You at the Center (R) of your Life 100 day Course – Progress Review


When I last wrote about this course, it was early October and I had done coursework for only about two weeks. Now, here we are a month and some change later (pun intended), and I have learned a lot about myself.  The 100-day course is now at day 51, and I have had two calls with Rachel Davis, and I had the honor of meeting her in person.  What a privilege!  What a difference two months and the coursework makes!

The main things I learn as I reflect on the 8 weeks of lessons are (1) making space and time for me, (2) learning to focus on one thing at a time, (3) identifying and doing the things that I enjoy and like which create space for me, and (4) learning to set boundaries with others, at work, and even with myself.  I am learning to do things that nurture me, all the while not making drastic changes.  And the great thing is that I feel that I have more time for all the things I love to do – with family and friends.  It’s nice to discuss this with my spouse too since we both work and lead busy, but manageable lives together.

How I have noticed this course working for me is that  while I have always been efficient in how I manage time,  I didn’t always put ME first, or at the center.  This is because I was just going down an endless “to do” list and I generally just felt like I was moving through life with no pleasure.   The excessive traveling for work between April and August had completely worn me down and led to health issues.  So much so that I didn’t take time to notice that which was in front of me.  I also didn’t make time for myself, to nurture me.  This course has helped me identify the things I enjoy and like doing, and want to incorporate daily, weekly or monthly into my routine.  I notice little things now, and am able to ask myself questions when I am doing something, “does this add value for me?”  When I am with my children, I am focused on them, and the activity, and I find I enjoy my time with them more. Even doing a routine task, I notice my sense of accomplishment, and it no longer feels so routine.  In fact, I notice everything I do now.  Am I watching a show, and working at the same time?   Am I trying to make business calls while I am driving to work to save time?  All of this is multi-tasking which leads to stress, and causes us to miss our lives.  No more phone calls if I can help it, and instead I do something I enjoy – sing along with the radio.  How nice, relaxing, and freeing.   In the mornings, I take time to eat breakfast and make a little time for myself before the crazy day begins, and hopefully in the spring, I will be able to start a garden too.

The key is also identifying those things, if money or time weren’t any issue, you would rather be doing.  I have learned that it is important to create measurable action plans and things you want to do, and not things you “should” be doing.  For example, you should be eating healthy, but do you want to.  What are those things you would rather be doing daily, weekly, etc.?   This course has also been good for me in that I write it all down – writing helps us see what we are thinking, refine it, and put action items with that goal, and or more action items.  For example, do I want to write/blog more? Yes, when I started writing and posting as Clueless in Colorado in 2004, no one knew me, and I used to write for fun, and really enjoyed it.  I didn’t worry about censorship or judgment and I was anonymous. While I can’t do that anymore because I have a public blog and persona,  I can still write and post for fun, because I love it.   Why not?  So, one of the things I identified that I enjoy is writing, and an action item is to write for at least 10 minutes a day, even if the writing is just random thoughts, ideas, and exploring.  So, you may see some fun posts like I used to write show up on Get Clued In.  And, writing is so fun for me, even if I do not publish a draft post, it feels so great to check this as “done” on my punch card (Part of the 100-day program) because I actually enjoy writing as an outlet for me and hobby.  It is something I used to do a lot more of and enjoyed.  When I feel like writing is a task, or part of a TO DO list, like paid posts sometimes are, I find it tougher to post.   So, I am excited to announce I will be writing for fun now too, and just because I enjoy it.  Hopefully, you will enjoy this journey with me too- part of growing, learning, exploring, and honestly, just having fun!

This course has spoken to me from day 1 and at day 51, it continues to speak to me, and more importantly, it’s changing my life for better.  If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of too much in your life, and the feeling that you just don’t have enough time, or you feel are too busy and cannot manage your time, this course may speak to you too!

* Disclaimer: I am participating in this program and was compensated the price of the course for four review posts of the course.  The opinions expressed here are my own.

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