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Mattel’s Polly Pocket© – Hangout House & Stick N Play*

My girls love the Polly Pocket© Hangout House and the new Stick N Play toys… how cool that they can stick all the little pieces on the surfaces of their hangout doll house and move it all!  Here are some shots of them playing with the Patio set, attached to their Hangout House- and the possibilities are endless.  All the different sets connect and keep connecting to have endless fun.  So, the girls have the Hangout House, and to it they have connected the Stick N Play Patio set which has a bar/cabana area with patio chairs, drinks, a BBQ pit which moves, and a friend for Polly to hang with.  There are even little drinks and a hot dog which attach via suction to the bar area.

Polly Pocket Hangout House with the Patio set attached

In the hangout house, there is a bathtub to place in there with suction, a TV, picture frame, a cat, a swing chair that hangs, and of course, chairs and the essentials: a toilet even! There is an elevator that moves up and down and a swimming pool that flips over to become a bed.  The doors flip in the back to go from day to nighttime.  The girls are loving their new toys and they place nicely together.  The hard part is the small parts and sometimes they fall off when the girls move the house.  So, the easy fix was- I got them a container to put their small pieces into when they are not using them.  Otherwise, I am sure I will find them all over the house.  I think the pieces are portable but I am not sure the house itself would be easy to travel with.  The girls really love playing and moving all the stuff around, and then when it’s nighttime, they flip the doors so Polly and her friends can go to sleep.  So cute!

My kids are in love with Polly Pocket© and want to get other inter-locking sets that go with their new home.  This outta be fun and as birthdays and holidays come, will make great gifts.  We are looking forward to building it into something cool.  But, do get a plastic container that can be used for all the small pieces like drink cups, food, photo frames and so on.  The one thing I will mention about the suction cups is that you have to push down on them pretty hard or they will not hold.  Keep that in mind and realize that suctions will only hold if they are pushed down on.     Check out all the cool sets and options here: http://www.pollypocket.com

*Disclaimer:  In addition to Get Clued In’s general disclaimer, please note the following:
I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Polly Pocket. I received a product samples and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating. Please refer to www.momcentralconsulting.com if you would like additional information. 


Labor Day weekend in Denver- A Taste of Colorado, 31 August- September 3

The Taste of Colorado is coming soon – August 31 through September 3 in downtown Civic Center Park. If you are in town Labor Day weekend, you simply must go to this fun event and best part is that admission is free!  You have to purchase tickets for food and rides.

But, if you enter here through Colorado Kids for a chance to win a $50 prize pack (that’s $50 worth of food and rides and fun for your kiddos) and what a nice treat that would be!  In my next post, I will actually post a detailed review of what to expect and all the schedule of events along with more fun information. Stay tuned….



Vote for Peach Mango in the Frozen Decathlon – Stonyfield FroYo at a Grocer Near you!

Click here to vote for Peach Mango from now until August 24. Vote and get a coupon for $1.00 off as well. VOTE OFTEN for PEACH MANGO

Between now and August 24, there’s a fun, friendly competition between two frozen yogurt flavors (you can purchase them at your grocer’s freezer section), so please vote often for PEACH MANGO.  In exchange, if you vote quickly you will get a coupon for $1.00 off any of these two Stonyfield Greek Organic Froyo*.  Yum!  Voting never tasted so good…

* you are limited to one coupon per browser, per vote, no matter how many times you vote, and every additional time you vote, you get additional entries for the grand prize which is a $500.00 gift certificate to Patagonia and one year free FROZEN YOGURT from Stonyfield Oikos- yum!  So keep voting for PEACH MANGO  and you could be the grand prize winner.

Disclaimer: I was chosen for this opportunity and have not received any compensation yet.  Depending on the results of the Decathlon, I will either win some free frozen yogurt or just for being one of the 20 finalists in this competition, I will have a chance of winning a $100 gift certificate and free frozen yogurt for a year (equal to 36 coupons for free frozen yogurt).


LEGO® KidsFest – Must Do at a Venue Near you!

Build! Build! Build! Today was the last day for the LEGO® KidsFest in Denver, and we were there at this sold-out event.*  What a blast!  I think my older daughter enjoyed it more than my younger one but even the younger one enjoyed the DUPLO® building area.  The event was held at the Convention Center in downtown Denver, April 27-29, and the sessions are 4.5 hours long which is plenty of time to build, race, eat, shop, and even visit the booths.  In fact, for younger kids, I think it was too much time but for older kids, probably not enough.  After all, the sky is the limit on imagination when it comes to building with LEGO® bricks.  There were monochromatic areas (same color LEGO® bricks) and plenty of activities including creating art squares, racing cars, and jumping into a pile of DUPLO® or LEGO® bricks and going to town!

All in all, it was a fun event but crowded! We did not wait in any lines to enter, but certainly the tables were jam packed with kiddos and adults alike who were having a blast.  The Master Build sessions looked like fun but are for older kids, ages 7 and up.  It looked like there were competitions going on, and prizes to be won.  There was a marketplace where you could find and buy your favorite LEGO® sets and they were reasonably priced as well.  The concessions were, well … concessions and at concession prices but the smoothie booth looked like it was a big hit too.  The Convention Center on a Sunday was not tough to get to and parking is on site is $12 but because it was Sunday, you could find plenty of alternate places as well.  Friday may have been a different story unless you got there before rush hour but the parking is ample up and down that area in downtown.

Another fun hit was the Bissell, Perfect Sweep Turbo®  – wow! It was picking up LEGO®  bricks like no one’s business and looked to be great for other cleaning too – it is a sweeper and not a vacuum cleaner but certainly will make those ouchies go away.  I step on my kids’ LEGO® or DUPLO® all the time and we are excited to have this new Perfect Sweep Turbo by Bissell.  And if you don’t believe my review of the Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo, read these two moms’ reviews and testimonials and make sure you get yours today!  Colorado Moms crowns it the perfect “sticky rice picker upper.”  And Moose and Tater exclaims it as “a LEGO mom’s dream!”  Right now, with the coupon pictured to the left you can get $5 off on-line off by using the code: sweepLEGO- order online and make those ouchies go away.  At our house, my kiddos unplug it and sweep that toy/play area with ease. I love when kids clean up after themselves and this makes cleaning fun!

We had a good time and I would recommend the LEGO®  Kids Fest at a venue near you but get your tickets early.  The Denver shows were three days, and five sessions total and sold out.  Let the building begin….


*Thanks to the folks at US FAMILY GUIDE for giving my family the tickets to attend for an honest review and for allowing me to sponsoring a giveaway at my site earlier this month.  Please read Get Clued In’s general disclaimer if you need further information on sponsorship and giveaways. 


Lego Kids Fest – Denver & Giveaway winner

I posted a couple weeks back about an amazing event coming to Denver, the LEGO® kids fest. Well, it’s only a few days now, April 27-29 and I posted all the information at this link. But, now it’s time to announce the winner of 2 free tickets to attend this amazing event on Friday, April 27, drum roll please…….

The Winner is: Jessica who blogs at: http://blog.jessicastonelevy.com/

But if you did not win, fret not, please go and get your tickets at this website and make sure you enter any of the following codes: CBSMOMS12 or macden12 to get your $2 off PER TICKET! That is a huge savings so don’t pass that up when you check out.

In the meantime, check out the LEGO® kids Fest website, and check out the US Family Guide website who sponsored this great giveaway along with the folks at LEGO®.