point of $25. Both these items are Dishwasher and Microwave Safe, Waterproof, and can withstand the washer and dryer.  Their Stocking Stuffers are packaged to impress with 6 Sticker Labels, 8 Press N’ Stick Clothing DOTS, 2 Shoe Labels and 1 Mini Metal Tag. These are the ideal stocking stuffer for your own children, as well as nieces and nephews. Their Holiday Fun Stickies include 16 labels in cute new holiday themed designs.

One lucky winner will be selected before Christmas, so the winner can have them in time for Christmas!  Also if you want other products, or wish to purchase products, check out this special discount offer!

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To Enter:(mandatory entry) Answer the following in a comment after checking out special holiday products here.   Which of the holiday Lovable Labels products do you like best and why?

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I Follow @mylovablelabels on Twitter (@crazy lady bibs)

Disclaimer:  Get Clued In’s standard disclaimer applies to this giveaway.  Additionally, the products in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced by the non-monetary compensation. As indicated above, images and links were used with permission from Lovable Labels. Additionally Get Clued In! is not to be held liable for any issues encountered between the customer and Lovable Labels.  Get Clued In’s endorsement of this product does not imply sponsorship or affiliation with the company. Get Clued In is not responsible for delivery of the winner’s prize.  Any complaints and/or dissatisfaction with the website or products on Lovable Labels should be discussed with them.   Giveaway winners are chosen by Plug-In application randomly and by entering this giveaway, you agree that Get Clued In is no way responsible for the production, delivery, or quality of the product received.
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