My Top 10 List – There’s an oil for that!*

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Just in time for Fall, and Halloween, and all things that go “bump” in the night, I got hooked on essential oils.  I had heard about them, but just didn’t have the energy “to go there.” Seriously, I thought, who has time for this and I cannot keep all the different blends, potions and recipes straight, and am still learning new things daily.  Initially it felt overwhelming.  But, ever since I opened the starter kit (a must have if you want to try out oils), I am addicted and with my handy potions book (as I call it), it is nice to be able to make different things and try to relieve pain, address a rash, or just relax.  During massages in the past, I experienced some essential oils, and they were great for what ailed me at the time, but I had no idea the various properties and uses for essential oils until I took the plunge myself.

I like to call this post “There’s an OIL for that” and these are my top 10 oils so far, and the list is growing daily.

16868090496_010ed357e5_z1. LAVENDER (of course)-  lavender has been my favorite for sometime now.  I used to get it with massages, and it smells so good diffused with just about any oil.  The house smells great, and it is great for relaxation, sleep and a nice hot bath to relieve sore muscles.  Love my lavender.  It is good for allergies too.  Who knew?

4407850304_db8138c0aa_z2.  Thieves- Do you know the history of the oil named Thieves?  It used to be called the FOUR THIEVES.  It is not clear whether the history is correct or whether a guy surnamed “Forthaves” creating this blend back during the time of the plague, but it helped people, and kept the plague away, well, allegedly.  But, this blend is marvelous.  It is not a single oil but so many in one, and it is my new favorite, and diffused or applied directly or through a carrier oil (recommended), it works great to keep the germs away, clear the air, clean surfaces, and all.   I have used it directly for a sore throat (with peppermint) and to help with a minor rash.  My new favorite is the Thieves hand gel that we take on the road and the sprayer bottle so we can clean surfaces quickly and effectively.*  I absolutely love my Young Living(TM) Thieves and the entire line.

16966300232_f52eeabd89_z3.  R.C.- Combine the two above and R.C (a blend of oils), and mix in a sunflower or grape seed oil base and it makes for a great nightly application for kids and adults alike.  R.C. is a great oil during the fall sniffle season – congestion, allergies, and sinus, and it has worked well in our home for a few weeks now.  Does it prevent cold? I do not know.  I just know the house smells great, and I feel better and the kids are not waking me up all night due to night terrors. There’s an oil for that!  RC has helped me during a cold already, and I’ll probably keep it up as the winter gets going.

15046134936_11f0367862_k4. Stress Away–  Another blend I love, for which I bought some extra rollers, is the STRESS AWAY blend.  It really has a calming effect, whether I roll it on my wrists or just diffuse it.  One of the favorite blends for the kids at night is Dream Catcher, Stress Away and Lavender – so relaxing.  I use it too!  Helps me sleep like a baby and I generally do not sleep well.

8356408259_8fb89c5903_z5.  Peppermint –  Peppermint and Lemon are tied for me-  I love them both and they both have so many uses, but for headaches and body soreness, peppermint is a God send. When I had a sore throat and coughing, I drank it, and it relieved my sore throat instantly.*  It can also be mixed with herbal tea and thieves to relieve a sore throat.  I love peppermint in a bath with lavender and lemon to relieve congestion and pain.  The Peppermint is soothing on my muscles too when I was experiencing muscle soreness.  I woke up in the middle of the night once with a headache and rubbed one drop on my temples, and was able to relieve the headache and go back to sleep.

9662369021_ffbfe67924_z6.  DiGize- I have had stomach pain twice in the middle of the night – likely from indigestion or poor diet, and DiGize blend has helped me.  I rub 2 drops on the affected area, and try to go back to sleep. Now, if I had massive pain and symptoms of an appendix flare up, would I rub oil on it and suffer through it?  No way! I am going in, but what I have found is that more often than not, that which ails us is NOT life threatening.  The kids have growing pains, and DiGize has alleviated their pains and I think helps them sleep better.  I even tried this when I had minor cramping (ovulation), and it helped me relax and go to sleep. Generally I have to take pamprin or 2 advils.*

16754765318_fa72b6ef9e_z7. Lemon–   I absolutely love this oil which blends well with all the oils to diffuse or apply.  It helps as a cleaning agent with thieves, and helps the whole house smell great. At the office, I blend this with lavender and it smells fresh and keeps those microwave smells at bay.  I like putting lemon in with tea and it soothes too.  Lemon is versatile and its citrus smell is not strong or overpowering.  In combination with Peppermint and Lavender above, I have used this in a bath or diffused and it helps with allergies and sinuses.  Ahhh, breathe again!

17726567528_60e8e413b6_z8. Tangerine/Orange–  Love them both and they both have different uses, but orange and thieves just smells lovely together and with Thanksgiving approaching, you can have the combo diffusing for your guests, so they smell this and not all that stuff you cooked.  Tangerine is good for dizziness and vertigo along with peppermint and lavender.  I like diffusing them the most, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I tried (ingested) Grapefruit water for the first time today and I may never go back to plain water again.  You can add a drop or two of these and grapefruit or lemon to a drink, and it’s quite refreshing and doesn’t taste bitter at all.

16304941704_80d83e91d9_z9.  Valor – It didn’t come with my kit, but it’s my new favorite, and combined with Joy, it is my new favorite diffused scent too.  Reduces stress, and muscle tension when applied, and stimulates the senses.  So many uses for Valor, and it is out of stock right now, so I am using Valor II.  It is a blue color and smells absolutely lovely when diffused and inhaled.  It has uplifted my spirits and when I was down, given me focus and energy.  I have anxiety sometimes when traveling, and I cannot wait to put the roller on, and take this one with me when I travel.  I loved valor and a sample of aroma siez I had for muscle pain.  It’s a good one to put in a massage oil.

5097849770_e60971abba_z10.  PanAway- speaking of muscle soreness, I had an incident back in September, and my quads were killing me.  I could see veins broken from the stress, and PanAway to the rescue!  All natural, and it helped within a day to get rid of the soreness.  I also got in the bath and did peppermint and lavender too and took 1 advil, but it helped relieve the pain immediately.  I used it with a roller ball on.  But you can use and mix with a carrier oil.  PanAway is strong, so be careful and keep away from the eyes.

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I am a person of science, modern medicine, and most of all, evidence and data. I believe in evidence, and I think the oils are working for us.  I hope they can work for you, but do not substitute this for medical or urgent care, unless it works.  For me, we are treating it like Netty pot, taking a steam bath when congested, honey and lemon in herbal tea, and such. These oils and some of the recipes have helped us for various things- muscle pain, congestion and the cold, stress, and minor rashes.  Thankfully, most of the things that ail or nag us are not life-threatening and the various single oils and blends have helped us.

If you are interested, check out my post on the essential oil kit and get started today!  If you are not, sign up as a retail member anyway, and you can buy the oils a la carte at retail prices, but if you don’t want the starter kit, and still want the wholesale prices, please email me and order with me to get oriented. You can pick and choose and then see if you find the evidence that it works for you.*

*DISCLAIMER:  This post is not a paid post.  I am a wholesale distributor for young living and all claims made here are my opinions based on our use and experimentation with essential oils.  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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