Tower Garden by Juice Plus – a review

I had the pleasure and opportunity to grow food in a soilless, aeroponic tower garden by Juice Plus (c) at my house while my friend was out of town this summer.  I got to start the garden from scratch – planting seeds in rockwool cubes (shown as pictured below), and once the sprouting started, I planted them into the tower.

As this informative website shows, it’s easy, space efficient (can be kept indoors or outdoors in good weather), and is low maintenance.  Every week, I would check for pH balance of water, and add nutrients or pH increase or lower as needed.

The best part was harvest time.  Any time I made indian food, I could grab a handful of cilantro.  I already have as a basil, but you can grow basil very well in this tower.  Lettuce varieties and herbs grew the fastest.  Tomatoes took a while so I only saw small ones by October, and now my friend will get to see some peppers and tomatoes.  We did manage to get three cucumbers, and they were tasty.  You can’t plant root vegetables like carrots but you can try things like peppers, squash, and cucumbers, and broccoli.  Spinach and kale grew readily and I loved having that for my fresh smoothies every morning.  I always add Juice Plus to my smoothies, so it’s fun to have ingredients from my garden too!

The garden was nice to have, and my neighbor always commented how when she sat out, it was a relaxing water fountain too!  It waters on a timer system that you set up, so it will run without you having to run out there and watering it.  You can also get extras like the tomato/vine holder you see in the pictures above- since some plants will grow a bit more than others. My daughters enjoyed the garden too, but they seemed to enjoy the seed planting part and then eating the food more than anything, which is fine with me, as it is healthy, and grown in our backyard.

You can get your own tower garden as well, and check out my friend’s website on it, along with her Juice Plus+(c) journey.  Happy, no mess gardening, and yum! Eating!




Required Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation or a free tower garden in exchange for this post, but was able to use my friend’s garden to learn about tower gardens and write this post, in order to promote her business.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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