Magical fun showing our #DisneySide @Home Celebration

20140302-113553.jpgWe had such a blast showing our #DisneySide @Home Celebration.*  The kiddos made T-shirts, decorated Mickey cupcakes, and took home some neat little trinkets, like bracelets, Muppet calendars and Donald Duck tattoos and Mickey Mouse stickers.  To see all my #Disney posts, check out the category or tag “Disney.”

We asked everyone to dress-up in their favorite Disney character 20140302-113614.jpgcostume and show up for some fun.  We didn’t print photos on-site, but each mom who came went home with a HP Photo card pack to create their own photos from the event.  The photos can be customized at

Here are the some more pictures, and look at all the characters that showed up:  Sleeping Beauty, Anna from FROZEN, Snow White, Rapunzel, Mickey Mouse, and we even got to host Luke Skywalker!





20140302-113745.jpgWe had great timing this year because it is also Mardi Gras, and we were able to combine two parties in one- Mardi Gras King Cake, yummy Community coffee from New Orleans and assorted snacks.



*Disclaimer: I received free products in order to host the Disney Side @Home Celebration.  The opinions expressed here are my own.  Also see Get Clued In’s general disclaimer.


Perfect Moment Monday – Where does the time go?

IMG_9383My friend, Lori, is retiring her linky to “Perfect Moment Monday (PMM).”  She is right, she should not feel obligated to find perfect moments.  They should happen, and we either notice, or we don’t.  Sometimes, we are so busy, we miss some too!  These moments can happen at anytime, not just Mondays, or weekends, but always.  We just have to notice them.  I started looking back on the perfect moment posts I have written.  I do not remember feeling obligated at all, but enjoyed every minute.  To see all my PMM posts, look under category, “Perfect Moment,” and all the posts will appear.  My favorite ones are, by far, these two PMM posts:

IMG_9410(1) Two Years and Growing – this one brought back such fond memories.   Even as I write my PMM for this past weekend, I realize that three years have passed already since this post, and my little girl will change and grow daily.  I love writing milestone posts about my sweet little ones because not only do I capture the memories, I feel that I share something meaningful with my readers too!

(2) Twinkling Little Stars–  This one is near and dear to my heart since I now fly away once a month, and I cannot return home Saturday nights to see them or hear them sing.  This particular post melts my heart because I was so lucky to capture these moments with my sweet little ones.  Now that I frequently fly out of town for one of my jobs, I am sad that I cannot return home to experience this but I still hold them close to my heart.

IMG_9419Ah, where does the time go?  Here I am writing about a perfect moment about this weekend.  My little one’s milestone birthday weekend.  She is now five years old!  Hard to believe that she starts Kindergarten this fall, and will start a new journey in her young life.  I wish I could freeze time for just a few years, and hold on longer to these moments, but alas, we have brought them into this world to let them go into it… to leave us, and do great things.  Easier said than done, huh?

This past weekend’s perfect moment was not just the time we spent together, which was fabulous.  It wasn’t the date night that hubby and I enjoyed seeing “The Mousetrap” at the Arvada Center.  It wasn’t the birthday party itself, or just the Friday night fun we had with friends and one another.  It was all of the above and the other little moments that we don’t always capture on camera or video.  For example, the kids cuddling up with popcorn on the sofa and saying the funniest, cutest things about what their favorite thing this weekend was. My 5-year-old exclaimed, “I liked when I saw all my friends- nothing else.”  Or, it was the moment when my 6-year old playing air guitar by herself, and laughing.  She thought no one saw.

IMG_9387How many perfect moments can you notice?  How many do you miss?  I suspect we miss a lot more than we catch, but for me, all the moments in total made this weekend perfect.  Monday will come too quick and off we will go our separate ways to work and school, but the memories of all these little moments, of all this shared time together really make life perfect!  For me, they define #perfectmoment Monday.  Lori, I will miss #perfectmoment Mondays, but thanks to you I will definitely keep noticing them.  Thanks for the opportunity, and thanks for the memories.


Soybu Grand-Opening — Denver #loveyourbody

SoybuAh, life in yoga pants!  I could come to love that.  Trust me, you do not have to perform yoga to love the gear.  It is important to have practical, comfortable clothes to move in no matter what you do.

