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This is not farewell, but see you later!

Get Clued In is leaving word press and blogging come November 2021. I am looking to re-brand and may return, but perhaps on You Tube. It has been so fun and blogging publicly since 2010 has been a joy. I hope to see you soon. I have established a channel, if you’d like to come there with me, but for writing, I will be returning to what I used to enjoy the most – writing with no consequences, and writing anonymously, as I really enjoyed it. Here is the link to the You Tube Channel for Get Clued in:


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Why I love Hawaii– let me count the ways

We went to Hawaii in November 2019, and I have to say, just like last time, we really enjoyed ourselves. I could not figure out why Hawaii gets in your blood and pulls you back until this last time when we went again as a family. The last time we went in 2013 was for a work trip and was very short, so I didn’t get to enjoy it as much or appreciate it fully, but still found it the most relaxing trip we ever took. This time, I figured out why.

Aside from the trade winds, which are quite nice and relaxing in and of themselves, there is something about Hawaii that I cannot find in Florida, California, or any other beach I have been to CONUS. I find that people are more relaxed in Hawaii, and the vibe is very relaxed. The water is clearer, the weather is always amazing, even in a rain and thunder storm, you just feel at home!

Our trip this time took us to Maui, where we had not been before, and I have to say it is my favorite place now – the beaches are amazing! You can see sea turtles snorkeling right near your hotel, and the lifestyle is very chill. Of course, it is expensive, but if you can get a place with a kitchen, it is quite relaxing and all your meals can be at your condo. We stayed at the Westin N’anea Ocean Villas and Resort- all of the Westin ones are connected, and any of them are great. All the activities are a la carte, so be prepared for that. The girls enjoyed making flower lei necklaces, and coconut painting. We also went on thumbtack app and found someone to photograph us on the beach near the Ritz Carlton at Lahaina. It was amazing!

Maui was definitely our favorite destination of this trip, but the best “experience” was swimming with the manta rays at night in Kona, the Big Island. Be aware that in winter months, October through February, the surf is high and it was a rough boat ride out and back, and the waters quite choppy during the dive/snorkel to see the manta rays at night, but it was the most spectacular experience of our lives, despite the motion sickness and vomiting 🙂 The Big Island was fun, because it is so different from one side to the other, and the Macadamia Nut factory was so fun to visit. We also stayed at the Military Camp at Kilauea and the volcano was quite amazing to see! The beaches are not as great on the Big Island, so get your fill on Maui if you can. Internally, island to island, we flew the small charter company, Mokulele airlines and it was so fast and quick – no checking stuff in, and security and customs woes. It was quick and easy to island hope from Maui to the Big Island and the views were spectacular!

We had an amazing trip this time and the pictures do not do our time there justice! There is a charm to Hawaii I cannot describe, and I am sure other places are amazing and better, but when I think of United States destinations, Hawaii is NOT to be missed. Oh, I have to add that we flew on Southwest Airlines and went in and out of San Jose. Our flights were super cheap, super convenient, and we got the usual Southwest LUV hospitality!

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***POSTPONED***Dekafit coming to Denver! #dekafit

By Get Clued In’s Guest Blogger

Disclaimer: I was offered a free entry to #dekafit Denver in exchange for promoting this event.

UPDATE: Note, Dekafit is delayed and will be re-scheduled due to COVID-19- stay tuned for more information soon!

DEKAFIT is coming to Denver.  Dekafit will be held March 21st at the Bowlen Fieldhouse at UC Health Center.  It consists of a 500m run, followed by the Zone 1 movements, 500m run, followed by Zone 2 movements, 500m run, etc. Go to this link to get more information, or register! Use my exclusive code for 10% off your entry, which is a great deal: DAN10

Zone 1 – Spartan RAM Squat – 30 reps with 55/44# RAM Elite/Open
Zone 2 – 500m Row
Zone 3 – Box Jump Overs – 20 reps at 24″ (step up OK for Open)
Zone 4 – Med Ball Sit-up Throw – 30 reps with 20/14# Elite/Open
Zone 5 – 500m Ski Erg
Zone 6 – Farmers Carry – 100m with 60# in each hand? 70/53# Elite/Open
Zone 7 – 20 Cal Air Bike
Zone 8 – Dead Wall Ball Overs – 20 reps with 60# ball over 4′ barrier?  70/50# Elite/Open
Zone 9 – Tank Push Pull – 50 meters total of push & 50 meters total of pull
Zone 10 – RAM Burpees – 20 reps with 44# RAM (step back/forth OK)? 55/33# Elite/Open

Essentially, athletes will run a 5K with “functional fitness” or “H.I.I.T.” movements thrown in.

