Milestones and Memories- Her First Sleepover

I am still up, wondering if she is okay.  Hopefully she is warm and comfortable.  Did she get enough to eat at dinner at her PJ party, and is she well hydrated?  Gosh,  I hope she brushed her teeth, and has a pillow to rest her beautiful head.  She is just seven years old, and here I am completely freaking out about her first sleepover.  Sure, many kids do sleepovers a lot sooner, but we all have different comfort levels.  This one is huge and almost her whole grade (girls only) is invited and in attendance.  Why am I so worried?  All the phones are on, and I rarely keep ringers on at night.   I slept, but kept waking up a few hours to look at the phone.  No missed calls or texts.  I am a worry wart – runs on my side of the family, but hopefully she is fine.  Her sister missed her too and woke me up at 6 am, asking when we’d go pick her up.

I couldn’t help but wonder, “is this how it will be when she goes out on a date, out with friends, or worse… leaves for college?”  Now I know and understandimage why a friend of ours keeps all his ringers on at night, since both his girls live away from home now.  I am not ready for all that , but thankfully, have plenty of time to get ready.  The best part is knowing that these little steps prepare us for the big ones that will be coming her way and ours.  I may never be ready for what it is to come, and may not sleep again, but it is good to know that all these seemingly smaller milestones and memories prepare me for what is to come — the day we send her out into this world.  Dramatic, huh?  Nah, I am just a mom, and this is who I am.  But, what a fun milestone this was for us.

She is home and she is fine, of course.  She had a great time and enjoyed time with her classmates.  Many of the girls were doing their first sleep over last night, so they shared that in common.  She didn’t even remember she had a family, except, of course, she missed her sister whom she is the closest to.  If she had her druther, she would have taken her along too.  Oh boy, I am not ready for an empty house just yet, not even for a night.

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