2017 Year in Review

Well, 2017 is now a distant memory, and generally odd years are great for Get Clued In and her family, but 2017 didn’t really live up to the hype of usual odd years for us.

2016 ended with my mom passing away from a battle with cancer, which was up til now, the worst thing we have experienced and coped with as a family.  Then, a few weeks later, in January of 2017, a day before the inauguration of 45 (I won’t even go there with how I feel about this), my husband lost his job after 19.5 years in the same industry/same position.  This, along with the political landscape of what was to be 2017, brought a lot of adjustments to our household.  My husband now works in a job which takes him away from home more than 50% of the time, and with my new role, commute, and lack of flexibility, we found ourselves in a tough place in 2017.  The one person I knew I could rely to be there for me when I needed help in this like this was no longer on this earth, and grappling with that whilst making huge life adjustments was not easy last year.

2017 was also bittersweet as I had the joy and honor to receive a promotion in the military I have served for more than 19 years now.  That was great, but I was so sad that I couldn’t share the joy and news with my mom, and that she couldn’t physically be at the ceremony.  She would have loved it so much!   2017 was a year of new adjustments for us, and while I made rank and my husband got a new job pretty quickly (all blessings), it all seemed so pointless without my mom to share it with.

Social media and  blogging-wise, I did not feel that oomph or energy to blog or do much, as it was tougher in 2017 to balance work, life, and this hobby of writing.  So, 2017 was a year of MEH (if I may use the emoji) for Get Clued In, and I apologize to you, the reader, for my lack of scintillating posts.  The Emoji movie summed up my emotions for 2017 – hot, cold, sad, very sad, happy, excited, sad again, confused (about the political climate), scared (world events).  I could go on, but I think you know that this year’s “year in review” is slightly different than past years.  I hope I can share some great posts for 2018, and have time to write a little more.  Well, right after I figure out the new tax code.  Oy!   Happy New Year!


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