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Fairlife Milk and Magic Bullet Giveaway #BelieveInBetter

IMG_9612I had the opportunity* to attend an amazing event sponsored by FAIR LIFE this past weekend.  FairLife is a milk product with 50% more protein, 50% less sugar, and more calcium than dairy milk.  While introducing this product, we experienced a “different” kind of yoga class at The River Yoga Studio in downtown Denver, and then introduced to a wonderful new, healthier milk product called Fair Life.  We received samples of this product, along with other milk protein products, and yes, a Magic Bullet blender so that we could make all the yummy smoothie recipes we tried at this event.  I have to say this milk is so yummy, and so healthy, and less sugar than regular chocolate milk.  It is lactose free, and has 50% more IMG_9611protein and calcium than real milk.  I loved it!  And now, you can try out FairLife milk too!  They are available at most stores already – Albertson’s, King Sooper’s, and later this week:  Super Walmart and Target Stores too!  You can try out several recipe options with the Fair Life milk and fruit and vegetables by using your magic bullet to make tasty, healthy smoothies that even the most picky kid will love!  Enter to win a magic bullet of your very own right here at Get Clued In (Retails for $70 PLUS at most major retailers).  This particular magic bullet in black, has an extra attachment to crush ice, and IMG_9620bonus to go mugs that have lids with straws, so you can take your smoothie or milkshake on the go.  You can also check out all our fun partner yoga moves below.  Warning: do not try them at home without a good partner who knows what they are doing, a spotter, and some FairLife nearby. 🙂

Magic Bullet GIVEAWAY, ends 3/31, 10 pm MDT; Click Here to enter to win – make sure to do the mandatory entries and good luck!

UPDATE:  Contest is over – winner has been chosen and entries have been verified.  THANK YOU ALL for entering!  Remember to try out #Fairlife.  I think I am addicted to chocolate.    Drum roll please…. the winner is:

CONGRATULATIONS Eileen W.   Please check your E-mail.



*Disclaimer: I received free products (pictured here) for learning about FairLife and sharing my experience.  All of the opinions expressed here are my own.


Walmart 2 Go – 2nd Delivery Review of #Walmarttogo

I picked myself up, dusted off the first delivery of #walmarttogo and gave it another try.  My first review is posted, and can be read here.  This time, I ordered on Tuesday for Wednesday evening delivery.  Remember to book it before you add items to your cart to snag the best possible time slot for you.  You can always change it before paying/confirming your order.  This time, after logging on, I snagged my slot, added items to my cart, and went through the process just like before.  I learned another important fact about the online ordering process.  You cannot change your delivery time or date on-line or through your account history once you place the order.  You have to call the customer service number and attempt this feat thru them.

The window was 6 to 8 p.m20140319-210239.jpg. and at 6:30 p.m., my order arrived.  Yeah! It was all there, and only one item was substituted.  I had “allowed” the substitution on this particular item.  Please read my earlier post for all the tips on the online ordering process.  Several people I know who have ordered have received late delivery, or even moved to the next day, but have not reported any other issues.  For my second order, I also ordered non-grocery items, and they brought the correct items.  I ordered household products and it worked out- this time.  You can also order electronics and anything else on the Walmart2Go website.   Another thing I checked out this time was whether the service offered in other areas, and it is not offered everywhere quite yet.  To check if your zip code qualifies for the walmart to go service, click here and plug in your zip code.  There is an option to enter your E-mail so you can be notified when it is available in your area.20140319-210318.jpg

After two deliveries, here are my PROS for home delivery: (1) You do not have to go out and shop, and (2) you do not buy items you do not need- i.e. impulse shopping.  Bottom line: Save time and gas!  The CONS are:  (1) You have to be at home for the delivery window, and may get a delay, or a no-show which means you may need to head out if you need something desperately; (2) Also, not all products may be available, and you may have to go out anyway, and (3) It costs money for home delivery, which is $7 for a two-hour window, and $5 for four-hour window.  Gas to run to the store once may not run you that much.

Good luck, and no matter what you choose, happy shopping!


