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Chipotle catering in Denver – post-event Review

I wrote previously* about the introduction of Chipotle Catering in Denver.  I had the opportunity to see their catering options at an event held in HQ Denver and post about their various different options and the pricing too.

Chipotle Catering
Chipotle Catering

Well, we got to try it out ourselves this past weekend and it was, well…. a lot of food!  We had the catering for 20 people and it was the BIG SPREAD.  Check out their entire menu and options here.  We had 2 trays of chicken since we do not eat beef and did pork in addition to the chicken.  There were 2 different types of rice – brown and white; and beans came in pinto (contains bacon) and black.   This spread came with the fajita veggies, tortillas, taco shells, and chips and all the salsa.   It has been 5  days and we still have a ton of food left over.   Chipotle really gives you a lot with their catering option.  We got all the serving spoons from them, signs for the salsas (so much flavor), and all the sterno and dishes to keep the food warm.  All of it was put into reusable bags to carry home easily.  They provided serving bowls for your guests, napkins, and spoons and forks. And, if you return all the equipment, you get a coupon for a free entree on another day.

photo 2 (2)All in all, the catering option went very well for us, and my 40th birthday bash but the sterno is very, very hot and it is not adjustable so it burned some of the rice, veggies, and chicken.**  So, if you can, wait to light that when all your guests arrive and only light it if you need.  Have people heat up their food in the microwave because sterno tends to scare me.  In any case, if Chipotle could do adjustable sterno (so you could turn the flame low or high) that would be ideal.   What a fiesta and the food was perfect for everyone including kids because they could pick and choose what they wanted to eat.  Chipotle catering is perfect for vegetarians, gluten-free, dairy-free guests, and for kids.  And if you do not want to do this much (the big spread) you can do a smaller version, or chips and salsa only, and as always, burrito in a box.  This burrito option comes with chips and salsa too!  You just can’t go wrong with Chipotle catering.

*Disclaimer: as previously posted, I was compensated with free catering for 20 people (the big spread) for writing about the new Chipotle catering option in Denver and for taking my time to attend the Chipotle HQ event.  The opinions listed here are mine alone and do not reflect any views from Chipotle corporate.

**PLEASE NOTE:  I attended a Chipotle-catered event last night, and it seems we did it wrong.  You do not place the sterno below the pans.  You put about 3-4 cups of water in each LARGE pan, then you place the food pans inside of these pans.  Then, you light the sterno underneath it, so the food stays warm from the heat of the water, and it’s not a direct flame.  DUH!


3 Sons Italian Food- Arvada, CO

3 Sons Italian restaurant is an amazing Italian restaurant- a gem of a place tucked away in West Arvada, on the corner of Indiana and 64th.  This place is family-owned and run, a small business, and their menu is amazing.  The prices are reasonable, their happy hour and lunch offerings are great, and their service is always with a smile.  We love, love 3 sons and we hope you do too.   It is a family place and you can take the kids but keep in mind that if you do a 3- course dinner, it is casual and takes time to make your meal.  Kids aren’t always patient.  We generally go to their happy hour with the kids because the food is quicker.  But if you are looking for a place this Valentine’s Day, check out their 3-course dinner and make a reservation today.  It is a romantic, cozy little restaurant and the prices are just right to make this place perfect for you and your Valentine.

If you have followed me on yelp or trip advisor, I rave about this place, and I hope you like it too!


Chipotle – now you can cater it at home (Denver metro area)


Order catering for 20 people or more between now and Feb 3; get 2 free entrees. Return your equipment and get another free entree.

Chipotle(R) has started a catering option in its Denver metro locations starting January 21 and can I just say, “wow!”  Chipotle catering has many options with the best one being the Two-Meat Spread please note: if you are vegetarian or only want one meat, then substitute the other meat for fajita veggies – the price for this is $12 per person with a 20 person minimum, up to 200 people;  the big spread includes three meats and fajita veggies and this runs $13.50 per person for 20-200 people; and the usual burritos by the box is still available nationwide for 6 or more people at $8.20 per person and includes chips and salsa; the chips and salsa spread runs $40-$55 flat fee for 10 or more people but no per person fee.

Catering – The Big Spread

For the Superbowl, a birthday bash, business lunch, or for any event at all, these catering options can be customized to meet your needs and they are reasonably priced for the type and amount of food you get.  The prices for each (per person and minimum numbers) are included above. And, for smaller catering numbers, the burritos by the box is always available for six or more persons and a moderate amount of chips and salsas is also included!

Chipotle Catering

Chipotle provides everything including the trays and the burners to keep the food warm.  If you return the equipment after your event, you will get a coupon for a free entree.  What a deal!  And, here is a great deal: If you order the Two-Meat Spread or any catering option for 20 people or more between now and February 3, 2013, bring your receipt to any Chipotle location through February 28, 2013,  and redeem up to two free entrees.  Now, that’s a deal!  If you can’t think of a good idea for food or are tired of boring pizza, give Chipotle catering a try- it is a hit among kids and adults alike and guests can dress their taco, burrito or nachos anyway they’d like. Check out their catering menu (available only in Colorado for now), and give it a try.  Let me know how it goes.

Call 1-800-CHIPOTLE or go to chipotle.com/catering to order- please give at least 24 hours notice.

*Disclaimer: Get Clued In was compensated with a free catering event (20 people only) in exchange for an honest review of this.  Chipotle also invited her to preview their catering (pictured above) to understand what this was about and what it entailed. Once the catering event is held, Get Clued In may post another review.  All views are mine and voluntarily undertaken and not influenced by any compensation, in-kind or otherwise.  Please read the rest of my Disclaimer.

