Thanksgiving is defined as “the expression of gratitude, especially to God. ‘He offered prayers in thanksgiving for his safe arrival'”   This Thanksgiving especially, I wanted to reflect on gratitude to God for all that we have, for all that I have.  As I drudge through the day-to-day routine, I often forget to give thanks or think of the things that I am thankful for.  Rather, I keep praying for this or that.  I think gratitude and I feel it from time to time, but I never get a chance to reflect on all the gratitude I have to him for all that he has bestowed upon me.  So, this is especially meaningful for me this Thanksgiving, as I give my gratitude to God:

  1. Family- I am so grateful for my family, my kids, husband, and my parents and extended family.  Thank you, God, for them, for they give my life meaning and purpose.  They are the motivation for me to be better and to make the world a better place.
  2. Health- I have prayed more this year for this than anything else because as I get older, I am learning that good health is so important.  But, along with praying for this for me, my family, and my parents, I realize I must give thanks for the days of good.  I feel that healing prayers are important, but it is equally important to give thanks to God for days of good health and energy.  Thanks for all that I have and for good health for my family too!
  3. Great friends-  A person can have 1 million followers on social media, and no real friends, but I am so blessed to say I have true friends.  I know I tend to be compartmentalized in my friendships because I am a logical thinker so I categorize them.  I have work friends, military friends, Facebook friends, and then personal friends, including my neighbors.  In the end, no matter which category or compartment, they are all my great friends and I am blessed beyond compare.  I am so thankful for them all and pray for them too.
  4. Career- I am so thankful for an amazing job, an even more amazing employer and feeling fulfilled. There is no success without him, and so while we can always find things to complain about, it is so important to stop complaining and be thankful for the great things, which are all around us, if we can stop and appreciate them.
  5. Nature- I don’t get to stop and appreciate all that surrounds me, but when I do, I really am in awe with nature, with all that is around me.  The mornings when I can take it easy, sip tea, and take all this in starts off so great because I took time out to thank God for his glory which surrounds me daily, even on snowy days.
  6. Grace & Forgiveness- There are few things in life worth holding on to resentment, hate, or ugliness.  It is when we learn the art of grace, forgiveness, and to love all people that we are emulating the actions of God.  I am not there yet, but each day I learn something new and I take a step towards God when I am able to exercise grace, dignity, and forgive.  To love those who have wronged us and not let the negativity into our soul is a huge step in that direction.  I am thankful that at an early age, I learned this and am developing this daily.
  7. All that I have, and all I have yet to give- I am very thankful for all I have; my cup runneth over daily, but I want to work on giving, sharing, and donating more — I feel this is important and I hope I can build on this.  I am not materialistic, but I thank him daily for all we have  – food, drink, shelter, transportation, and all the other material things which help us daily.

This Thanksgiving, I hope you can “express gratitude, especially to God,” and feel blessed with all you
have.   Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

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DIY Body Wash with essential oils

12316477_538814376294034_848166178647251610_nI absolutely love the Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint Body wash, and decided to try it myself.  I made two different batches and happy to report, it smells and feels great when I use this body wash with a loofah.

INGREDIENTS:  Pure Coconut Oil (you can get it at your local grocery store or at amazon), Vitamin E oil (can get at local grocery store, or health food store but make sure it is pure), Raw Honey (I bought mine on amazon),
essential oils (see below- you can get them from me or become a wholesale member with Young Living), and Castile Soap (grocery store, health food store, or online).  I use the Baby Unscented Castile Soap because I do not want hemp in mine.

IMG_0007 (1)HOW TO MAKE IT:  I used 1/4 cup of coconut oil (melted over a double boiler). 1/4 cup of raw honey (stir it into the melted coconut oil and keep melting it), add in 1 tsp of Vitamin E, and all your essential oils.  It will look like the jar does (see picture on right) and it looks separated. I used 2/3 cup castile soap and poured that into my empty bottle. I added my warm mixture into this and it mixed in well once I poured it and it hardened.  For me, I love Eucalyptus Spearmint from the Bath and Body Works collection, so I recreated it.  I added 12 drops of Eucalyptus and 9 of Spearmint and it smelled great.  I used an old castile soap bottle I had, but if you are going to use citrus oils, I recommend a glass bottle because citrus can break down some plastics. Update: I recently added a teaspoon of almond oil too and it really softens my skin. Loved it!!

IMG_0008Shake before each use, pour onto a loofah or into your hands and enjoy!  So relaxing!  And remember, you can vary up the essential oils you add – you can do Ginger, Orange combination, lavender and chamomile oil blend, or whatever you love to smell and diffuse.


*Disclaimer:  These statements are not FDA approved.  The statements made here are my own and not attributed to young living.  The experiences are real, and my own.  I received no compensation for this or other posts on essential oils.  I am a distributor of these products because I believe in them.