I feel fortunate to be able to enter and blog about the event. I feel comfortable with all of the movements, but the rep scheme could get tough.  I roughly estimated each Zone would take about 3 minutes and with my slow running, this amounts to a roughly 75-minute event.

Zone 1 – 55# squat is not heavy, but the RAM may be tough to handle
Zone 2 – OK
Zone 3 – 24″ is fine, 20 reps is not bad
Zone 4 – this could be tough
Zone 5 – OK
Zone 6 – OK
Zone 7 – OK
Zone 8 – Not sure about this.  It seams OK
Zone 9 – Not sure about this.  It is a unique implement
Zone 10 – Hell of a way to finish.  44# press overhead is fine, but not sure about RAM implement and will be really tired.

Some websites list different weights than the official website, but I am sure I can update my registration on site.  I think this will be a really good event and seems to be chip timed with splits to compare performance year over year.  For the average weekend warrior like myself it is a pretty cool measure.  It is unlikely that I will ever do a NFL combine style workout or an actual Decathalon (even if I did, I would have to skip the pole vault).

Hope to see you at Pat Bowlen Fieldhouse, Denver, on March 21st, for #Dekafit in Denver, and remember to use the code DAN10 for 10% OFF @ https://tickets.deka.fit/event/dekafit-denver-co

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All-natural dishwasher tabs with Thieves

I buy Thieves dishwasher powder from Young Living, but we are used to using dishwashing tabs, but have you read what is in the gel tabs and dishwashing tabs from Costco or the store? It is not good.

So, I decided to make my own dishwashing tabs using Young Living’s Thieves dishwashing powder. Things you will need:

  1. Mixing Bowl
  2. Ice cube trays – cute ones are even more fun!
  3. Thieves dishwasher powder
  4. Water
  5. (Optional) baking soda, liquid soap to bind (all natural thieves liquid dishwashing soap is best), and salt
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190914_121233-1024x768.jpg

If you want these tabs to have extra pow, you can also add baking soda and salt, mix it all together. Wait a few minutes for the mixture to bind/get less liquid in it. Place mixture in the ice cube trays, and let it sit out for an hour. Then dump them out into a nice container and start using.

The dishes come out amazingly clean, smelling great, and you feel great because the nasty chemicals and things you can’t pronounce are not stuck to your dishes. Remember, you can just use plain thieves dishwashing powder or mix it with baking soda and salt – the choice is yours, but these tabs pack a cleaning punch! Learn how you can get your own Thieves products and young living products.

Ingredients and ice cube trays- fun designs and shapes encouraged!

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Elitch Gardens- 2 parks for 1!

We went to Elitch Gardens this past weekend, and the place was sheer madness! It was the last weekend for the water park and water rides, so most of the people were there, but even the regular rides were super crowded. Elitch had just introduced its amazing deal – $54.99 for a park pass for the remainder of this season and all of next, so you can imagine how crowded it was for Labor Day weekend! We met a family who has been there 30 times, just this season.

Our family got a chance to visit the water park for the first time but the lines were a bit long, so we did not get to try many of the rides. The wave pool seemed to be a hit and lazy river too. The concession lines were long too, and so I do recommend not going for busy weekends, if you can help it, as you cannot really enjoy the theme park and all it offers. We did get to ride the Kaleidascape and it was nice and with a pair of 3D glasses, it is even better. Someone handed my daughter a pair so we could enjoy it. I noticed a lot of folks came around 4pm, as Elitch was open til 10pm, but the water rides closed at 6pm.

The food options were plentiful but the lines were too. Elitch was also offering a meal plan deal for next season, and if you are going often enough, it may be worth it for you. The water park is closed now, as it closed on Labor Day, but the rest of the rides are open through Halloweeen, so don’t forget to check it out for fright fest, and all the other fun fall events there.

And don’t forget to save up to $29 Off Main Gate Price at Elitch Gardens–ONLINE ONLY
EXCLUSIVE ColoradoKids.com Daily Ticket, Birthday Party and Group Ticket Discounts at http://www.elitchgardens.com/coloradokids

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