Easy Vegetable Pulao (Rice) or Biryani Dish

Rice Dish ready to eat- in a serving bowl

Pulao or Biryani are terms for an Indian rice dish.  In Punjab, Biryani is prepared differently than where my parents are from: Gujarat, where we call it Pulao.  All in all, rice dishes are central to Indian diets and any variations are fine.  I did not bake mine but one optional variation is to bake it after it cooks on the stove top.  The other option is to cook it in a skillet with no pre-cooking of rice or veggies.  Any variation is fine.

The one we made today was stove top and cooked separately before mixing.  Honestly, it turned out very good so I wanted to share the recipe here, and add in some variations to try as well.  Let me know how it goes by leaving a comment and definitely suggest alternatives if you try something different.

The starting point for my recipe today was a good recipe I found at this website: http://www.archanaskitchen.com/indian-recipes/rice/118-hyderabadi-vegetable-biriyani

Again, it was only a starting point because I tend to do my own thing and I don’t add a lot of the ingredients discussed above.  Ingredients:  Basmati Rice (1 cup), ginger (hubby hates it so I put very little finely cut and sauteed), Onion (I use very little b/c I do not like them but the flavor is priceless), Garlic (2 cloves), Parsley or Cilantro (for garnish) Carrots, Peas & green beans (I use a bag of frozen veggies), 1 potato (thinly sliced and diced), 5 small cauliflower florets, Spinach – fresh leafy (about 10-15 leaves), fresh Tomatoes (1-2), Olive Oil (that’s right folks, I use olive oil not ghee), Clove (about 2-3), Cinnamon sticks (1 large or 2 smaller sticks), turmeric (pinch), Mustard Seed (about 10 or so), red cayenne paper (depends on how spicy you like it- I put a teaspoon), Garam Masala (1 tsp- small), salt & pepper to taste.  OPTIONAL VARIATION:  You can use a pre-mixed Biryani Spice Mix from the Indian store instead of combining all the separate spices/ingredients above.  MORE VARIATIONS: You can add in green chili paste, “imlee” paste (For a darker color), and/or fresh green chiles.  We do not like it too spicy so we keep ours mild.

First, go ahead and wash and rinse 1 cup of the Basmati rice and boil it for about 4 minutes in olive oil and salt.  Keep it crunchy.  OPTIONAL VARIATION:  You can cook the basmati rice in veggie broth to give your Pulao or Biryani some flavor but not necessary if you have all the spices above.  Set the semi-cooked rice aside and off the heat to prevent overcooking.

Now, chop all veggies you’d like in your vegetarian Pulao or Biryani (except the Spinach – do not boil this yet), and boil them to where they are not soft or cooked but al dente (so to speak).

All is mixed and ready to simmer

Third, go ahead and start your skillet or large enough stove top pan with a tablespoon of olive oil/corn oil etc… while on medium to low heat, add in onions, garlic cloves (minced or crushed or however you like it), with tomato paste, or tomatoes (I used 2 fresh tomatoes- chopped), cinnamon sticks, mustard seeds, turmeric, and garam masala.  Try to brown the onions slightly and then throw in the semi-cooked veggies first with warm/boiling water; let it simmer with the spice mix for 2 mins or so on medium heat.  Then, add in the semi-cooked rice.  Make sure all your ingredients are in now… add the Spinach in last with any remaining salt, pepper, or spices.  You can add the parsley or cilantro at this time too. Stir it all up, and let it simmer at MEDIUM TO LOW heat, covered for about 15 minutes.  A lid with a small hole in it is the best for rice but it is fine to be covered too.

Vegetable Pulao or Biryani

Check to see if the water is gone- all water should be gone and not visible.  It should look like a rice dish. Remove from heat, garnish further if you need and then serve.  You can see the finished the dish to the left here.  Another VARIATION:  You can not cook the rice or veggies at all and then put it all together as described above but then you will need more water.  If you pre-cooked, use less water.  I felt I used too much water and took too long.  If you are going to bake it after this, put it in a dish and bake further for crispier texture.

Enjoy- you can garnish with yogurt, or raita and add mixed pickle to taste as well.


Love Yogurt? Create a Masterpiece at Yogurtland

Yogurtland is having a “My Masterpiece” contest from Oct 8- Nov 2nd…. check out the details here and get creative!

Here is a summary of the the deets:

Yogurtland guests are invited to photograph and name their favorite, most imaginative yogurt creation and submit it to the My Masterpiece website and Facebook page.  At the end of the submission time frame, each entrant will receive a link to their Masterpiece submission and can invite their friends to vote for the top creations.

Voting for the top masterpiece creations takes place from Oct. 29 – Nov. 2. The top 100 entries will be judged by a panel of Yogurtland judges based on taste, name and recipe of the Masterpiece, creativity of the recipe and the ability to easily recreate the Masterpiece in Yogurtland stores. The first place winner will receive a $500 Yogurtland gift card for a year of free yogurt, second place will receive a $250 gift card for six months of free yogurt, and third place will receive a $125 gift card for three months of free yogurt. The top three winners will also receive gift cards to reward their friends for voting for their entry. Each Yogurtland store is encouraged to choose a local winner who will receive a $100 Yogurtland gift card.  All entrants will receive a coupon to receive their first 3-ounces yogurt free.

And if you love fro-yo as much as I do, everyone is a winner… just enter!

Disclaimer:  Get Clued In is promoting this contest through Colorado Kids and was offered a gift card at Yogurtland in exchange for this promotion.  My general disclaimer applies to all content.