Year in Review 2018

2019 is in full swing, and I am remiss to not post a year in review for 2018. So, here goes! 2018 was better than 2017, but like 2017, we struggled with family, work, life balance as my husband’s job stayed in the same industry. But, the good news is that he was back home with us, and not going to North Dakota, which was great news! But, he only had one weekend off a month, so that made things tricky. The juggling act continued. Health-wise, things got a bit nuts for me in Summer 2018, as I was diagnosed with vestibular migraines, a rather debilitating condition that still persists today. It made matters worse to be active duty military during said diagnosis, and trying to recover. But, as I learned, I have a great community of friends and neighbors who really helped us out when we needed it most. We are blessed! It was an interested second half of the year, attempting to conquer this new disease, and try to juggle work, life, and the kiddos and all their activities.

I coached 3/4 girls’ basketball for our local rec center. What an experience, but certainly exhausting, and trying. My daughter loved that I did it, but December through March was consumed completely by basketball, and weekend games, and dealing with the things that come with competitive team sports for kids. But the kids had fun, so that is great! My great friend Maddie came to visit for my Birthday and St. Patrick’s Day this year and it was so awesome to have her. I wish I lived closer to all my friends.

Travel-wise, in April, we had a nice trip to Orlando, for my convention, and as a result, had a blast at a super cool resort. It was a relaxing trip. We went back to Florida in June, and this time to celebrate my niece’s 1st birthday in Miami. We had an amazing stay in Coconut Grove, and then took a side trip to Playa Largo resort to check out the Keys- Key Largo was amazing! We attended a family wedding in September and took it easy the rest of the year. We hope 2018 brings more travels.

Blog-wise, I took part in some activities, enjoyed a Juice Plus tower garden, but I scaled back a lot so I could manage my health and stress. Work-wise, I approached the final year of active duty tour, and I am grateful for the opportunity, but ready to get back to a shorter commute, and more flexibility in my work schedule. Going active duty has been quite the experience, especially with kids and a long commute, but I am ready to go back to the Reserves and have a more normal schedule.

Here we are, in 2019, approaching some cross roads and changes in life, and we hope it is a great year for you all and we hope for the same. Happy 2019, everyone!

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