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Dream Dinners – Quick, Easy and Affordable & Enter to win! #giveaway #dreamdinners

20160312_110108.jpgMy husband and I tried Dream Dinners, Wheat Ridge, Colorado, this weekend, and what a treat!  Their March introductory offer ($74.95 value)  let us pick six 3-serving meals from an expansive menu.  Then, we made an appointment to go into the kitchen and assemble all six meals.  The kitchen is very organized, clean, and all the ingredients are chopped, measured and ready for you to build and take home, freeze or eat right away.  You go from station to station to assemble your meals.  The proprietary recipe cards at each station guide you through the process and it’s quite simple to assemble.

Dream Dinners 3Travis helped us at the Wheat Ridge location.  He is such a delight to work with and learn from.  You use bags or containers, and all items come with a step by step recipe card so when you get home and choose a meal, you are ready to go!  No chopping, no buying of ingredients, no extensive prep time.  You follow very simple directions to heat up/top or cook the food, and you’re serving up dinner in no time!  This is perfect for family meals or for just two.  The introductory offer is definitely worth a shot, and I encourage you to set up your appointment on line or call them.  The staff is super friendly and helpful and on-site with you the entire time.   You are offered a drink of coffee, tea, or other beverages, and we got to sample a scone 1030 am on a Saturday – it was delish!  My husband was able to sample chicken risotto which is being offered on their April menu and loved it!

20160312_102700.jpgThe kitchen has clean bowls, measuring bowls, and utencils throughout your preparation journey, and the instructions are so simple to follow, even color-coded.  It’s super easy – we were in and out in an hour and that was including someone teaching us, and speaking with us about the offers.  I also picked up sides from 20160312_110047.jpgtheir sides and dessert freezer case, and we enjoyed potato pancakes and a dip for lunch.  Yum!  Tonight, my husband and kiddos are having cornflake crusted chicken  tenders and a side of mashed potatoes (also from Dream Dinners), while I enjoy Risotto (a side dish).   The vegetarian choices are slim to none here, but Travis told us that if you choose to leave out the protein on a 3-serving meal, you save 50% on that dish, which is a great deal.
Dream Dinners 2Then, you can pick the protein of choice at home and assemble the meal at home, and still save time and money.  For example, April’s menu includes a Creamy Chicken Risotto, and this item can be assembled without the protein, or the risotto can be made without the chicken or chicken packaged separately from the Risotto.  At home, it can be made vegetarian for both a vegetarian and meat-eater to enjoy.   My favorite was the side dishes because those for me are things the kids eat like mashed potatoes, potato pancakes, fries and garlic bread sticks.  They complement all the meals you prepare at Dream Dinners, or can complement a dish you make at home.  My husband prepared the cornflake crusted chicken tenders tonight and the house smells lovely!  He loved the meal and said the flavors were perfect.

cornflake crusted chicken tenders
cornflake crusted chicken tenders

The only cons for me of this place was menu selection for a vegetarian, but if you eat meat and your family is not picky, this place is for you!  Also, even if you are cooking for just two or three, I think the portions are perfect for one night and a left over for lunch the next day. With 3-servings, it goes a long way in our house.  The minimum order after the introductory offer(six 3-serving meals) is twelve 3-serving meals, so it may best to split with a good friend if you are interested and cannot possibly maintain 3-4 meals a week on this.  Partnering up with friends is a good idea.  You can skip a month if you want or are out of town, and there is no contract or obligation.  The best thing is about how long they will keep because they are packaged for freezing so you can thaw or take out when you are ready for them.  All the instructions are different so follow the cards’ instructions carefully.   Also, like Steve points out in the comments, this place is kid-friendly and if kids are into cooking, or mature enough to be involved in the kitchen, this place is perfect to bring him or her along to help you portion out the recipe, assemble the meal and add the ingredients of their choice.  Who knows? If they take part in the assembly, they may actually eat it?  What a concept!

20160312_112031.jpgOne of the things I learned about Dream Dinners is that they do school fundraisers and give  a size-able donation per family – each attendee pays $34.99 for THREE 3-serving meals of their choice and $10 of this goes to the school – that is 30% back of the school!  What a great idea and you get healthy, fresh meals that the family can get 6 meals or more out of – what a deal!

Dream Dinners 1My husband and I enjoyed our dream dinners experience and I would highly recommend you try the introductory offer.  After that, you can figure out how to sign up because for us, twelve 3-serving meals is a lot considering how differently we all eat in our family, but if we can split it with a family, or two, I think it could work out.  Also, make some room in your freezer because you are gonna need it.  Dream Dinners has the four Colorado locations to choose from so you can go an try out their introductory offer.  Also, if you are not in Colorado and you’d like to go in and try your Dream Dinners, you can see if there is one near you.    Happy cooking and eating!

