***POSTPONED***Dekafit coming to Denver! #dekafit

By Get Clued In’s Guest Blogger

Disclaimer: I was offered a free entry to #dekafit Denver in exchange for promoting this event.

UPDATE: Note, Dekafit is delayed and will be re-scheduled due to COVID-19- stay tuned for more information soon!

DEKAFIT is coming to Denver.  Dekafit will be held March 21st at the Bowlen Fieldhouse at UC Health Center.  It consists of a 500m run, followed by the Zone 1 movements, 500m run, followed by Zone 2 movements, 500m run, etc. Go to this link to get more information, or register! Use my exclusive code for 10% off your entry, which is a great deal: DAN10

Zone 1 – Spartan RAM Squat – 30 reps with 55/44# RAM Elite/Open
Zone 2 – 500m Row
Zone 3 – Box Jump Overs – 20 reps at 24″ (step up OK for Open)
Zone 4 – Med Ball Sit-up Throw – 30 reps with 20/14# Elite/Open
Zone 5 – 500m Ski Erg
Zone 6 – Farmers Carry – 100m with 60# in each hand? 70/53# Elite/Open
Zone 7 – 20 Cal Air Bike
Zone 8 – Dead Wall Ball Overs – 20 reps with 60# ball over 4′ barrier?  70/50# Elite/Open
Zone 9 – Tank Push Pull – 50 meters total of push & 50 meters total of pull
Zone 10 – RAM Burpees – 20 reps with 44# RAM (step back/forth OK)? 55/33# Elite/Open

Essentially, athletes will run a 5K with “functional fitness” or “H.I.I.T.” movements thrown in.

I feel fortunate to be able to enter and blog about the event. I feel comfortable with all of the movements, but the rep scheme could get tough.  I roughly estimated each Zone would take about 3 minutes and with my slow running, this amounts to a roughly 75-minute event.

Zone 1 – 55# squat is not heavy, but the RAM may be tough to handle
Zone 2 – OK
Zone 3 – 24″ is fine, 20 reps is not bad
Zone 4 – this could be tough
Zone 5 – OK
Zone 6 – OK
Zone 7 – OK
Zone 8 – Not sure about this.  It seams OK
Zone 9 – Not sure about this.  It is a unique implement
Zone 10 – Hell of a way to finish.  44# press overhead is fine, but not sure about RAM implement and will be really tired.

Some websites list different weights than the official website, but I am sure I can update my registration on site.  I think this will be a really good event and seems to be chip timed with splits to compare performance year over year.  For the average weekend warrior like myself it is a pretty cool measure.  It is unlikely that I will ever do a NFL combine style workout or an actual Decathalon (even if I did, I would have to skip the pole vault).

Hope to see you at Pat Bowlen Fieldhouse, Denver, on March 21st, for #Dekafit in Denver, and remember to use the code DAN10 for 10% OFF @ https://tickets.deka.fit/event/dekafit-denver-co

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