As a participant in the Walmart to Go First program, I’ve received a personal invite and incentives for my time and efforts in creating this post.  The opinions expressed here are my own.


Walmart To Go Delivery – A Review #Walmarttogo

I had the opportunity* to try out Walmart’s new “To Go” Delivery Service.   It is great to NOT go to the store on a busy Saturday or Sunday.  I think ordering groceries on-line may also reduce impulse shopping.  We almost got run over several times this weekend trying to get in and out of the Costco and bought way more than we went in for!  So, it was a relief when I learned that I may not have to go grocery shopping this weekend.  But alas, hubby ended up going anyway.   This review is honest, but is not butterflies and rainbows.  I didn’t have a good experience with my first Walmart TO GO  service.  I also want to share some things to be aware of on the website.  The bottom line, which I discuss below is to maybe give them some time to fix the kinks, ire more people, get more trucks.  Then, try it out.  Anyway, here goes:

20140316-231916.jpgFirst, when you go on-line and try to order keep in mind that they will not have all your products so have that in the back of your mind.  This will probably not fulfill all your shopping needs.  If it does, yeah!  Second, you cannot order fruit or produce individually.  If you are like me and do not like to buy pounds of fruit and produce, then be aware that when you add 2 GALA apples to the cart, you are adding 2 lbs of apples to the cart.  So check your cart!  Third, and most annoying for me was that when I tried to schedule a date for delivery (2 hour window), they did not have anything available the same day.  The earliest was evening the next day, and then wait til you read the next part of my review of their service.  Finally, regarding their ordering process on-line, remember to click on the “okay to substitute” box if you like a particular brand or item, or they will substitute, and then you may be stuck with what you get.  For example, if you want Progresso Minestrone (vegetarian) make sure you un-check the box that says “Substitution okay” because you may end up with Progresso low sodium minestrone or Campbell’s.  We had two substituted items but we were okay with it.  Also, keep in mind that once you PLACE THE ORDER, you cannot really change the date/time of delivery except to call customer service (see number below).

So, aside from those tips for ordering, the biggest issue I had with this service was that they missed the 2-hour window by … a mile!  On a Sunday afternoon, they gave me a 2-hour delivery window and I got home in time, rushed on a gorgeous day, my birthday mind you, to get there.   Twenty minutes before my 2-hour window expired, I was told that it would be delayed.  I asked, “okay, what time will they reach me?” I asked.  She responds, “maybe an hour after your 2-hour window.”  Okay, “how about I give you my cell number and you call me when you are 30 minutes out and what is the point of the 2-hour window?”  Her reply, “are you going to be there or not?”  Lovely.

The truck finally did arrive, exactly one hour and 47 minutes after my 2-hour window ended, but to be fair they did call my cell phone as requested when20140316-231926.jpg they were 30 mins out.  So, for someone who is stuck at home and nowhere else to go, or nothing else to do, Walmart To Go Delivery at home is great! For the rest of us busy moms, dads, and normal people, it may be better to just hit the store, or not deal with home delivery.  And, as expected, once it arrived, two items were not in stock, soup and a Cheez-It mix.  But even more shocking was that my entire frozen order did not arrive.  The delivery guy was perplexed and said he would let his manager know tomorrow and cancel it.  Worst of all, it’s my birthday so to have this hassle made it even stinkier.  Poor hubby had to run out to King Sooper’s and get the remaining items.

Honestly, the people were really kind and felt overwhelmed- the delivery guy, the lady who called to say how late they would be, but Walmart should not have rolled this out without the requisite equipment and people.  The delivery guy was very apologetic, and said they have ordered more trucks and hired more people, but Walmart is truly not ready for an influx of customers or large delivery orders. I have not tried the Walmart pickup option (free) and that may be better, but honestly, I could not bear the thought of spending my gas and time to head out to Walmart (which is not close to us by the way), and the having the same issues there in person.  I think I would lose it.  I lost it enough sitting at home, waiting, and waiting, and then having issues with the order and missing items.  Now, I have to call customer service tomorrow, and get a refund, and time is money for me.  The delivery guy did give me a free gift for trying the service though – a reusable walmart bag with honey nut cheerios (my kiddos’ favorite), a roll of paper towels, and a sample size, TSA-approved toothpaste.