Giveaway:  To enter to win, please comment below with what you’d do with one free 3-serving meal from Dream Dinners? Make sure you include your name and email when you comment- only I see your email.   For this event, you can bring up to 9 friends (10 total including you) to build a meal and learn more about Dream Dinners while you enjoy provided appetizers, non-alcoholic drinks, and the opportunity to catch up with friends or colleagues.  Also, for an additional $24.95 (normally $50 value), you can  take three additional 3-serving meals home with you, ready to thaw and/or cook.  The night out is a great deal and worth over $130 (depending on dish) and it’s yours for free.  Just sign up and I randomly choose a winner using a plug in on wordpress.  Finally, I hope you will invite me along as one of your party of 10.  ūüôā You will be notified by 3/19/2016 if you win and winner posted here.   Comments/entries close at 8pm MDT 3/19/2016.  *Note: Contest only applies to Wheat Ridge, Colorado location

NOTE: We have a winner! Congrats, Heather – I will connect you with Dream Dinners & write you separately.

Your Winner

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How fun!





Required Disclosure: I was offered a free introductory offer from Dream Dinners in exchange for a honest review.  The giveaway is also part of the compensation for readers who enter to win.  The opinion expressed here are my own. This post contains affiliate links.


Life After YOU @ The Center Course and a $500 Giveaway

logo-drop-shadowMy earlier post on this amazing course with Rachel Davis was as it was ending and the things I was still learning.  So, here I am about 45 days post-course, with time to reflect and take inventory.  The key benefits of the course were (1) knowing I was not alone, and meeting so many people who were experiencing overload; (2) learning that it is okay to say NO and set boundaries and limits in my life РI cannot do it all; (3) it is okay to create time for myself and unplug; and (4) to create and have success in all I do, I must focus on one thing at a time.  The lessons learned and what I experienced really go to the core of why Rachel created the course:

What is most important is sustaining what I learned during the course, and I feel I have regressed on some days, but I am able to get on track easier.  If I feel overstretched, I am able to identify this immediately, and I can say no.  I feel more positive even when things are tough.  I am still practicing some of what I learned such as not letting others get toI encourage you me or make me feel guilty  I am able to identify when I feel overstretched or out of control. When I feel this way, I am able to put into practice what I learned and use the skills I learned in this course to get back on track. Ultimately, I am able to put ME at the Center.  The techniques have made me more productive at work, and able to balance more with work, life, home, and my second job.  And better yet, I am healthier, and able to practice a healthier lifestyle.


We have an exciting opportunity at Get Clued In! for you to take this 100-day life-changing course for free ($495 value).  The course starts May 12, and you can win it here for FREE!   Rachel created this course with YOU in mind:

For one entry: To enter to win, please do the following РLeave a comment below answering why this course is right for you.  NOTE: I will be able to see you name and email address Рyou do not need to leave it in the comment for privacy reasons.

For a second entry: ¬†Please sign up for Rachel’s mailing list – here is the link if you need to cut and paste it into your browser:¬†¬†¬†In the comments below, add a 2nd comment that lets me know you subscribed.

For one more entry: Please tweet the following, and leave in the comment the link to your tweet(s). ¬† “Life Changing Course, YOU@The Center course, enter to win priceless 100-day course here: ¬† @getcluedin”

Giveaway is open NOW until March 18, 2015 10 p.m. MDT (winner will be announced the next morning).  

WINNER IS:  Chrissy Morin РCONGRATS!  I will Email you with details!  Enjoy this life-changing course!

Disclaimer:  I was compensated with a free course with Rachel Davis in exchange for four sponsored posts and a giveaway (if I wished).  The opinions and life lessons expressed here in are my own.  

Fairlife Milk and Magic Bullet Giveaway #BelieveInBetter

IMG_9612I had the opportunity* to attend an amazing event sponsored by FAIR LIFE this past weekend.¬† FairLife is a milk product with 50% more protein, 50% less sugar, and more calcium than dairy milk.¬† While introducing this product, we experienced a “different” kind of yoga class at The River Yoga Studio in downtown Denver, and then introduced to a wonderful new, healthier milk product called Fair Life.¬† We received samples of this product, along with other milk protein products, and yes, a Magic Bullet blender so that we could make all the yummy smoothie recipes we tried at this event.¬† I have to say this milk is so yummy, and so healthy, and less sugar than regular chocolate milk.¬† It is lactose free, and has 50% more IMG_9611protein and calcium than real milk.¬† I loved it!¬† And now, you can try out FairLife milk too!¬† They are available at most stores already – Albertson’s, King Sooper’s, and later this week:¬† Super Walmart and Target Stores too!¬† You can try out several recipe options with the Fair Life milk and fruit and vegetables by using your magic bullet to make tasty, healthy smoothies that even the most picky kid will love!¬† Enter to win a magic bullet of your very own right here at Get Clued In (Retails for $70 PLUS at most major retailers).¬† This particular magic bullet in black, has an extra attachment to crush ice, and IMG_9620bonus to go mugs that have lids with straws, so you can take your smoothie or milkshake on the go.¬† You can also check out all our fun partner yoga moves below.¬† Warning: do not try them at home without a good partner who knows what they are doing, a spotter, and some FairLife nearby. ūüôā

