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Lucile’s – The Big Easy In Denver

Lucille's Restaurant Denver, CO

I discovered a little piece of my hometown, New Orleans, right here in the city I now call home.  Lucile’s is a quaint diner with a beautiful outdoor patio in a residential area.  This particular location, on the corner of Logan and Alameda, is a gem and a cajun taste of my hometown, New Orleans.  The inside decor transforms you back to the Big Easy- you feel like you are in the Crescent City, enjoying a meal.  The decor is beautiful, the music perfect, and the atmosphere is very inviting.

The menu offers breakfast all day and of course, beignets.  They are not as good as Cafe Du Monde mainly because they are not oily and sopped with powdered- they are quite fluffy and good though and healthier than Cafe Du Monde.  I also tried their grits and cafe au lait and oh boy!  YUMMY!  Their menu is extensive and they have five locations to choose from. Find the closest one to you!

As our server indicated, even though their menu is Southern and Cajun-inspired (which is generally not vegetarian-friendly, gluten and dairy-free), because of their locations are in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Littleton, and Longmont, Lucile’s will substitute and provide vegetarian options when they can.  They also offer gluten-free choices.  Just ask your server!  I can’t wait to return for their breakfast entrees and I can tell it will be good.  Yum!  I had spicy cheesy grits.  I can’t wait to try their breakfast menu and then go back again for Cajun lunch dishes.  I saw the biscuits that went with the breakfast entrees and they were the size of a big piece of Quiche-  they were huge! Lucile’s– a place I can go to when I miss the taste of home.



Review of Radisson Hotel- Colorado Springs Airport

photo courtesy of radisson.com

I stay at the Radisson Hotel, Colorado Springs Airport often because I head down there to do my Reserves duty.  This review is long overdue.  The Radisson near the Airport in Colorado Springs is a great place to stay- whether you are there on business or leisure, you can’t go wrong!  The views are breathtaking, the rooms are large, even large enough for kids to feel like they have space to play, and the beds are the most comfortable in the area! They use SLEEP NUMBER(R) Beds and let me tell you- I never get a sore neck and back when I stay at the Radisson.  Other places, I am not sure about and often stumble out of.  Each room has a beautiful projection HD TV, and a microwave/fridge which, if you are anywhere for an extended period of time or with kids is very necessary.  The gym facilities are above par and treadmills have individual TVs.  The Pool/Whirpool are indoors and heated and nice to enjoy year-round.  There is a nice bar and restaurant called Bistro Colorado, and the food there rivals most restaurants in the area.  The value is great too!  For room service, you will not pay over $10 for a reasonable breakfast and the dinner and lunch menu is a great value too!  Additionally, I have not met a staff member there that has been unpleasant or rude to deal with.  Everything is generally great!

picture of the bed in the room I stayed – sleep number!

I have to say, I have stayed at other hotels in and around this area, and this is my favorite.  Also, when you stay, sign up for Club Carlson Rewards and don’t miss a point.  You can convert them later for airline miles and hotel stays at a future time.  I would definitely recommend Radisson Hotel, Colorado Springs, and no, I am not being paid for or reimbursed for this review.  They do not even know I am writing it!   Oh and a little secret, if you want peace during your stay, ask for one of their quieter, newly renovated room/suites in the back of the hotel, near the pool and gym.  Some of these rooms open to grassy open space and therefore, no parking lot or road noise and let me tell you -these are the quietest rooms I have ever stayed in and I have travelled a lot!  The Radisson Hotel, Colorado Springs Airport- great value, great beds, and a great hotel!


Cinema Grill – Aurora, Colorado

We finally visited the Cinema Grill in Aurora.  It’s a little far for us but it was a unique experience.  We saw the movie Source Code and you can check out my movie review here but this posting is a review of the Cinema Grill which is a discount movie theater with the flare of eats and treats.  Sure, there is the usual movie fare of popcorn and soda but at Cinema Grill, you can actually eat a full meal including some fancy dishes while you watch a movie.  The movies are cheaper, and are $2.50 for matiness (shows before 5pm) and $3.50 after 5pm.  What a deal!  The seats are comfortable and you can either sit at a table or at a counter/bar-type seat, and enjoy your meal while you watch the show.  For parents who have kids with the sitter, there is the extra added benefit of having a meal and a movie without paying extra to the babysitter or being away from the kids for too long.  If you do the traditional dinner out and a movie, sometimes you are looking at 4-5 hours away from the kids but if you combine the two, well, then, even with the commute to and from this place, you are looking at 3-4 hours tops!

Those are the pros of this type of setting.  The cons are you can’t have a conversation over a meal like you would want on a date especially when you are married and normally do not get to talk.  The other disadvantage is that you can’t see your food because by the time the food arrives, the movie has started.  So people were using their cell phones or flashlights (from the theater) to look at the menu or see what they were eating.  My advice to alleviate these cons:  Order food you do not have to really see to put together or figure out if it has the right ingredients.  Fajitas are probably not a good idea.  Keep it simple!  My husband ordered the chicken sandwich and did not feel good the next day so keep in mind that you cannot check if your meat is cooked properly either.  