On Wednesday night, I had the opportunity to attend the grand opening of the Soybu flagship store, and it was fabulous!  Thanks to Denver Mile High Mamas, I learned of this event and was lucky enough to attend with some fabulous ladies.  Obviously, we got to try on all the Soybu we wanted, and they offered us 25% off all our purchases, but we were lucky enough to meet some of the other generous vendors in the Cherry Hills Marketplace- Bundt shoppe let us try four decadent flavors of cakes, and Cherry Hills marketplace hair stylists and colorists were on-site to make us feel beautiful too!  What a great ladies night!

photo 1


You can receive 25% off on all purchases through February 23, Sunday, at their store or on-line at the Soybu website.  Be sure to check it out, and see what fits you best!  They have amazing sales on-line and in-stores.  Don’t miss out and while you are at Cherry Hills Marketplace, check out Trader Joe’s, the Bundt Shoppe and other vendors.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Mile High Mamas for partnering with Soybu. I received a store credit to purchase clothing for my review. All opinions and views expressed are my own.


Butterfly Pavilion – Bug-a-Boo event & discount code


Bug-A-Boo at the Butterfly Pavilion

Just in time for Halloween, a Bug-a-Boo event* at the Butterfly Pavilion located in Westminster, Colorado, at I-36 and Church Ranch Blvd exit.

When: Oct 19-20 all day (open 9-5pm – last entry at 4:15 p.m.)
What: Experience Metro Denver’s favorite Halloween event – Bug-A-Boo at Butterfly Pavilion! Celebrate the fall season dressed in your Halloween best while enjoying indoor trick-or-treating, creepy crawly activities, a parade led by Pete the Mantis, and lots more fun for the whole family to enjoy! Kick off the holiday a week early! Festivities will run from 9am to 5pm on both days.
Coupon Offer: Thanks to Colorado Kids, you can save $2.00 per ticket (up to 4 people) – click here for the coupon link.
* Required Disclaimer: I was offered free admission for my family in exchange for this post and a post-event posting/review of the event.  Sponsored by

Top 12 Clues You’re In California

HollywoodI love visiting California, and have traveled there for business at least once a month since January.  I definitely thought it was time for a fun post.  That being said, I’m no expert on California, and I do not live there.  But, I have made at least a dozen other trips to both Northern and Southern CA in addition to my monthly work trips.  So, thought I’d share some observations I have made, and some big clues that you might be in California if…

(1) You fiphoto 3nd yourself in gridlock at any hour of the night on a highway, or freeway.

(2) At any given time, for any activity, there is a law or ordinance against it.

(3) You see beautiful tan people year-round, and it’s not all from tanning beds.

(4) You can find a Trader Joe’s just about anywhere. Yum, I love Trader Joe’s!

RodeoDrive(5) You can have boba in your soda, juice, milkshake, or smoothie whilst wearing $400 shoes.  Yeah, and don’t even think about wearing what you think is “okay” in Colorado if you want to fit in on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, or Santana Row!

(6) It only takes 90 minutes to drive 46 miles, and everyone will tell you, “that’s super quick compared to….”

(7) The foliage consists of palm trees, or tropical plants.  Ahh, Paradiphoto 1se!

(8) You just paid $630,000 for a 2500 sq. ft. home, and your commute to work is a mere 67 miles.  (see #6 above & remember, that’s nothing)

(9) One word: Smog!  Let’s not even talk about haze.  The mountains only greet me in Moreno Valley in January and February.

(10) It was 80 degrees yesterday, and you received tan lines at the beach.  Today, you are wearing a jacket and gloves on that same beach.  Chilly!  This rule applies to almost every place in CA, especially SF and the Bay area.  Also, random cloud cover seems to hover over the beach in the months you’d least expect it:  Newport BeachJune through August.

(11) A motorcyclist just rode between you  and the car next to you on the freeway (helmet required by law- see #2 above).  It scared you a bit.  Oh, and I should add: most car passing is done on the right.  Slow drivers just sit in the left lane.  Get used to it.  Also of note is that most of these bad drivers move to Colorado and do the same thing.

(12) Your pilot just informed you how they are going take off or land at John Wayne Airport (SNA).  They will also tell you why, and you have now heard this speech for the 20th time— refer to #2 above.  Yes, only in CA; noise ordinances in Newport Beach have caused your steep climb and random flight over the Pacific Coast when you are flying east.

In all honesty, I love it.  There is nothing like a cool California breeze to wake up to, and turning around and seeing the sunset over the Pacific at dusk.  Say what you will, I love visiting California.  It has mountains, beach, ocean, and beauty.

But alas, my heart already belongs to Colorado.