DIY all-natural, deet-free bug spray – Bugger off!

bug spray using essential oils all natural deet freeI know, I know, another DIY recipe (or as I call them, potion) for something, but I have oils, I have all-natural products right here in my home.  So, why not?   We recently went to Florida in January and got bitten alive – yep, in January.  Now I will not leave home without this spray.  For traveling, I will put this formula into bottles with a roller ball, so we can travel with the spray.   With all that is going in South America and now Florida, mosquitos are spreading some disease and illness. I’d rather be protected and have my children protected.   Deet and other chemicals are not for babies or kids, so making my own repellent is very attractive to me.  We are going to Texas in June (yep, June- hot and ack), and here is what may await us:   Zika Virus threats 

Recipe for all-natural big spray: You need-

  • 1 glass spray bottle – Mine is Cobalt Blue (see picture) – get yours by clicking here.
  • 3 ounces of witch hazel (liquid, not pads)
  • essential oils (become a member and get yours at 24% off here)–  12 drops of Citronella, 5 drops of thieves, 5 drops of peppermint, 5 drops of Purification, and 5 drops of Rosemary.  I like Citronella the best, and it is the star of this mixture, in my humble opinion.  The 2nd best oil is a Purification and Lemongrass combination if you have that in lieu of Citronella.
  • 1 oz or more of distilled or filtered water to fill the rest of the bottle

Recipe for all-natural bugger off oil: You need-

  • 2oz plastic bottles with lids (easiest to travel with as well, so you can transfer your mixture and take with you when you go).  They look like this:
  • In lieu of witch hazel, replace with 3 oz of sunflower oil or carrier oil of your choice (be careful re: allergies and suncare- do not use an oil that can leave the kids unprotected from the sun)
  • Same oils as above.

All natural deet free bug repellent spray and oilThat’s it!  I will report back after our Texas trip how it goes and how well it works.  I wish I had my insect repellent oils in FL with me, but alas, I cannot cry over dried and crusty insect bites now.

Must have Accessories for Essential oils:

*Disclaimer:  These statements are not FDA approved.  The statements made here are my own and not attributed to young living.  The experiences are real, and my own.  I received no compensation for this or other posts on essential oils.  I am a distributor of these products because I believe in them.

**If you want pure essential oils for this and other great things, don’t forget to read all my posts on Essential Oils, and get started on the starter kit.  It is a life-changing journey.

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