Magic Bullet GIVEAWAY, ends 3/31, 10 pm MDT; Click Here to enter to win Рmake sure to do the mandatory entries and good luck!

UPDATE:¬† Contest is over – winner has been chosen and entries have been verified.¬† THANK YOU ALL for entering!¬† Remember to try out #Fairlife.¬† I think I am addicted to chocolate.¬†¬†¬† Drum roll please…. the winner is:

CONGRATULATIONS Eileen W.   Please check your E-mail.



*Disclaimer: I received free products (pictured here) for learning about FairLife and sharing my experience.  All of the opinions expressed here are my own.


Lovable Labels- NEW Holiday Labels & Giveaway/Discounts & More

photo courtesy of Lovable Labels
photo courtesy of Lovable Labels

Label me, “Happy Holidays…”¬† ‘Tis the season, and Lovable Labels has a new holiday product line-up you really should check out. I had the opportunity to try out the Holiday Fun Stickies and the Stocking Stuffers.¬† The kids love them!¬† The stocking stuffer packs are very cool and include:¬† 6 Sticker Labels, 8 Press N’ Stick Clothing DOTS, 2 Shoe Labels and 1 Mini Metal Tag.¬† The Holiday Fun Stickies include 16 labels in cute new holiday themed designs.¬† We chose music, since both girls are really into piano lessons.¬† They have received their sets a little early and are quite excited to be using them on our vacation!¬† The Cyber Monday sale at lovable labels is quite extraordinary if you want to order now.

photoI have posted about the amazing products at Lovable Labels before- their toddler toes, and other products are used in our home, and dishwasher and microwave safe labels are great to use on lunch boxes, and containers.  I love Lovable Labels products, and use them daily, otherwise, would not promote them here.  Their products are very well made, and endure.

A little history of this company-¬†it was launched in 2003,¬†started by a mom that found herself in a similar situation all us parents find ourselves in. The daycare or school asks us to label our kids’ jackets, their shoes, their clothes and yet, even so, we still end up getting others kids’¬†clothes and hats and the other parents end up with our child’s stuff.¬†¬† Markers are messy and wash off as I have learned, and regular store-bought¬†labels are not waterproof, nor can you iron them on.¬†¬† I don’t know about you, but I do not have time for embroidery nor am I talented enough to do it.¬† So,¬†along¬† came Lovable Labels providing an easy, simple, and cost efficient solution for parents and kids.¬† More importantly, these labels are very durable and even though they are inside my child’s shoes they stick well, and are not bunching up or tearing.¬† Lovable Labels are durable- waterproof, dishwasher, microwave, washer and dryer safe; and safe to external factors like sunscreen, temperature and sun.¬† Lovable labels solves the problem of misplaced, misidentified clothing, shoes, and belongings including books. They are also a great value for the amount of great quality labels you get.¬†¬† Check out all their great products at:¬† Lovable Labels – “don’t lose it- label it!”¬† And remember to enter the giveaway below, or use the coupon code below to get a special discount.

GIVEAWAY: Lovable Labels has generously supplied Get Clued In with their NEW! Stocking Stuffers and NEW! Holiday Fun Stickies! That’s two products for a combined price point of $25. Both these items are Dishwasher and Microwave Safe, Waterproof, and can withstand the washer and dryer.¬† Their Stocking Stuffers are packaged to impress with 6 Sticker Labels, 8 Press N’ Stick Clothing DOTS, 2 Shoe Labels and 1 Mini Metal Tag. These are the ideal stocking stuffer for your own children, as well as nieces and nephews. Their Holiday Fun Stickies include 16 labels in cute new holiday themed designs.

One lucky winner will be selected before Christmas, so the winner can have them in time for Christmas!  Also if you want other products, or wish to purchase products, check out this special discount offer!

DISCOUNTS: And do not fret if you do not win the giveaway, Get Clued In has a special discount code to use on all products at Loveable Labels.  At check out, use this special discount code, to get $5 off of $25: DECLOVE1302  Рthis offer expires December 31, 2013.

