DIY Keep the Spiders Away, Naturally

14579133110_4041a5f688_zHalloween is over and so is the need for creepy, crawly friends and spider webs. You know they are everywhere, and now you can try this recipe at home, and naturally keep them away! Then, they will scurry to your neighbors’ house so share this recipe with them when they complain next.  It works! I used peppermint and not a single chomp of our pumpkins happened.  It just works and the scent/taste keep bugs away, naturally.  No need to call pest control over and over again.

I had no idea it was this easy – you can use concentrated oil without the water dilution as well.  You will need:  Young Living Peppermint Oil (see below how to get yours or contact me),  1 Qt Tap water, 4 drops of dish washing liquid and a spray bottle. That is it.  Mix it up, and spray where you see them the most, or near water sources. Repeat once a week and they will decrease over 2 weeks!  If you are going to spray in areas where you do not want dish soap, use plain water and peppermint oil only.  If you have kids constantly crawling or eating things off the floor where the dish soap potion can be sprayed, then I recommend the straight up peppermint oil and water solution.

**If you want pure essential oils for this and other great things, don’t forget to read all my posts on Essential Oils, and get started on the starter kit.  It is a life-changing journey.

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