I had the opportunity to try this service for free, but if I were paying $7 or $5 in delivery fees, waiting forever, and paying for groceries, heads would roll.  Keep that in mind, and maybe give them time to iron out the kinks before giving it a try.  Free delivery is only good until March 31, and this is the voucher to use when trying it: S3-W5-R9-L6.  Right now, there are all sorts of coupon codes out there to get $10 off $50 and more on products.  Good luck, and here is the customer service number in case you have issues, but they are only there Monday through Sunday, at certain times so if you delivery gets delayed like mine, there is a good chance, no one will be there:  1-800-924-9206.  I did call them the next day and they refunded me for the items that were not delivered/missing.

2nd Try:  I am going to post a new post detailing my 2nd delivery experience.  It was as a near perfect as could be.  It was on a weeknight, so perhaps weekends are busier?  I am not sure, but it went off without a hitch.  All products arrived at exactly 30 minutes after my 2-hour window started.  No issues, and the delivery guys were super nice again.   Whew!  Glad things went better this time around.


As a participant in the Walmart to Go First program, I’ve received a personal invite and incentives for my time and efforts in creating this post.  My reviews and opinions stated herein are my own.



The Denver Brass – A Celtic Tapestry at Newman Center for Performing Arts

20140316-162754.jpgWow… “hearing [really] is believing!”  We had the opportunity* to see Denver Brass perform yesterday, and it was fabulous!  This particular show was very unique in that it was not just The Denver Brass, but performances from various others to make up the Ancient Threads… simply put, it was fabulous!



Artists and performances included Celtic Colorado Pipes & Drums, Rocky Mountain Highland Dancers, Wick School of Irish Dance, Todd Teske – Tenor, and Iain Hyde & Joanna Hyde – Fiddles.  What a treat just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!  The music, the dancing, the bagpipes, and all the costumes reminded me of my time in Ireland and Scotland.

20140316-162824.jpgAll in all, what a great show, and performance.  Amazing talent right here in our own backyard.  The venue wasn’t too shabby either.  The Newman Center for Performing Arts on DU’s campus is a perfect venue.  You can check out all their other presentations and shows too!  This particular show for The Denver Brass, along with all their other shows are very kid-friendly, and definitely are for all ages.  I even saw a toddler who was mesmerized, and held very still during the whole show!  I high recommend checking out The Denver Brass and their entire schedule, and venues.

*Disclaimer:I was compensated wit20140316-162810.jpgh free tickets to see and hear The Denver Brass at the Newman Center for Performing Arts (Denver University).  My opinions and views expressed here are my own.






Magical fun showing our #DisneySide @Home Celebration

20140302-113553.jpgWe had such a blast showing our #DisneySide @Home Celebration.*  The kiddos made T-shirts, decorated Mickey cupcakes, and took home some neat little trinkets, like bracelets, Muppet calendars and Donald Duck tattoos and Mickey Mouse stickers.  To see all my #Disney posts, check out the category or tag “Disney.”

We asked everyone to dress-up in their favorite Disney character 20140302-113614.jpgcostume and show up for some fun.  We didn’t print photos on-site, but each mom who came went home with a HP Photo card pack to create their own photos from the event.  The photos can be customized at

Here are the some more pictures, and look at all the characters that showed up:  Sleeping Beauty, Anna from FROZEN, Snow White, Rapunzel, Mickey Mouse, and we even got to host Luke Skywalker!





20140302-113745.jpgWe had great timing this year because it is also Mardi Gras, and we were able to combine two parties in one- Mardi Gras King Cake, yummy Community coffee from New Orleans and assorted snacks.



*Disclaimer: I received free products in order to host the Disney Side @Home Celebration.  The opinions expressed here are my own.  Also see Get Clued In’s general disclaimer.