You at the Center (R) of your Life 100 day Course – Introductory Post


Life is busy – often, crazy busy.  Do you find yourself saying that?  Do you find yourself going from one TO DO item on your checklist to the next, including “Number 20.  (____) SPEND TIME WITH KIDS AND HUBBY?” If you feel you are busy, unbalanced, and have no time for anything, this course may just be for you.  The details of the 100-day course are here, and you can see for yourself.

This past August, Labor Day, I got sick from all the stress, lack of sleep, and going from one check list to another to just getting so sick that I could not travel to see my family.   And exactly a month later, I got sick again.  In fact, for August, we had to cancel one of our summer trips to see family, and this was my wake up call.  It was time for me to put ME at the center of my life and that which matters to me – that which nurtures me.  When your health fails, everything else inevitably follows, and this was a wake-up call which I inevitably needed.

Yes, I am that person who watches a show I like and is on my DVR whilst working on something whether it’s a blog post, work stuff, or checking email, etc.  I mean, has it gotten to the point where watching a show on my DVR is part of my TO DO checklist?  Yes, why yes, it has reached that point.  It’s sad, really.  I miss the days when my parents and I went on vacation and truly had a vacation, dad disconnected from work, mom disconnected from the kitchen, and everyone disconnected from any glimmer of social media, devices, etc.,  That was almost 2 decades ago.  Now, I cannot even take a day of leave without checking my E-mail, and checking in on things, and I have two outside the home jobs.  I have no idea why we do the things we do to ourselves.  I haven’t been able to do the things I enjoy – try out new recipes, have fun with the kids, and write thoughtful, meaningful posts here at Get Clued In!  All the things I enjoy take a back seat to the all-powerful checklist and numerous TO DO lists, some of which I even lose throughout the day, and have to re-create.  Yikers!

Enter this amazing course, which, in its introduction has set the stage to be a great eye-opening lesson for me.  So far, I have had the intro, and read Lessons 1, 2 and 3, and have done the worksheets.  Because I got sick for a few days after starting this course, I missed 2 days.  But, it seems like a process to me and truly is a 100-day process, in a way, writing daily about how I feel, what were the highlights and what happened.  My initial thoughts are – “this course speaks to me.” For example, did you know a Question is more important than an Answer.  We kinda know the answer, but “how” do we get to the answer – that is key.  We all have goals, but how do we obtain our goals?  The “how” is more important than the answer.

How can it be October already?  Can you believe that looking back on this year, I do not remember April through August because I was traveling so much and busy with so many things that I took no enjoyment in any of it.  So far, this course has spoken to me and that I am not alone in this busy world.  It is time to put YOU, or in this case, ME at the Center of my life.  I am looking forward to what the next 90 days holds for me.

I am not expecting the holy grail from this course, or it to give me the answers to all my questions (and believe me, I have plenty), but if I can learn a few things to help me  regain some control of my life, I will truly feel that it has been of benefit to me.   Heck, I do not even know if I have time to devote daily, much less weekly for something of this nature- yes, this course is on my TO DO List for the week… otherwise, I may forget amid all the crazy busyness.  🙁

* Disclaimer: I am participating in this program and was compensated the price of the course for four review posts of the course.  The opinions expressed here are my own.

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