**If you want pure essential oils for this and other great things, don’t forget to read all my posts on Essential Oils, and get started on the starter kit.  It is a life-changing journey.

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Santa HQ is at FlatIron Crossing Mall #SantaHQ #loveHGTV

SantaHQA magical journey awaits you and your little ones at FlatIrons Crossing Mall, now through Christmas Eve.  Don’t miss it!  HGTV has set up a Santa Headquarters at Flatiron Crossing Mall.  The journey starts as you are all transported to the North Pole.  When you enter, your children and even you (if you want) are scanned by the digital “Naughty or Nice O’Meter.”  It’s quite fun to see the kids’ faces as they get tagged one or the other.  You can sense how nervous they are as the scan meter lights up. wpid-20151114_121608.jpg wpid-20151114_121635.jpgwpid-20151114_121649.jpg







Next, you get a glimpse of Santa’s Command and Control Center, and Elf-Ray Vision in a 3D environment. You can see everything in this room in 3D!  Santa’s elves help guide you through this magical area, and the anticipation builds.wpid-20151114_121749.jpg


wpid-20151114_122724.jpgBut, the journey doesn’t end there, you then take a picture with your entire group, before meeting the big man in red!  Get dressed up or go casual, but get ready to have fun with Santa, his elves, and all his cool equipment wpid-20151114_122816.jpgtransported temporarily from the North Pole to Flatirons Crossing Mall in Broomfield, Colorado.  Some things to note: Strollers can go through Santa HQ, little ones (under 2) may not enjoy the control center as much as older kids.  But hopefully you can save your energy and get them to smile for the most important part- SANTA!  There is waiting as you go through, so best to make a reservation so there is less waiting.  Also, the photo package is very reasonable and for $29.99 (with some deals online if you book in advance), you can get several different poses, and sizes in a package with some bonuses thrown in.  There are other great things to buy if you are interested to make great stocking stuffers and presents for the grandparents.  I thought it was great fun for my kiddos but they are older, and more aware of what is going on.   Check out this website and see if there is a Santa HQ near you.  Besides Colorado, there are other Santa HQ locations too!

Disclaimer: I was compensated by HGTV and Santa HQ for this post, but all opinions expressed here are honest and my own. 

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DIY Deodorant Naturally

Did you read what is in your deodorant, lately?  Seriously, do it! Here is what was in mine and I have been fighting a rash for several years now:

Active Ingredient/Active Moiety
Ingredient Name Basis of Strength Strength
Aluminum Zirconium Trichlorohydrex Gly (Aluminum Zirconium Trichlorohydrex Gly) Aluminum Zirconium Trichlorohydrex Gly 0.15 g in 1 g

wpid-20151101_155421.jpgFor a decade now I have wanted to get away from chemical deodorants, but I feel I stink and never had time to make my own deodorant. Well, if I can make my own this easily, trust me, you can too!   And I’d pick this deodorant application over higher risk of cancer and clogged ducts any day.  If you are planning to sweat a lot during the day, I recommend taking some of this in a small travel-size jar or container with you where you go – gym, work, etc., and you can re-apply.  But, the statement that natural deodorants make you stink is simply not true.

wpid-20151103_204753.jpgI want to credit these two blogs because I used the recipes I found here & here as a base and then modified for what worked for me.  I did several different iterations and am planning to do one without baking soda next (I will update when I do).  As far as adding essential oils, if you want to, the sky is the limit on which ones you can add. Whatever you do, remember, add what you want to smell like all day because the scents will be with you all day.  It is divine when you pick some scents you love and the ones that are known to fight odors.  NOTE: When you apply it, apply small amounts, because both of these melt on contact with your skin.  Be careful slipping clothes over your head, but these leave less marks than regular deo.

wpid-20151109_184801.jpgSo, let’s get started.  You will need the following:

  • Virgin or Pure Coconut Oil (It is clumpy and hard) and you can get this at a health food store, online at amazon, or at a grocery store.
  • Organic shea butter- get the pure, organic blend (for recipe #1),
  • Organic Arrowroot Starch (you can get it at all health food stores)
  • Baking Soda (run of the mill arm and hammer will do- if you want to eliminate it, stay tuned for a different recipe)
  • Pure Essential oils of your choice from Young Living (get them discounted from me, here)
  • I chose Lavender, Lemon and Tea Tree for my first one, and it smelled good and keeps the stink away.  I hear Bergamot is an amazing oil for the skin and I am planning to order it.  If you have a rash or something else you are combating, you can add in purification or Melrose too.  I had a skin rash from deodorant and have a rash oil mix I use with Melrose, Purification, and Cypress, and that stuff is amazing too!  Get your essential oils here at 24% off, and so many freebies through me!
  • For the second one, I used the following essential oils: Melrose, Lavender, Cypress, Lemon, and Tea Tree.
  • For the third recipe (soon to be posted), you may need raw natural honey as well in place of the baking soda, so stay tuned.