With that in mind, we plan to return and possibly even do a kids’ party sometime but again, keep the food choices simple and you should be fine.


Review of Jack N Grill Westminster (North) Location

logo credit- Jack N Grill.com - all rights reserved to Jack N Grill

Last July, I wrote a review on Jack N Grill, the original location, on Federal Blvd in Denver.  That blog posting received a lot of traffic.  Now I know why. Everyone was googling “Jack N Grill Westminster” and anxiously awaiting the opening of the new North location.  Today, for a belated Cinco De Mayo celebration and early Mother’s Day celebration, I had the opportunity to visit that location.  And true to form, it was a great experience.  I would even argue that it is better than the original Jack N Grill location on Federal Blvd.  This location is much more spacious so if the parking lot is full, fret not- the wait is still only about 10-20 minutes, and the service is quick- amazingly quick.  They state on their menu that they are not known for fast service and at the original location, I would have to agree with this.  But at the Westminster location, the service was amazing!  We brought the kiddos with us and were nervous that it would take long but they did not.  They were turning tables around pretty quickly and with people waiting outside by 7pm, we knew their motivation to do so.  The Westminster location is easy to get to and park at, and there is ample parking because of the Babies R Us Parking lot as well. 

Now… onto the main course!  The food was the usual tasty fare you expect and love from Jack N Grill – spicy salsa with chips so ask for ketchup for the kids.  Their Happy Hour is weekdays from 3 to 6pm so if you plan on having a margarita, read my original review here and be forewarned- they are strong!  In any case, the red chile is the vegetarian substitute for their green chile and it is spicy as expected.  If you do not want it smothered on your food, ask for it on the side.  Many people love their burgers and it is a popular fare- the size of these things are monstrous and I saw most who ordered it could not finish.  Of course, many of you may also know Jack N Grill from its feature on Man v. Food.  Food won– the monstrous, 7Lb, spicy breakfast burrito could not be conquered.  But their menu is very extensive and has something for everyone including the kids.  The kids meal are $6 and include a lot of food.  If you have kids who do not eat much, I am sure they can split one.  The prices on the adult entrees are reasonable and comparable to most other family restaurants.  I have to say that for families, this location beats the Federal Blvd (original) location – there is more room, there is more light, the service is stellar, and there were a lot of families at this location.  Check out their menu and other information here and visit this family-owned and operated business and let us know what you think!  Share your thoughts and experiences here.


Serendipity-3 Review and the Caesar’s Hotel and Casino- Las Vegas, Nevada

My conference was held at Caesar’s Palace.  The inside of the hotel is a sight!!!  Of course, I cannot vouch for the rooms since I stayed across the street at the Flamingo but Caesar’s I thought had some amazing shops and food places including a crepe stand, and inside the Forum shops, fun places to get gelato and food court food.  The Caesar’s Palace is vast- HUGE!  It took me over 20 minutes to just get from my room at the Flamingo to the conference site inside Caesar’s.  Plan to bring your tennis shoes and do some walking. 

Outside of Caesar’s, facing the strip is a little gem of a treasure called Serendipity-3.  This restaurant/cafe, is one like the New York Serendipity and its signature item is the frozen hot chocolate.  There are sundaes for two, three and four, and one that is designed for an entire table and costs $88!   I kid you not.  Serendipity-3 is the typical Strip place- pricey but this place is unique and its lunch and dinner offerrings look great!  Sandwiches, Pizzas, and even sweet potato fries.  Yum!   We had the frozen hot chocolate one night and then I had lunch there with colleagues as well.  If you get one of those Vegas coupon books, there is a $5 off $25 and trust me, one person can spend that easily in this place. 

We also, the night we arrived, wanted to hit a nightclub but saw the lines inside Caesar’s for PURE, and quickly just turned around and went to Shadow Bar instead.  This bar is interesting.  No one can tell if the women dancing are real or a projection and it creates a fun topic of conversation if nothing else.  True to Vegas form, the drinks were pricey.  Beer runs $8.00 and Wines approx. $10.00 and yes, I had to have the apple martini which was… UGH!  Too much to post here.  What a rip off!  But, hey, it’s Vegas…. where you are broke before you even play the first slot.  Then, you are supposed to make all the money back.  Shadow Bar was a fun place and we had a good time but it is loud and if someone is smoking near you, then of course, smoky. 

The rest of Caesar’s was great- the Forum Shops, the decor, the conference facilities but it is a long walk to get anywhere.  The Crepe and breakfast place near the conference center will run you $20 easily for breakfast.  Crepes are $9.00 (basic ones), and coffee ranges from $3 to $8!  That’s right folks- and that’s the Starbucks equivalent of “Tall” but the food is good and the little cafe is elegant- something out of Europe with the same price tag.  I did not get to enjoy the pools or facilities of the room but  they looked good and there are heated pools  – some were open and others were not.  The courtyard looked like a Roman bath scene.  All In all I liked Caesar’s save from the endless walking and I definitely a stop at the Serendipity-3 for lunch or a frozen hot chocolate.  Bring your friends… you’ll need them to help you!

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