Thanksgiving is defined as “the expression of gratitude, especially to God. ‘He offered prayers in thanksgiving for his safe arrival'”   This Thanksgiving especially, I wanted to reflect on gratitude to God for all that we have, for all that I have.  As I drudge through the day-to-day routine, I often forget to give thanks or think of the things that I am thankful for.  Rather, I keep praying for this or that.  I think gratitude and I feel it from time to time, but I never get a chance to reflect on all the gratitude I have to him for all that he has bestowed upon me.  So, this is especially meaningful for me this Thanksgiving, as I give my gratitude to God:

  1. Family- I am so grateful for my family, my kids, husband, and my parents and extended family.  Thank you, God, for them, for they give my life meaning and purpose.  They are the motivation for me to be better and to make the world a better place.
  2. Health- I have prayed more this year for this than anything else because as I get older, I am learning that good health is so important.  But, along with praying for this for me, my family, and my parents, I realize I must give thanks for the days of good.  I feel that healing prayers are important, but it is equally important to give thanks to God for days of good health and energy.  Thanks for all that I have and for good health for my family too!
  3. Great friends-  A person can have 1 million followers on social media, and no real friends, but I am so blessed to say I have true friends.  I know I tend to be compartmentalized in my friendships because I am a logical thinker so I categorize them.  I have work friends, military friends, Facebook friends, and then personal friends, including my neighbors.  In the end, no matter which category or compartment, they are all my great friends and I am blessed beyond compare.  I am so thankful for them all and pray for them too.
  4. Career- I am so thankful for an amazing job, an even more amazing employer and feeling fulfilled. There is no success without him, and so while we can always find things to complain about, it is so important to stop complaining and be thankful for the great things, which are all around us, if we can stop and appreciate them.
  5. Nature- I don’t get to stop and appreciate all that surrounds me, but when I do, I really am in awe with nature, with all that is around me.  The mornings when I can take it easy, sip tea, and take all this in starts off so great because I took time out to thank God for his glory which surrounds me daily, even on snowy days.
  6. Grace & Forgiveness- There are few things in life worth holding on to resentment, hate, or ugliness.  It is when we learn the art of grace, forgiveness, and to love all people that we are emulating the actions of God.  I am not there yet, but each day I learn something new and I take a step towards God when I am able to exercise grace, dignity, and forgive.  To love those who have wronged us and not let the negativity into our soul is a huge step in that direction.  I am thankful that at an early age, I learned this and am developing this daily.
  7. All that I have, and all I have yet to give- I am very thankful for all I have; my cup runneth over daily, but I want to work on giving, sharing, and donating more — I feel this is important and I hope I can build on this.  I am not materialistic, but I thank him daily for all we have  – food, drink, shelter, transportation, and all the other material things which help us daily.

This Thanksgiving, I hope you can “express gratitude, especially to God,” and feel blessed with all you
have.   Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

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