wpid-20151102_203550.jpgRecipe 1:  Use a mason jar, put in 2 tbs of Coconut Oil, 3 tbs spoons of arrowroot, 2 or less tablespoons of baking soda, and my favorite- 2 tbs scented or unscented shea butter.   Mix the coconut oil and shea butter together and melt in the mason jar.  I didn’t have a mason jar at the time, so used a small Corning(c) bowl. I placed the bowl over light heat and it melted.  Then I stirred in the baking soda and arrowroot, and stirred and kept over heat until the clumps disappeared.  I added lemon essential oil (3 drops), tea tree (3 drops), and 5 drops of lavender while it was still melted and stirred it.kept this stored in a cool place overnight, and voila! In the morning, had homemade deodorant.  I apply it with a stick and with small amounts only. Keep in mind that you can get empty deodorant cases at, and can fill them, and let them cool too.  For summer months, you can store in a cooler or fridge.

wpid-20151108_185822.jpgRecipe 2: This time I had a mason jar on hand, and tried a different recipe, without shea butter.  I used 1/3 cups of coconut oil, 1/3 cups for arrowroot and only 1 Tbsp of baking soda.  This time I inserted the entire mason jar with lid off into boiling water, and let it melt.  I stirred it all together with the following essential oils: 5 drops lavender, 3 drops tea tree, 3 drops melrose, 2 drops lemon, and 3 drops of Cypress.  It smelled so good.  I let it set overnight, and used it the next morning. This mixture was amazing too!  I used it twice already, and it works great.  Again, bring a travel jar or two with you when you travel and keep it at work or in your gym bag if you think you will need it after a rigorous workout.

small sample jar for travel

small sample jar for travel


This is what it looks like; use a stick for application

Recipe 3:  Recipe testing complete.  Check out my new post on it.  

  • Pure Coconut Oil – 2 tbsp
  • Arrowroot (get it here) – 1 tsp
  • Shea butter (scented is better, but I used unscented)- 1 tablespoon
  • Beeswax pellets – 1 1/2 tbsp (buy your beeswax here)
  • Almond Oil (optional) – 1 tsp
  • Vitamin E- use the capsule if possible or 1 tsp
  • Essential Oils from Young Living – Lavender (8 drops),  Tea Tree (4 drops), Patchouli (very fragrant so only use 2-3 drops), and Purification (4 drops)   You can do any variations of oils depending on ailments, dry skin, rash, fungus, etc.   Get your oils here by using my links, and you get a 24% discount by becoming a member.

Melt the Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Beeswax on the stove.  I just melt it into a measuring cup for easier pouring, over low heat, stirring often.  Once melted, add in almond oil and vitamin E and arrowroot.  Stir, and remove from heat.  Add in the essential oils to your liking, and pour into a deodorant casing (be careful that it does not holes on the sides or it will fall through, OR into a jar, or container.









*Disclaimer:  These statements are not FDA approved.  The statements made here are my own and not attributed to young living.  The experiences are real, and my own.  I received no compensation for this or other posts on essential oils.  I am a distributor of these products because I believe in them.

**If you want pure essential oils for this and other great things, don’t forget to read all my posts on Essential Oils, and get started on the starter kit.  It is a life-changing journey.

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DIY Keep the Spiders Away, Naturally

14579133110_4041a5f688_zHalloween is over and so is the need for creepy, crawly friends and spider webs. You know they are everywhere, and now you can try this recipe at home, and naturally keep them away! Then, they will scurry to your neighbors’ house so share this recipe with them when they complain next.  It works! I used peppermint and not a single chomp of our pumpkins happened.  It just works and the scent/taste keep bugs away, naturally.  No need to call pest control over and over again.

I had no idea it was this easy – you can use concentrated oil without the water dilution as well.  You will need:  Young Living Peppermint Oil (see below how to get yours or contact me),  1 Qt Tap water, 4 drops of dish washing liquid and a spray bottle. That is it.  Mix it up, and spray where you see them the most, or near water sources. Repeat once a week and they will decrease over 2 weeks!  If you are going to spray in areas where you do not want dish soap, use plain water and peppermint oil only.  If you have kids constantly crawling or eating things off the floor where the dish soap potion can be sprayed, then I recommend the straight up peppermint oil and water solution.

**If you want pure essential oils for this and other great things, don’t forget to read all my posts on Essential Oils, and get started on the starter kit.  It is a life-changing journey.

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