To Enter:(mandatory entry) Answer the following in a comment after checking out special holiday products here.   Which of the holiday Lovable Labels products do you like best and why?

OPTIONAL additional entries (leave a separate comment for each one below):
*** Giveaway ends Thursday, December 12, 2013, 10am MDT.¬†¬†Winner will be chosen by the plug-in application¬†“Pick Giveaway Winner” on my website, and will be notified by email.¬† Winner’s name will also be posted HERE on the morning of Dec 12.¬† The winner will have¬†48 hours to respond to Lovable Label’s notification email before another winner is selected. (please leave your email when commenting)
**This giveaway is open to Canadian and US residents only**
DRUM ROLL PLEASE…. we have a winner!¬† Plug-in “And the Winner Is” chose randomly and the winner is:



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I Follow @mylovablelabels on Twitter (@crazy lady bibs)

Disclaimer:¬† Get Clued In’s standard disclaimer applies to this giveaway.¬† Additionally, the products in this review was provided to me free of cost for the purpose of conducting this review.¬† All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced by the non-monetary compensation. As indicated above, images and links were used with permission from Lovable Labels. Additionally Get Clued In! is not to be held liable for any issues encountered between the customer and Lovable Labels.¬†¬†Get Clued In’s endorsement of this product does not imply sponsorship or affiliation with the company. Get Clued In is not responsible for delivery of the winner’s prize.¬† Any complaints and/or dissatisfaction with the website or products on Lovable Labels should be discussed with them.¬†¬† Giveaway winners are chosen by Plug-In application randomly and by entering this giveaway, you agree that Get Clued In is no way responsible for the production, delivery, or quality of the product received.

Treat Cards to the Rescue- Giveaway & More

My favorite Holiday Card

From the same great people who brought us TinyPrints, Shutterfly, and Wedding Paper Divas, comes…. Treat!¬† Treat is a website where you can make, personalize, and send (yes, they mail it for you) a greeting card from your home, office, etc., and seamlessly send it anywhere around the world.¬† With a few clicks, you can rest easy about that birthday you forgot, or that special occasion, and they have a holiday card section too! ¬† You can send New Year’s cards, Hanukkah, Christmas, and yes, they have Diwali cards too.¬† Yes folks, Treat has a card for just about any occasion or holiday you can think of. Please note: Order your Christmas cards by December 18 if you want them to arrive in time for Christmas.

My favorite card- Diwali

Check out this “Treat Cards to the Rescue” video on Treat and head on over to Treat to check out their card possibilities and pricing and don’t forget to enter the giveaway to win 10 free cards to try out Treat.

Sample Treat Birthday Card- just for fun!




If you would like to try to win 10 cards first, please enter the giveaway below and follow the guidelines for mandatory entry all the way to optional ones.¬† In the meantime, Happy Holidays and don’t forget to check out Treat!

GIVEAWAY:  Runs Dec 8-Dec 15; Winner Announced Dec 15.  

If you win, please create an account on prior to December 16, because the way to get your 10 free cards is through your account information – your account will be credited with 10 free cards.

(1) Mandatory Entry (limit 1 entry per person):  Leave a comment and include what your favorite design is from the Holiday collection or any other collection on Treat.

(2) Optional Entries (leave a separate comment for each one you do ‚Äď tweet limited to one per day, and all others limited to ONCE for each one during entire contest period):

(a) Tweet the following (Limit: once per day) and then leave in a comment the link to your tweet and your twitter handle.  Treat Cards to the Rescue! Check out and enter giveaway to win 10 free cards: via @getcluedin

(b) Do the following – leave a separate comment for each one done:

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(c) Do any of the following for TreatCards and indicate in the comments (1 entry per item done Рleave a separate comment for each): 





Contest will run from posting through December 15, 2012 10 am Mountain Standard Time- Winner Selected and Chosen using ‚ÄúAnd the Winner Is‚ÄĚ plug-in and announced here and notified via Email.¬† You need a Treat Account for the credits to be applied.

And the winner in….. (used the plug in AND THE WINNER IS)

Your Winner


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I love the Very Merry Christmas cards, in fact I really like a lot of them, they are all so fun and festive!!

Disclaimer: Get Clued In was paid 10 free cards for this posting by Treat through Global Influence’s campaign.¬† All opinions contained here in are Get Clued In’s and not Global Influence or Treat’s.¬† Get Clued In’s general and specific disclaimers apply in addition to the above and Get Clued In is not responsible for contents on third party sites like Global Influence or Treat, or any of its affiliate companies.