All-natural dishwasher tabs with Thieves

I buy Thieves dishwasher powder from Young Living, but we are used to using dishwashing tabs, but have you read what is in the gel tabs and dishwashing tabs from Costco or the store? It is not good.

So, I decided to make my own dishwashing tabs using Young Living’s Thieves dishwashing powder. Things you will need:

  1. Mixing Bowl
  2. Ice cube trays – cute ones are even more fun!
  3. Thieves dishwasher powder
  4. Water
  5. (Optional) baking soda, liquid soap to bind (all natural thieves liquid dishwashing soap is best), and salt
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If you want these tabs to have extra pow, you can also add baking soda and salt, mix it all together. Wait a few minutes for the mixture to bind/get less liquid in it. Place mixture in the ice cube trays, and let it sit out for an hour. Then dump them out into a nice container and start using.

The dishes come out amazingly clean, smelling great, and you feel great because the nasty chemicals and things you can’t pronounce are not stuck to your dishes. Remember, you can just use plain thieves dishwashing powder or mix it with baking soda and salt – the choice is yours, but these tabs pack a cleaning punch! Learn how you can get your own Thieves products and young living products.

Ingredients and ice cube trays- fun designs and shapes encouraged!

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Elitch Gardens- 2 parks for 1!

We went to Elitch Gardens this past weekend, and the place was sheer madness! It was the last weekend for the water park and water rides, so most of the people were there, but even the regular rides were super crowded. Elitch had just introduced its amazing deal – $54.99 for a park pass for the remainder of this season and all of next, so you can imagine how crowded it was for Labor Day weekend! We met a family who has been there 30 times, just this season.

Our family got a chance to visit the water park for the first time but the lines were a bit long, so we did not get to try many of the rides. The wave pool seemed to be a hit and lazy river too. The concession lines were long too, and so I do recommend not going for busy weekends, if you can help it, as you cannot really enjoy the theme park and all it offers. We did get to ride the Kaleidascape and it was nice and with a pair of 3D glasses, it is even better. Someone handed my daughter a pair so we could enjoy it. I noticed a lot of folks came around 4pm, as Elitch was open til 10pm, but the water rides closed at 6pm.

The food options were plentiful but the lines were too. Elitch was also offering a meal plan deal for next season, and if you are going often enough, it may be worth it for you. The water park is closed now, as it closed on Labor Day, but the rest of the rides are open through Halloweeen, so don’t forget to check it out for fright fest, and all the other fun fall events there.

And don’t forget to save up to $29 Off Main Gate Price at Elitch Gardens–ONLINE ONLY
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